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44th Edition Vol. 9
November 17th 2011
The 24th West Kootenay Toy Run was another great success!
graced the Toy
Run and all
of September
this year
and October
has been a
dream as
well! Thanks
to everyone
who came out
this year and
us helping our communities thru the love of riding!! It was
another successful day of friends and charity! You helped us
raise nearly $27,000 to donate out to our communities plus a
mountain of toys to hand out this Christmas season!
Thank You!
Once back at the Castlegar Complex we were greeted with
dinner put on by the Castlegar Early Childhood Advisory
Council, and the great vibes of The Hidden Creek Band!
Thank you to all the local businesses for the colossal door
we had to give away! We were also blown away by a couple of
surprise donations from the Black Rooster of $1,000, and over
$2,000 from Halls Printing.
The Selkirk Lions Club kicked off the morning by filling out our
bellies with a generous serving of breakfast!
Santa was on hand and eager as ever to guide us thru the
Kootenays for the 24th time with the fantastic support of all our
Traffic Control Volunteers !! Thank you to the volunteers of the
Salmo Fire Department for the great lunch and for helping to
escort the Toy Run out of Salmo! Ferraro Foods was ready for
us again in Trail with
free water for all the riders, the day was really beginning to
heat up by that time and it was very much appreciated! The
again had a
warm welcome
waiting for us!
Members of
the Rossland
Eagles did
a great job
Columbia Ave
for our arrival.
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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
West Kootenay Toy Run
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 2
Here are a pile of Photo’s from
the day!
If you have some choice photos
to share, email them in to us,
as we’d love to see them and
can make use of them in our
scrapbook. You can find More
pics on our Facebook Page and
on our website at
Cheers Friends, and THANKS
for riding with us!
The generosity flowed all day long with donations from the
Rossland Eagles and Ladies Auxiliary, and the generosity
that came from the street and from Toy Run Members. The
Toy Chase Vehicle was packed this year with toys donated by
non-riders in the community! All in all another awesome day of
riding, charity and camaraderie!
Geoff, Toy Run VP Presenting the Bike keys to
Darcy(and daughter) along with Mike Toy Run Treasure.
Congratulation Darcy! A sweet little perk for
supporting your community!
Q’s Chunk of the Road
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
Q’s Chunk
of the Road
By Quentin Kerfoot
[email protected]
This whole global movement
seems flawed on so many
levels. Although they say
it’s peaceful and no laws or
regulations are being broken,
the very fact they are taking over public land and claiming
it as their own is wrong. Never mind the fire, health and
safety regulations being breached.
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 3
If they put half as much energy into bettering themselves
and their situation as they do for this Occupy initiative
they would move forward and see a shift in their quality
of life. Possibly not as quickly and dramatically as they
would like, but more realistic results than they hoping for
Reality can often be an ugly thing, especially when you
have been sheltered from it. Which brings up the question, are their parents responsible for over sheltering their
children to the point where they now find themselves?
The following clip by Bill Whittle say it more succinctly
than I, so check this out:
These folks should pack up their tents, go home and take
control of their lives. Nobody is going to do it for them.
This is my two cents – Q out.
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
BC News & Events
November 17, 2011
TIME: 7:00PM
PLACE: Justice Institute 715 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, B.C.
To discuss BCCOM’s meeting with the
Solicitor General Shirley Bond and the
“Lane Filtering” proposal as well as other
You don't need to be a member to attend.
FOR INFO PLEASE CALL (604) 580-0111 OR 1-877-580-0111
Tough teacher...
A former Marine
A former Sergeant with theВ RoyalВ Marine`sВ having served his
time, took a new job as a school
teacher; but just before the
school year started he injured
his back.
He was required to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. Fortunately, the cast fitted under
his shirt and wasn’t noticeable.
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 4
Northwest HOG Meeting
Set For November 19
Hello everyone.
В I just wanted to let you all know about the HOG Meeting and
Bowling night happening in Smithers on November 19th. We
will be holding a quick meeting at 6pm at Downie’s located
at 2805 Doehler Rd. We will be discussing plans for the MDA
Dance in March. For those of you who are not familiar with the
area, here are the directions to get there.
В Leaving from HD of Smithers: drive to lights at Tim Hortons.
Turn left. Drive up to 10th Ave and turn left. Drive all the way
down to Doehler Rd (turns to a gravel road)В and turn left again.
В The meeting will not take more than 45 minutes. We will be
departing from Downie’s to head to the Smithers Bowling Alley
to take part in HOG Bowling night which will start at 7pm.
