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Benefits of Nuclear Medicine in Cancer Diagnosis

It is true that only a few patients have little knowledge about nuclear medicine and its use in Cancer diagnosis. Others find the term ”nuclear” just scary because more often than not, it brings the thought of nuclear weapons. Nuclear medicine is, h
Benefits of Nuclear Medicine in Cancer
It is true that only a few patients have little knowledge about nuclear
medicine and its use in Cancer diagnosis. Others find the term ”nuclear”
just scary because more often than not, it brings the thought of nuclear
weapons. Nuclear medicine is, however, becoming more popular every day
and a large portion of the world’s population is already cashing in on the
perks that come with this form of medicine.
The most interesting thing with nuclear medicine has to be the fact that it is
a very effective medicine with many benefits. Yes, it has in fact been around
for decades but it is more useful technological advancements that have
brought it to the limelight. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know
about this form of medicine, from what it exactly is, its benefits, the role it
plays in cancer diagnosis to the risks of using it or your treatment.
What is Nuclear Medicine?
Nuclear Medicine covers many branches of medicine but it is a close
cousin to radiology and diagnostic. This type of medical imaging uses small
quantities of radioactive materials, also known as radiotracers that are in
most cases inhaled, swallowed or injected into the bloodstreams. Medical
experts in this field choose from these options when diagnosing and
determining the gravity of a variety of conditions including neurological
disorders, cancers, and heart diseases, endocrine, gastrointestinal, among
That said, it is worthwhile noting that there are two types of nuclear
When is nuclear medicine used?
Diagnostic procedures involve single photon and positron methods of
emission tomography scans, which when combined with computerized
tomography (CT) create more accurate and precise scans. So, how do these
tests work? Well, radio-tracers are ingested by means of inhaling, injection
or swallowing after which they accumulate in the region or part that is
being examined.
What makes this form of medical imaging more accurate and sophisticated
is it provides in-depth molecular information and pictures when the
cameras in the machines detect the radioactive emissions from the
radioactive materials ingested.
On the other hand, therapeutic medicine involves radioimmunotherapy and
radioactive iodine therapy. The former is a combination of radiotherapy
and immunotherapy, the two effective procedures that blend well to target
the affected regions and areas more precisely. Therapeutic procedures are
applied in the treatment of thyroid gland diseases and several severe types
of cancers.
Benefits of nuclear medicine
Nuclear medicine, radiation, immunotherapy, and other medical jargon
used in these procedures may leave you wondering if nuclear medicine is
dangerous. What you need to know is that the risks associated with this
form of medicine are small as compared to the invaluable perks a patient
can get.
These tests provide more accurate, precise and in-depth information
about the anatomical and function structure of the body, something
unattainable using other medical imaging procedures.
These scans give the most useful data and specifics that are essential
in the diagnosis and treatment of myriad diseases and several types
of cancer.
It is the most effective and inexpensive procedure that can be used to
detect disease at its earliest stage before symptoms become visible.
The scans help identify the nature of lesions, which eliminates the
need to undergo surgical biopsies.
Nuclear medicine procedures can be useful in planning radiotherapy.
Risks of nuclear medicine
Over the more than 50 years these nuclear procedures have been in use,
not even a single long-term effect has been reported. However, this lowradiation exposure can result in allergic reactions. There is also a slight
pain that emanates from the injection of radiotracers.
Pregnant women are advised to inform their physician that they are
pregnant or breastfeeding.
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