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AS Level Italian

AS Level Italian
Clint Eastwood speaks Italian, which
he learned while filming the classic
Westerns The Good, The Bad, and
The Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars
with Italian director Sergio Leone.
Jennifer Connelly learnt to
speak Italian while shooting
the film Phenomena in Italy.
Italy now is her second
Kobe Bryant learnt to speak
Italian at the age of six
when he moved to Italy.
Shakira learnt how to speak
Italian from her mother who
is from Italian descent.
Topics to be covered in Year 12:
Term 1
Youth Culture and Concerns: - Relationships, Music and Fashion, Technology,
Drink, Drugs, Smoking and Sex
Lifestyle: Health and Fitness: - Food and Diet, Health issues, Health and Fitness
The World Around Us: Travel and Tourism: - Travel and holidays, Tourist
information, Transport
Term 2
The World Around Us: Environmental issues: - Weather, pollution, recycling
Education and Employment: - Schools in Italy, After school, University study,
Current topics in Education, Earning extra money, Different Styles of Working and
Issues relating to the World of Work, All types of work
Term 3
Revision and Exam practice
Unit 1: Spoken Expression and Response in Italian
30% of AS, 15% of A Level
8-10 minute test
Unit 2: Understanding and Written Response in Italian
70% of AS, 35% of A Level
2 hour 30 minute exam
Examples of essays:
La Giornata della Lentezza (Essay 1)
Lunedì 19 febbraio è la Giornata mondiale della Lentezza: un giorno
per concedersi ritmi più rilassati. Per vivere meglio. ‘‘Dedicata a chi ha
la sensazione che il mondo giri troppo in fretta’’. Così Bruno Contigiani,
presidente dell’associazione L’Arte del Vivere con Lentezza, presenta
l’iniziativa per condurre una vita meno stressante.
Come partecipare? Facile: basta andare piano. Per esempio andare al
lavoro a piedi invece che con la macchina.
Hai letto questo articolo sulla Giornata della Lentezza e decidi di scrivere una lettera
al Signor Contigiani, l’organizzatore. Scrivi 200---220 parole in italiano menzionando i
seguenti punti:
o se sei d’accordo che la vita moderna è stressante o no;
o se lo stress riguarda soltanto gli adulti o anche i giovani;
o se tu personalmente vorresti partecipare a questa iniziativa e che cosa potresti fare;
o che altro si potrebbe fare per condurre una vita più rilassata.
In Italia l’e-commerce non decolla (Essay 2)
L’e-commerce in Italia cresce lentamente. Le statistiche dimostrano la scarsa
fiducia dei navigatori italiani per gli acquisti in rete: il web viene visto più
come un posto dove informarsi su un prodotto per poi comprarlo in un
negozio tradizionale.
Al primo posto tra gli acquisti online il settore turismo, seguito da quello
tecnologico. All’ultimo posto il settore alimentare: per il cibo continuiamo a
comprare solo quello che possiamo toccare con mano.
Hai letto questo articolo sul commercio elettronico. Scrivi 200---220 parole in italiano
menzionando i seguenti punti:
• la tua esperienza personale di shopping online
• vantaggi e svantaggi del commercio elettronico
• le ragioni per cui, secondo te, gli italiani non amano comprare online
• cosa potrebbero fare i grandi supermercati per incoraggiare gli acquisti online
Useful websites :
General: (Scuola di Italiano website, with a variety of materials for free
download, including reading passages and grammar exercises)
Search engines:
Geography: (in English mainly)
You are expected to have a sound knowledge and understanding of the following
grammar topic areas when you arrive in September as we will be building upon
these KS4 essentials during year 12 and introducing new specific KS5 grammar
Present tense
Perfect tense
Imperfect tense
Future tense
Conditional tense
Reflexive verbs in all tenses
Use of adjectives
Negative structures
Superlatives and comparatives
Possessive adjectives
Quantifiers and intensifiers
We recommend that you purchase the following textbooks for use during your ALevel.
Edexcel Italian Grammar for A Level, Hodder Education, 2008
Parola per parola New Advanced Italian Vocabulary, Hodder Education,
Second Edition
Collins Zanichelli il Ragazzini Italian Dictionary or Oxford-Paravia Italian
Italian Verb Wheel
Employment opportunities for linguists:
Having a good knowledge of a language can greatly improve your prospects in the
jobs marketplace.
Modern Languages graduates find employment in business, UK and European
government, engineering, financial services, media, technology, travel and tourism,
voluntary and charitable sector. There are a small number of jobs where languages
are the main requirement e.g. Interpreter, Translator, Teacher. However there are
many more roles where languages are a complementary rather than a key skill.
Business and other organisations require people to work across international offices
or with non-English speaking customers or clients e.g. Marketing, Sales, Customer
Support or Consulting so languages amongst other skills will be valued. Roles that
require strong communication skills like PR, Events Management, Media and
Government might also suit the Linguist especially where the business is focused
outside of the UK.
Facts about linguists:
In the latest national data available Modern Language graduates had the lowest
unemployment rate of all Arts and Humanities subjects, and this is a continuing
trend. There are higher numbers going onto further study and training than into
employment when compared with all subjects. 9.1% of modern languages graduates
were working outside of the UK in comparison to the national average for all
graduates of 1.6%. Modern Language graduates go into a very wide range of
employment areas. Around a third of those working are in business and managerial
roles such as sales and marketing, management roles in commerce, industry and
public sector and business and financial professional roles dispelling any notions that
Modern Linguists are not suited to commercial roles. Source: university of Bath
In the past, Arden MFL students have gone on to the following
The University of Birmingham
The University of Oxford
Bath Spa University
The University of Sheffield
The University of Sheffield
The University of Warwick
University of Bath
Middlesex University
Nottingham Trent University
University of Leeds
University of Manchester
Lancaster University
King's College London
Law with French
Materials Science
Creative Writing
German and Hispanic
German and History
German and History
International Management
with Spanish
Primary Education
International Business
European Management
Ancient History
Loughborough University
International Relations
The University of Kent
Lancaster University
University of Lincoln
Lancaster University
English and Journalism
English Literature, Creative
Writing and Practice
University of Warwick
Italian proverbs:
Cane che abbaia non morde His bark is worse than his bite
Chi cerca trova Seek and you shall find
Chi sa fa e chi non sa insegna Those who know, do, and those who don’t, teach
Italian tongue twisters:
Trentatré Trentini entrarono a Trento, tutti e trentatré, trotterellando.
Centottantotto lire più cinque-cento-cinquanta-cinque centesimi
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