Please be sure to be at the Bowling alley 10-15 minutes early
to get your shoes. Please let me know by Nov. 12th if you are
planning to attend so that I can make up teams. We will be
bowling till 9pm. All expenses will be covered by your local
HOG Chapter. To take part, at least one member of your group
must be a current local HOG member.
В Hope to see you all there.
В Stacey, [email protected]
When a strong breeze made
his tie flap, he picked up a stapler and promptly stapled the
tie to his chest.В DeadВ silence... He had no
trouble with discipline that year.
В Submitted by Rick Young,
Kamloops BC
Crime of Passion
On the first day of class, he found himself assigned to
the toughest students in the school.
In Italy, a woman comes home and finds her husband in bed with another woman. She takes a gun
and shoots her husband, killing him. At her trial for
murder, she tells the judge that she is relying on the
defense of “Crime of Passion”.
The smart-alecky punks, having already heard the
new teacher was a former Marine, were leery of him
and decided to see how tough he really was, before
trying any pranks.
The judge says, “But Ma’am, a �Crime of Passion’
defense means that you have found your husband
in bed with another woman, and you have shot and
killed the woman.”
Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, the new
teacher opened the window wide and sat down at his
She replies “Yes, your honor, but this way I only have
to use the gun once.”
Joseph Garrie, Ontario
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
BC Events / Wyzwmn©’s Words
Wyzwmn©’s Words to the Wise
Our New Home:
Irish Playwrite Wisdom
Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a
friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend’s success.
– Oscar Wilde
Poetic Wisdom
There are more fools in the world than there are
– Heinrich Heine
Author Wisdom
By the time a man realizes that this father was right
he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.
– Charles Wordsworth
Artist Wisdome
I am always doing that which I can not do, in order
that I may learn how to do it.
– Pablo Picasso
Work Wisdome
It’s not the hours put in at work that counts, it’s the
work you put in the hours.
– Sam Ewing
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 5
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
BC Finances
Sr. Exec.
Financial Consultant
a tax effective
strategy for giving
while living
You may be at the point in
your life where you are considering gifting assets to a
charitable organization, to support your community
and to leave a lasting legacy. Gifting to charity while
you are living can offer significant benefits to your
As you consider your options, you might think about
gifting publicly traded securities to your charity of
choice. Donating “in-kind” is a more tax-effective way
to donate to a non-profit organization than selling your
securities and donating the cash proceeds.
Why? Thanks to an amendment to Canada’s Income
Tax Act in 2006, you do not owe tax on any capital
gains realized on securities donated to a charitable
organization or public foundation. This is because the
inclusion rate on the capital gains of your securities is
0% instead of the normal 50%.
So, whether you donate the cash proceeds from the
sale of securities or the securities themselves, your
charitable donation receipt is for the same amount,
but for securities donated in-kind, the tax owing on the
capital gain is eliminated.
For example, say you want to donate to the proceeds
of mutual funds valued at $100,000 to a registered
charity. If the adjusted cost base for this investment is
calculated at $40,000, this means that the unrealized
capital gain on your investment is $60,000.
If you redeem those mutual funds and donate the
cash proceeds, the taxable gains amount is 50% x
$60,000 = $30,000. You would be required to pay tax
on the $30,000.
However, if you donate the mutual funds to the charity directly, then the taxable gains amount is 0% x
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 6
$60,000 = $0.
Your charitable donation receipt is for the same
amount – $100,000, which is the fair market value of
the gift. So the advantage is clear.
What is a publicly traded security for donation purposes? Any of the following:
• shares, rights or debt obligations (typically
bonds or debentures) listed on a prescribed
stock exchange (this includes both Canadian
and foreign listed exchanges);
• shares of the capital stock of a Canadian
public mutual fund corporation;
• units of a Canadian mutual fund trust;
• an interest in a segregated fund trust; and
•government bonds.
This 0% inclusion rate on the capital gain is also available when donations are made after the taxpayer’s
death, that is, for gifts provided for in the will.
The Income Tax Act was also amended in 2007 with
respect to gifts of publicly traded securities made on
or after March 19, 2007 to private foundations. The
capital gains inclusion rate is also 0% in these cases.
If you are thinking of giving while living, ensure you
do it in the context of your overall financial plan and
retirement goals. Give us a call to learn more about
the options that are best for your situation.
Written and published by Investors Group as a general source of
information only. It is not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell
specific investments, nor is it intended to provide tax, legal or
investment advice. Readers should seek advice on their specific
circumstances from an Investors Group Consultant.
