Lesson32 解答例 1. Which member of the group would you like to be

Lesson32 解答例
1. Which member of the group would you like to be? Why?(グループの中でどのメンバーになりたいですか)
I would like to be a singer because I like to sing.
2. Which band members are wearing earrings?(どのメンバーがイヤリングをしていますか)
The pianist and vocalist are wearing the earrings.
3. Which of these instruments do you think is the hardest to play?(絵の楽器の中で一番弾くのが難しのは何
Saxophone is the hardest instrument to play.
4. Which instrument is the man on the far left playing?(一番左の男性はどの楽器を演奏してますか)
He is playing saxophone
5. What do you call the people in front of the stage?(ステージの前にいる人を何と言いますか)
We call them audience. (The people in front of the stage are called audience.)
6. Which band members are wearing hat?(防止をかぶっているバントメンバーは誰ですか)
The bassist and saxophonist are wearing hats.
7. What kind of group do you think they are?(このバントはどんなグループだと思いますか)
I think they are rock musicians.
8. What is the vocalist doing?(ボーカルは何をしていますか)
The vocalist is singing and jumping.
9. What kind of guitars do you think they are playing?(どんなギターを弾いてますか)
I think they are playing electric guitars.
10. Describe what the vocalist is wearing?(ボーカルが、何を身にまとってますか)
He is wearing earring, hair band and a pair of pants.
11. Is music important to you? Could you live without it? Why? Why not?(音楽はあなたにとって重要ですか。
Music is important to me. I can’t live without it because music give me power to live.
12. What kind of music do you like to listen to? How many different types of music do you know?(どんなタ
I like to listen to rock music. I know three types of music. They are rock, classic and pop music.
13. Who are your favorite male and female singers?(あなたの好きな男性 or 女性歌手は誰ですか)
My favorite singers are A and B.
14. What singer or group would you most like to see in concert? Why?(どんな歌手やグループのコンサートに
I would most like to see U2 in a concert because I am a big fun of the band.
15. Which do you prefer Japanese or Western music? Why?(邦楽か洋楽のどちらがすきですか)
I prefer Japanese music to Western music because I am Japanese.
16. Can you play an instrument? If yes, what? If no, what instrument would you like to play? Why?(何か楽
Yes, I can play the piano. / No I cannot but I would like to play the saxophone because I like the sound.
17. What kind of music do your parents like to listen to? What do you think of it?(あなたの両親はどんな音
My parents like to listen to classic music. I think I also like it.
18. How often do you go to karaoka?(カラオケにはどのくらい行きますか)
I go to karaoke once a month.
19. Do you know any world-famous band? Can you name any of them?(世界的に有名なバンドを知ってます
Some world famous bands that I know are the Beatles, Rolling Stone and Carpenters.
20. Do you buy CDs or rent them?(CD を買いますか、それとも借りますか)
I buy music data from the internet.