Title 平成26年度 卒業論文題目一覧 Author(s) Citation Journal of the

平成26年度 卒業論文題目一覧
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Journal of the Ochanomizu University English Society
Departmental Bulletin Paper
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平成 26 年度
安藤 有紀
Interpretations of Argument Ellipsis by Second Language Learners
池ヶ谷 桃子 The Acquisition of Double Object Constructions by Japanese Learners of English
生駒 有紀
A Study of Diversity Education in English Classes in Junior and Senior High School
石井 里菜
Using Pre-listening Activities to Increase Students’Comprehension of English News
石川 真由
The Critical Period Hypothesis and Motivation in English Language Education at
Japanese Elementary Schools
石見 しおり From Childishness to Maturity: The Two Generations in Wuthering Heights
近江 郁子
Children’s Acquisition of Focus Markers
木村 友紀
Affective Factors in Second Language Acquisition
喜代原 華
Masculinity in Hemingway’s The Nick Adams Stories
熊谷 歌那江 A Study of George Gershwin: The First American Crossover Composer
後藤 綾花
A Study of Quantifier Floating Phenomena in English
小脇 麻里
Right Dislocation in Children’s Speech
櫻井 絵美
A Study of Negative Prefixes in English
猿田 静木
A Study of Never Let Me Go: A Reading of It as an Allegory of Life
清水 麻実
A Study of Negative Polarity Items in English and Other Languages
清水 由美
A Study of the Adversity Effect in English and Japanese Passives
進藤 美沙
Japanese Pre-service High School English Teachers’Beliefs toward Communicative
Grammar Teaching
関谷 桃子
A Study of Adjective-Noun Collocations in English
田辺 裕子
“I, Now the Voice of the Recorded Law”: The Semiotic Subject in Shakespeare’
Measure for Measure
辻 香織
The Acquisition of Obligatory Subjects by Japanese Learners of English
津田 真実
The Acquisition of Pseudo-Passives by Japanese Learners of English
都築 あさこ A Study of Numeral Quantifiers
中澤 まな
A Study of Case-Marking in English and Japanese
西岡 玲奈
A Challenge to Victorian Values: The Importance of“Double”in The Importance of
Being Earnest
原田 彩也花 A Study of Metaphors with Color Terms
藤原 理子
On the Pragmatics of Verbal Irony
前島 有加里
James Fenimore Cooper’s Feminist Perspective on Women in The Last of the
間瀬 桃香
Singing“High and Low”in Twelfth Night: A Study on Musicality of Shakespeare’s
宮城 美咲
A Study of Harry Potter Series: Focusing on Its Main Characters and Readers
宮崎 優莉
Cordelia’s Death Behind the Curtain: A Study on William Shakespeare’s King Lear
森 まりも
A Study of The Time Machine: Its Ambiguity in Science, Class and Progress
山田 志織
From Plot Devices to Allegory: A Study of Magic in the Walt Disney Animation
Studios’Film Productions
横張 乃恵
A Case Study of How Two High School English Teachers Adopt the New Course of
吉田 早織
Marriages in Pride and Prejudice