David W. Page is a Kamloops rider who is very active in his
community and is a member of the RFBA
Phone: (250) 372-2955 Toll Free: 1-800-897-9559
Fax: (250) 372-1567
[email protected]
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 7
Future West Arena Cross
Round 3 Friday January 20th
Chilliwack Heritage Park Arena CONFIRMED
Round 4 Saturday January 21st
Chilliwack Heritage Park Arena CONFIRMED
Round 5 Friday February 3rd
Chilliwack Heritage Park Arena CONFIRMED
Round 6 Saturday February 4th
Chilliwack Heritage Park Arena CONFIRMED
Canadian MX Reigning Champ Colton Facciotti
signs with KTM for the next 2 years!
After weeks of
speculation as to
where the two-time
MX1 Champ would
end up, the questions
can stop!
It is with tremendous excitement that KTM
Canada announces the addition of Colton Facciotti to the
2012 & 2013 team roster.

KTM Canada is looking to put their riders on top of the
podium next season and Colton Facciotti has proven
time and again that he has what it takes to do it with
consistency. “More than ever, KTM’s focus
is on the
motocross market” mentions Florian Burguet, KTM
Canada General Manager. “Our 2012 SX product line up
and our business attitude are now perfectly aligned for
successful results.
At a time when
other motorcycle companies may question
their involvement in racing, KTM means to do the
opposite and reinforces its commitment to winning” adds

Colton will make a unique addition to the team, aboard
his 2012 KTM 450 SX-F. He has a wealth of experience
in Canada as well as in the United States. KTM Racing
Manager Andy White comments: “Just like in the US
with De Coster, Dungey, Roczen and Musquin, our new
Canadian team will respect a non-compromise racing
approach. We will be extremely victory-driven and
Colton is definitely the first step in building a complete
championship team.”

After testing his new 450 ride, Colton is equally as excited
as the rest of the team stating “I am ready for
my new
challenges and can’t wait for the first moto gate to drop
this summer. I will definitely be working
hard to bring
home a first MX1 championship for the KTM team.”

team training will be supervised by 5-time Canadian
National Champion Jean-Sebastien Roy (JSR)
who will
now operate as Athlete Manager.

The rest of the KTM
team will be completed and communicated shortly. Don’t
miss anything and stay
connected to KTM Canada’s
Facebook page!
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 8
According to my calculations the problem
doesn’t exist.
Advice is worth what you paid for it.
All I want is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power.
All things considered, insanity may be the only
reasonable alternative.
Allow me to introduce myselves.
Foothills Motorcycle Apparel
#6, 122 4th Ave W, Cochrane, AB
South of the Lights on Hiway 1A from Calgary
Phone: 403-861-0611
Toll Free: 1-888-851-0619
Motorcycle Apparel for the Discerning Biker!
Easyrider Apparel, Scorpion Helmets,
Milwaukee Boots & other TOP NAME BRANDS!
Hours: 10 AM - 6PM from Wednesday to Sunday
Always do right. This will gratify some people
and astonish the rest - Mark Twain
Am I getting smart with you? ....How would you
Any connection between your reality and mine
is purely coincidental.
Any reform must be counted a success, which
does not have an effect exactly the opposite
of that intended.
Any twelve people who can’t get themselves out
of jury duty are not my peers.
Anything is possible if you don’t know what
you’re talking about.
Are those your eyeballs? I found them in my
Ask a silly person, get a silly answer.
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
AB / Thunder LIzard Report
ALL Men?
o, I’ve been wondering for
a while now... where did
the concept of “goodwill
among all men” go to, anyhow?
Oh, yeah, we sing about it and
promote it during Christmas... but
isn’t the intention that we carry it
By R. Jeff LeGrand on all year? And if you doubt that
it’s being forgotten, go for a drive
in rush hour in any major city…
I guarantee what you’ll find is far more “ME ME ME ME
ME” than you will find “oh, sorry, did you need this lane?
Here, let me make room for you”. It’s kind of a recurring theme, this selfishness, but
somehow it seems like it’s something we’re forced into.
I’ve never agreed with separatism and I never will,
however as a Canadian, I definitely see the point of
the Quebecois who want to preserve the Francophone
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 9
culture. It’s a fantastic part of our culture and history, and
it does need to be kept alive.
As more and more people from other lands arrive, it
seems that our innate Canadian politeness causes our
governing bodies to water down Canada and what it is to
be Canadian in order to not offend our newer Canadians.
