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Friends of the Foundation Donors
July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016
We're grateful to each donor who contributed to this fund during our 2016 fiscal year to help us to:
 effectively steward the charitable dollars that have been entrusted to us,
 engage people and organizations in giving that sustains our region's quality of life,
 provide thoughtful, creative leadership to address community needs
$2,500 or more
Geoffrey T. Crowley Family Foundation, Inc.
Kirsten Finlayson
James and Mary Kabacinski Charitable Fund
Paul and Susan Mueller
Alexander and Lucille Rudolf Family Fund
Helmut Schwab
SECURA Insurance Companies Charitable Fund
Kathryn and Lane Sieman
$1,000 to $2,499
Dr. Omar and Leah Atassi
John Bykowski Family Fund
Kenneth and Gail Demerath
Bob and Pat Endries Charitable Fund
Steve and Susan Endries Charitable Fund
Robert and Natalie Gehringer Family Fund
Joseph Golichnik and Katie Golichnik
John and Morgan Hogerty
Gregory Knudson and Susan Hagen-Knudson
Mitchell F. & Carol J. Kwaterski Fund
Michael and Mary Lokensgard
Barb Merry Fund
Harold Miller
Richard and Laurie Schinke
Lyssa & Andrew Schmidt Charitable Fund
William J. and Barbara A. Schmidt Foundation, Inc.
Markalan and Ann Smith
David and Cynthia Vander Zanden
Michael and Stephanie Vrabec Family Fund
Dr. Robert Wubben
Allen and Glennace Zaug
Alan and Judy Zierler
$500 to $999
Ben and Debbie Adams Charitable Fund
Richard and Terri Auchter Fund
Curt Detjen
James Eagon
Steve and Mary Evans Charitable Fund
Joseph and Elaine Ferris
James and Jane Hayes
Jeffrey and Susan Hoppa
D. Scott Jabas and Heather Runge
Mark and Tobi Johannsen
Konz Wood Products
Don Koskinen
John Laabs and Scott Kranzusch
Legacy Private Trust Company
Steven and Betty Lockhart
Chuck and Barb Merry
James and Joy Perry
Tom Prosser
Bart and Shannon Rabas
Mike and Kathleen Reese
James and Eloise Robinson
Doug and Carla Salmon
Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher
Greg and Raquel Strayer
Dr. Monroe and Sandra Trout Charitable Fund
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Werner
Thomas and Tina Zimmer
$250 to $499
Jack and Kathy Anderson
Mark and Jill Austin
John and Dianne Bergstrom
Kristen and Christopher Bergstrom
Richard A. and Jennifer A. Bergstrom Fund
John C. and Andrea S. Bletzinger Fund
Mary Downs
Douglas Drewry
Jeffrey and Rebecca Esker
William and Jeanne Flanagan
Paul and Elaine Greene
Henseler Family Fund
Tim and Jonna Higgins
Michael and Marcia Hittle
Steve and Mary Hooyman
Paul and Anne Karch
Lawrence Konz
Bradley and Barbara Lauderdale
Dr. Susan and Timothy May
Joseph and Jacqueline McGrane
William and Cheryl Merrick
Bob and Judy Mickelson
Todd and Ellen Needham
Todd and Peggy Platt
Ronald and Christine Possell
Warren and Linda Schneider
Charles H. Self III
Patrick and Susan Suprise
Arlene Trettin-Engler
John Wisniewski
Up to $249
Ronald J. Altenburg
Daniel Balliet and Janet Carlson
James and Kay Bartz
James and Susan Bero
Alan and Sharon Blake
Charles and Joyce Bongers
Larrie Brazner
Peter and Suzanne Breyer
Dick and Chris Calder
Margaret Carroll
Gordon Case
Alice Claypool
Timothy and Nancy Collentine
Robert and Marina De Wet
Keith and Kathleen Depies
Richard and Susan Detienne
Robert and Annette Douglas
Thrivent Choice Dollars Program
J Robert and Cheryl Ellis
John and Sharon Fenlon
Fiduciary Partners
Dan and Mary Flannery
Robert Fox and Barbara Holly-Fox
Gary and Judy Gunderson
Ruth Ann Hamilton
David Hathaway
Don and Eileen Herrling
Richard and Diane Hilsabeck
Robert and Mary Huber
Mark and Brenda Jenike
Larry and Kerry Jones
Larry L. and Sandy S. Kath Family Fund
Larry and Sandy Kath
Ryon and Jodie Kautz
Marguerite Keys
Jane Kleinschmidt
Curt and Martha Knoke Family Fund
Peter and Joann Mariahazy
Adrian Martin
Thomas Morse
Roger and Nancy Orlady
Wayne and Ann Peters
Sonja Petersen
Richard Pike
Brian Pockat
Larry and Jean Pooler Family Fund
Dennis and Kris Priebe
Jack and Glenda Rhodes
Jim and Allie Riedl
Dick and Carol Rine
Walter S. and Amelia M. Rugland Fund
Edward and Julietta Sabish
Michael and Erica San Dretto
Paul and Mary Schulz
Katherine Stanis
William G. Stoeger and Jacquelyn B. King
Roy G. Stohlman
Steven and Linda Stoll
Mary Sturtevant
William and Dorothy Thompson
Audrey Tysver
Mathew and Amy Vanden Boom
Verstegen Wealth Management, LLC
Mark and Dawn Washatka
James and Janet Weber
Scott and Julie Weber
Graham and Barbara Werner
Wiegratz Family Fund
Lawrence and Patricia Wirth
Mike Wise and Paulette Thebert
Jeff and Bonita Zdrale
Thomas and Paula Zwicker
Names of funds within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region appear in italics.