internet festival 2014 is back in tuscany, in pisa from 9 to 12 october

Internet Economies will be the leitmotiv during four days of events throughout 15 locations in the city.
From 9 to 12 October in Tuscany, Pisa, third “wide-spread” edition of Internet Festival, one of the most important
European events dedicated to the digital world, promoted by Regione Toscana, Comune di Pisa, and
Institute of Informatics and Telematics of CNR, University of Pisa, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies,
Scuola Normale Superiore together with Chamber of Commerce, Province of Pisa and the association Festival
della Scienza.
The figures of the 2013 Festival (280 thousand visits and attendees during four days in 20 dedicated venues around the
city, 65 thousand online users, 150 events, 200 speakers from 60 countries), confirm Pisa and its territory as the heart
and brain of the Internet and as the leading Italian area in terms of investment quotas in research and
development measured against the GDP (3.5%, versus 1.1% national average quota), thanks to 1,300 high-tech firms,
800 of which are in the ICT industry.
As in previous editions, Regione Toscana’s commitment to digital development as the main instrument to promote the
involvement of citizens will mark many of the Festival’s locations. In particular, the Logge de’ Banchi, focal point of the
civic centre, will showcase services and ventures on regional Open Data.
Galileo Galilei, whose 450th birth anniversary is celebrated this year, has been appointed as the natural spokesperson
for IF2014. The keyword for the Internet Festival 2014 is “Matter”, which is rather thought-provoking since the Net is
immaterial by definition. Just as the industrial revolution arose out of coal and steel, the digital revolution is cast in the
mines and crucibles of binary numbers generating big data: modern semi-processed products which forge the
prototypes and cultural and business models on which Internet Economies are built. Influenced by Internet Economies,
new paradigms - including social ones - turn citizens, researchers, public administrators and makers into key players.
Internet Festival will illustrate Internet Economies, the leitmotiv of the 2014 edition, over eight topics: Take the money,
Make it good, Go Green, Design to innovate, Culture is smarter, Cooperation wanted, Break the rules and Play
the Game. These topics will focus on themes related to culture, involvement, opportunities for younger generations,
green start-ups, design, gaming business and the relationship between hackers and privacy.
Confirmed Speakers for IF 2014 include: Alberto Abruzzese, Lucia Annunziata, Moni Ovadia, Fabio Vaccarono,
Alex Giordano, Derrick De Kerkhove, Remo Bodei, Giulio Giorello, Giacomo Marramao, Nathan Jurgenson,
Riccardo Luna, Mario Tedeschini Lalli, Anna Masera, Massimo Russo, Marino Niola, Michele Mezza, Vincenzo
Susca, Giancarlo Sciascia, Simone Cicero, Donata Columbro, Alessio Jacona, Mattia Sullini.
One of the most significant features is the T-Tour: during the previous edition, over six thousand active participants
attended this series of fun-and-learning workshops for adults, young adults and children. Over 120 T-Tour project
proposals from Italy and abroad were received in response to the call issued by IF2014.
The wide-spread admission-free format of the event will enliven Pisa’s main social, administrative, industrial and
research sites: Bastione San Gallo, Arsenale Cineclub, CNR Research Area, the Geoid to be erected in piazza Cavalieri,
Scuola Normale Superiore, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Logge de’ Banchi, Mixart, Polo Fibonacci UniPi,
Ponte di Mezzo, SMS Biblio-Parco Urbano Piagge, SMS Exhibition Centre for Contemporary Art, Leopolda Station,
Feltrinelli bookshop, Ubik bookshop.
Claudio Giua, President of Fondazione Sistema Toscana, is the Director of the Festival. The event is coordinated by
Adriana De Cesare for Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Anna Vaccarelli (IIT-CNR) and Gianluigi Ferrari (University of
Pisa) respectively coordinate the Executive Committee and the Scientific Committee.
IF 2014 is Internet Festival, 9 to 12 October 2014, Pisa
Free admission
Press Office Contacts:
Mariangela Della Monica
Fondazione Sistema Toscana Press Office Manager
Phone +39 334 6606721 [email protected]