Let me say that it’s the experiences I have that cause me
to write what I do... it’s not just random opinion.
I was honestly asked this week if I felt that it was fair to
my non-Christian customers that we will be closed so
much at Christmas. I replied that I did not expect them to
work if they chose not to, or to come in and spend money
on their own holidays, so yes, I did think it was fair.
The kicker is that I was asked this by someone who was
born and raised in Calgary, and is of a white, anglo-saxon
(catholic) background. That’s what bugged me... we’re
second guessing ourselves now. We’re so concerned
about not being rude that we give up everything and
anything we have to in order to keep other people happy.
If you compare this relationship to a marriage, ask
someone what they think about that... A marriage wherein
one person gives up everything they have and are in
order to please the other person... it will be labeled
something like “dysfunctional” faster than you can tell the
Owners & Presenters
Copyright © Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows (1989) Ltd.
All rights reserved. Show content subject to change.
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
AB / Thunder LIzard Report
Now, I don’t think someone has to abandon their own
culture and beliefs because they moved to a new place...
far from it. That diversity is part of what makes Canada
beautiful. What I don’t like is when I’m told that we’re not
doing something anymore, or doing some different thing,
simply because people who have moved here from other
lands, or people who grew up elsewhere don’t want to do
it the Canadian way.
We’re IN CANADA, eh? “When in Rome, do as the
Romans do”, (a saying attributed to St. Ambrose from
something like 18 centuries ago), doesn’t mean “give up
your identity when you go somewhere”, it means “respect
the people of the places you go, and understand that
when you are in their land, you should try to live as they
do, inasmuch as you can”.
When you move to Canada, understand that you have
not brought your entire culture with you, no matter how
many of you there are. Yes, your culture is beautiful
too, add it to the mix, use it to enhance and expand the
Canadian experience... but please, don’t ask me to put
aside what I believe in, what I think of as my culture, in
order to accommodate you.
When I go to your land, I will do the same.. I will respect
the rules and way of life, and not force my beliefs on you.
It’s a respect thing, if you ask me.
Yes, the “holiday party” thing instead of “Christmas Party”
is part of what I mean... it’s just ridiculous. I am not a
religious person... however, we celebrated Christmas
long before I was born, and I thought we would celebrate
it long after I’m gone... but now I wonder.
I have to admit, also, that as I see our Canadian identity
slipping into vanilla boringness, my good will towards
all men slides a bit. I will, given the option, respect the
history and beliefs of pretty much anyone I meet, and I
make it a point to give them room to enjoy their lifestyle
as they see fit.
But when I start getting TOLD that I “have to” do that?
Screw off. I hate being told what to do. And it’s not really
much of “goodwill” if it’s mandated and made into laws
and we’re forced into it, is it?
So, as the government makes law after law to “protect”
people from each other, they take away our option to
find a balance on our own. Maybe that’s why we have so
much trouble getting along these days... because we’re
out of practice, we’re too used to letting the government
do it for us.
So, again this year I will do what I always do. I walk
around, telling anyone and everyone “Merry Christmas”
as it’s required or warranted- regardless of whom I’m
saying it to.
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 10
KEI Storage Solutions Inc.
Unlocks Your Storage Needs
Protect Your Motorcycles, Quads, and Sleds
Heated and Alarmed Facility
Give The Friendly Staff of KEI Storage Solutions Inc. a Call at
Calgary 1-877-230-0091
Braithwaite Boyle Centre
1701 Centre Street N
Red Deer 1-877-314-0123
Braithwaite Boyle Annex
3401 Gaetz Avenue
Edmonton 1-800-661-4902
Braithwaite Boyle Building
11816 - 124 Street
Free Consultation
Call any local toll-free
number 24 hours
Proud sponsors of:
The Canadian
Paraplegic Association
Faculty of Medicine
University of Alberta
Serving Riders in Alberta,
BC, Yukon and NWT
I never get complaints, and even if I did, I don’t care...
it’s the MEANING of what I’m saying that counts! How
can someone be offended that I’m saying to them “I hope
you have peace and prosperity in your life, that you and
your family remain healthy, and that happiness is all you
experience through this season”????
So I’m going to work extra hard on my goodwill this
year. No... You’re right... not everyone deserves it. But
I’ll let them reveal themselves, and up until that point, I’ll
assume that they DO deserve it.
It’s a bit early to be making Holiday wishes yet... but
to hell with you all.... I hope you’re healthy, happy, and
prosperous, and I don’t care if you don’t like it. We’re in
Canada, and as a Canadian, I offer you my goodwill.
R. Jeff LeGrand
Executive Committee
Calgary Motorcycle Ride for Dad
Reporter, Busted Knuckle Chronicles
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
AB / Doug Bader Memorial Ride
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 11
Doug Bader Memorial Ride
was a cold steely background to the machines as they rode
across the prairie, each rider mulling over memories of Doug
and the fun times they had had together.В Upon reaching Sandy Point there was a BBQ, a fire, and a
social.В The sky opened and for a few moments it rained, for
some a sign that Doug was with us!В В Ivan Karsten, a close friend of the Baders, read a verse and
talked for a moment about Doug, also thanking the farming
and biking
community for
their support
and love to
Jane, Doug’s
wife, and their
children during
the search for
Doug.В Ivan presented
Jane with the
money donated
for Doug’s
patches.В There
was a moment
of silence,
followed by
a chance to
reminisce.В Doug Bader
Saturday, October 15 , was a cool crisp day, starting out at
only 4 degrees C! A brave, bundled up, and somber group of
bikers, В friends, and family from different parts of Saskatchewan
and Alberta, gathered at Harley-Davidson of Medicine Hat to
honor a man that had been part of this motorcycle community
for years.
This man was a brother to many, a father, a neighbor, and
aВ friend to all. Doug went missing on Saturday, November
6th,2010, while fishing on the South Saskatchewan River near
Sandy Point.
On Saturday, 42 bikes and about 15 vehicles came together on
a memorial run to honour the memory of Doug. This chilly day
The sun came
out from behind the clouds warming the gathering and made
the trip back home less chilly. Rest in peace, Doug.
Heather McCaig, Ivan Karsten, Wendy Karsten
Your Ticket To Ride
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
AB / 2012 Calgary Motorcycle Show
Calgary, Alberta – The 2012
Calgary Motorcycle Show is
just around the corner. This
year’s show runs from noon
on Friday January 6th, 2012
until 5:00 Sunday, January
8th, 2012, at the BMO Centre,
Stampede Park.
The show features the 2012
new model line-ups from the
industries top manufacturers
including: Aprilia, BMW, BRP,
Cleveland CycleWerks, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda,
Hyosung, Kawasaki, KTM,
MV Augusta, Polaris, Suzuki,
Triumph, Victory, Yamaha
and Zero. Not only will they
showcase their latest models,
but they will also offer great
prices on gear and aftermarket accessories. Be one of
the first Calgarians to check
out the newest gear, accessories, motorcycles, ATV’s and
For those that want to introduce riding to the younger
members of their family, the
Yamaha Kids Riding Academy provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Under the
supervision of experienced
instructors, children between
the ages of 6 and 12 will have
the opportunity to receive instruction, gear up and apply
what they have learned on
the track, right at the Show.
The sessions run throughout
the day but you must sign up
to ensure a spot. This is the
perfect opportunity to expose
the youngsters to the joy and
excitement of riding in a safe
and controlled environment.
If the female members of the
family are interested in riding
then SHE Rides Nite should
not be missed. This special
feature offers discounted admission for the ladies only
on Friday, January 6th from
5:00 until 9:00. The Show will
provide a female friendly environment where women can
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 12 or
ask questions and receive
information that is specific
to their needs. The evening
will not only offer educational
and information elements, but
features, prizes and entertainment geared specifically to
the women of the sport.
The ever popular Freestyle
Team will hold performances throughout the day in the
Corral. These veteran riders including Reagan Sieg,
Jeff Fehr and Keith Sayers
will thrill audiences with their
aerial stunts which are sure
to get your heart pumping.
The action will have audience
members gasping at their jaw
dropping gravity defying feats.
To keep things interesting we
have added another extremely talented rider to the team,
Freestyle sled stunt rider Ted
Culbertson. This new addition of acrobatics will wow audiences of all ages, and bring
a whole new dimension to this
popular Freestyle feature.
When you are ready to slow
down the pace, be sure to
stroll through the hundreds of
booths representing, clubs,
associations and charity rides
and chat with those involved.
Or take in the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group’s comprehensive display of vintage
motorcycles from an excellent
cross-section of manufacturers spanning numerous decades. Avid collectors and
restoration experts will be on
hand to answer questions and
provide experienced insight
about one of their true passions – motorcycles.
“It is hard to believe that the
2012 Motorcycle Show is
just around the corner,” says
Show Manager, Laurie Paetz.
“The highlight of the show
continues to be the 2012 new
model showcase, however,
we want to continue to bring a
truly entertaining experience
for every member of the family, so we always want to add
new twists in order to keep
the Show fresh and exciting
for those die hard show goers
who attend each year.”
Don’t miss out on your chance
to enter to win the Show’s
grand prize, valued at over
The 2012 Calgary
Motorcycle Show
Friday, January 6, Noon –
9:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 7, 10:00
a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, January 8, 10:00
a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
BMO Centre, Stampede Park
Adults: $13.00 • Juniors:
$9.50 (Ages 6 to 15)
Children (Under the age of
6): Free when accompanied
by an adult. Family Pass:
$35.00 (two adults and two
About CNSS:
CNSS is a non-profit corporation and the largest producer
of boat, fishing, sportsmen’s,
ski, outdoor and motorcycle
shows in Canada. Through its
family of shows, the corporation raises funds to ensure
that generations of young Canadians can benefit from Canada’s outdoors. Since the first
show held in 1948, more than
$31 million has been committed to these causes.
For more show information
Laurie Paetz
Show Manager
Phone: 403-245-9008
[email protected]
Jackie Jackson
Show Publicist
Phone: 403-238-3309 Cell:
[email protected]
About MMIC:
The MMIC is a national, nonprofit industry association
whose members include the
major manufacturers, distributors and retailers of motorcycles in Canada. The MMIC
companies account for more
than 90 per cent of all new
motorcycles sold in Canada
each year. The MMIC and
their members present shows
annually in Toronto, Calgary,
Edmonton, Vancouver, Quebec City, Moncton and Montreal.
Information on the MMIC is
available at
For information on MMIC programs contact:
Jo-Anne Farquhar, Director of
Communications and Public
[email protected]
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
Bolt On Your Beauty
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 13
Bolt On Your Beauty
Whoever says money can’t
buy happiness doesn’t know
where to shop...
Gift giving doesn›t
have to be pricey
just thoughtful, if you
can›t afford a bottle
of ChanelВ choose the
soap, powder or body
lotion, most counters
wrapВ those little boxes
so sweet and you›ve just
given a piece of Chanel! That’s if you like shopping! It’s
that time of year again!
The gift-giving season…
Do you roam the streets
looking for that perfect gift?
We all have someone special
to buy for and then there’s that
person who has everything!
It got me to thinking about
using our imaginations rather then our pocket books to give
gifts. Here are a few clever ideas... if you dare!
Everyone needs a new
shower curtain, the clear
ones are kinda fun ;
)В then add in some great
smellingВ shower gel and a
fancy new body puff scrubby
For the friend who likes to
cook how about a delish
body butter in vanilla frosting
wrappedВ up in a tea towel
with a wooden spoon as a
New bed pillows with some wonderful sleep inducing pillow
mist, let a crisp new pair of pillow cases tied at the top with a
ribbon be the wrapping paper!
For that girly friend how about a pair ofВ black back seamed
stay-ups with some invigorating leg gel!
For the friend with the spotless house (ya that one!) a new cute
handle kitchen broom and tie a really good quality hand cream
to the top of it!
Hostess gifts... the token bottle of wine for the hostess that
always gets opened by the end of the evening and poof the
hostess doesn›t have a gift anymore. Wrap the wine in a
great scarf tell her it›s a little something for when she›s feeling
chilly,В the wine has been savedВ ... she takes it to her room!В Now those gentleman...
soap on a rope! Just
kidding... Soap on a
rope is good for the
garage you can hang it
around the laundry tub faucet and it doesn›t get slimy.
A case of
oil always
comes in
handy wrap it
up along with
some sturdy
work gloves.
A great
with some
new razors
is always
a good
usefulВ idea.
Oh andВ those
outside tool
belt type
of men like
hand cream...
trust me. A
cool pair of
and eye-gel,
yes they want
eye creams, they just don›t want to open that in front of the
family, the sunglasses are the gift but the eye cream is what
they really want!
If your lost for idea›s email me.... I›ve got a head full useless
information just bursting at the bows.В One last gift idea, TIMEВ is the best gift you can give anyone...
time forВ just him or her and you.
Until next time myВ pretties....В Belinda Kelly
Beauty School Drop Out
[email protected]
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 14
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
Calendar APP
Works on Blackberry,
Android, iPhone and
2200 other phones!
В 2011 SASK
It’s that time of year again!!
We are having the Lonewolves Christmas
party at the same place we did last year!!В Meeting at the Park Town Hotel at The
Laugh Shop (formerly Yuk Yuks) for
a buffet supper and comedy show!!
Everyone seemed to enjoy it last year so
lets do this!!В Party is booked for December 16th, 2011
(a Friday night) at 630 PM...once again
meet in the lobby to pick up your tickets
or from me a day or so ahead of the
Ticket cost is $57.75 apeice and must
be paid before Dec12th, 2011...AND I
KNOW! You have to let me know by
BDB Club
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Roadside Assistance Plan?
Towing, Flatbed, Free Gas, Lockout Service,
Trip Planning, Discounts & More
6 Calls - Shareable Add your spouse for FREE!
Use for your pick up,
car and motorcycle
To pay on line go to donations (same as
last year) and enter in the amount and
put in В«for christmas party ticketsВ» or if
you don’t have a CC you can contact me
to make alternate arrangements.В Last year we had an awesome time and
this year will be even better! Great menu
planned for this year and 2 comedians
featured and they›re great! So lets all
show up for this and make it an even
better time than last year!!!
Preacher (Sk Lonewolves)
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
SK / bad Uncle Monkey
e bikers are a
tough bunch of
SOBs. We let
little get in our ways. We
always bounce back. A
flesh wound is treated with
whiskey and doo-rag. В By
bad Uncle Monkey It would be easy to keep
up that mentality but as we
get older we know more
and more people who are passing away from cancer.
I don’t think cancer is a new phenomenon to our
society yet each year it seems more and more of my
friends are passing away from it. They always put
on the brave face at the runs and rallies and nothing
is said. It is only later at the funeral months that we
find out that the person was struggling with cancer.
Some have fought the good fight against cancer and
beat it but all to often it is a matter of too little too
late when it goes undiagnosed. November has been
dubbed Movember ( as men
like myself around the world grow a moustache to
raise awareness to this problem. In Canada 70 men
will be diagnosed with cancer today alone. 1 in 7 will
develop prostate cancer and 1 in 4 will lose a battle
with cancer.В Most of us are realizing that had we known we would
live this long we would have taken better care of
ourselves. It’s not too late. Changes you and I do
today will benefit us down the road. Don’t shrug off
symptoms. Talk openly and freely about going to
get a check up. Every man is thinking about going
but is too shy to go. Break the
cycle and talk about going. Take
your best friend with you. Take
your son, take your dad, take
your brother with you. You can
do your part by getting a annual
physical, quit smoking, being
more physically active, lose that
spare tire you are carrying around
and learn to manage stress.В In
the mean time you can help out
by visitingВ movember.comВ and
donating atВ
unclemonkeyВ to help with cancer
research. I’m man enough to be
tested, are you?
-bad Uncle Monkey
KEEP on toP of your gamE
Your diet and lifestyle choices can dramatically
influence your health. Regardless of age,
the most important thing you can do is stay healthy.
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 15
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
Support Our Troops / V.E.T.S.
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 16
Since the creation of Upper and Lower Canada, which in 1867
united together to become the Nation of Canada; our heartbeat
of this nation has come from young men and women, who did
the impossible and asked for nothing in return.В On countless occasions, it has been the sacrifice of each
of these individuals, war of 1812, in Peacekeeping roles,
Afghanistan, Korea, WWI, WWII, and the list goes on.В As the years have come and gone, our Veterans have given to
the Canadian people the ultimate gift by laying their life on the
line for this nation. 

Now, the sense of celebration and pride has tragically
disappeared from a few Veterans, who have become a shell of
what they once were as a youth.В Being replaced with a deep
inner stormy battlefield, where each day has become like a
person hell, causing a few of these once brave individuals to
self medicate with drugs or alcohol. 

Shockingly in a few cases, these once brave strong Canadian
Military Veterans have descended into a daily struggle of
homeless, falling through the cracks of society, not aware of the
programs in place set by other institutions to help them.В And this is where the Vets (Veterans Emergency Transition
Service)В non-profit social service association, made up by
members, who are Veterans/Supporters have stepped up,
coming together to help out homeless, Canadian Military
Veterans.В Originally the VETS (Veterans Emergency Transition
Service)В non-profit social service association was started in
Nova Scotia and is now in parts of Ontario, with hopes of
spreading throughout parts Canada, in the future.В Through the actions of the VETS (Veterans Emergency non-
profit social service association, they are providing the much
needed bridge for the homeless Veterans to connect these
individuals with the help they desperately require to fill out
the proper paperwork, get warm blankets, clothing and others
things they need to get back on their feet. 

Yet none of this would be possible without the help of everyone,
who now hails from this great nation of Canada to step up
and assist the VETS Canada (Veterans Emergency Transition
Service) non-profit social service association, which is 100%
volunteers, in whatever way you are able too.В As we all need
to show these brave homeless Canadian Military Veterans, who
are men and women that they are truly home.В And out of this
we can finally give back to each of these individuals a sense of
pride and respect, by helping each of them through their inner
stormy battles, as we guide them all to a safe harbor in their
Jason James Mullis
V.E.T.S. Canada-Fundraiser and Ground Support
For Vets
V.E.T.S. is a volunteer-led apolitical
nonprofit corporation (Registration # 3251960)
centralized in Nova Scotia. We aim to provide
aid and comfort to Canadian veterans that are
at risk
[email protected]
34445 Granton Line Unit A
Granton Ontario
N0M 1V0
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
Support Our Troops / Support Our Troops Run 2011
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 17
3rd Annual Support our Troops Run 2011
The Falcons MC held their 3rd Annual Support our Troops Poker
Run on Aug 20th 20011.
The day started well at the Royal Canadian Legion with a
Free breakfast – with donations going to the Children’s Wish
Foundation – a total of $500 was raised at the breakfast.
As you can well imagine this was somewhat of a dampener to
what had been a fantastic day of riding, fellowship and fundraising
for two great charities.
Riders and passengers soon started to arrive as did the MHPS
who at 10:00am told us for the first time we had to leave the
premises due to alleged transgression of Alberta Liquor and
Gaming laws(AG&L). We managed to get everyone registered
and we then departed on our run after everyone had had their
photos taken by the undercover police in attendance.
At the end of the day thanks to the Fantastic aid of The Royal
Canadian Legions in Medicine Hat, Taber, Bow Island, Vauxhall
and Redcliff, the generosity of many local Medicine Hat and
District business – who we would love to thank but fear for them
if we where to name them….
We then proceeded to various Canadian Legions in Bow Island,
Taber, Vauxhall and Redcliff where we were met with open arms
and NO police. We were served with a great lunch in Taber, a
special thanks to the staff there who moved everything outside
to accommodate us – so as not to be in contravention of the
AG&L Board.
It was then back to the Medicine Hat Legion for a free super
generously provided by the legion, the prize giving, 50/50 and
draws for some fantastic prizes donated by local Medicine Hat
We have again to thank the staff of the Medicine Hat Legion who
themselves moved everything out on to the grass in order not to
fall foul of the law and be in contravention of the AG&L Board.
A decision was taken to move back into the Legion as the temps
where in excess of 30C and it was becoming quite uncomfortable
for some who had spent a long day in the saddle in the same
temps and had put over 350 kms on their rides.
We proceeded with the prize giving, and a special thanks must
be given to Bullies Bar and Grill who very kindly donated $400
in prize money, $300 for best hand and $100 for the worst hand.
The 50/50 prize winner again agreed to donate ALL there winning
back to the fund.
We then proceeded with the door prize draw and as we were
coming to an end it was this time that the MHPS decided they
would do a show of force and put those dirty rotten bikers in
there correct place. The local organizer was summoned to the
front office of the Legion where he was met with some 20+ Police
Officers and again told that everyone had fallen foul of the laws
and if we were not out of the Legion ASAP we ALL WOULD be
arrested with obstruction of justice.
We did manage to raise over $3,000.00 for the Soldier on fund
and $500.00 for the Children’s wish Foundation.
We would also like to thank the many local riders and some
from as far away as Washington DC, Vancouver BC, Manitoba
and Montana who made this a truly fantastic day despite the
efforts of some to spoil it
We do intend to do the ride again next year come hell or
high water, and we hope we can get more support in our
endeavour’s to raise monies for those Military Veterans who
need our help and support.
From The Depths of File 13
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
A Life Long
Love Affair
A riding biography by Belt Drive
Betty AKA Renee Charbonneau
From the
Depths of
File 13
I have been asked many a
time how I came to be the
editor of the Busted Knuckle
Chronicles. I have also been
asked countless times about
why I think I have any right
to write about the motorcycle
community and where I get
my opinions and values, so I
thought I would share with you
a bit of my history….
My love affair with all things
motorized began at the tender age of two – the first time my
dad took me to the oval track in Toronto. I LOVED the sound,
the excitement. My encounter with motorcycles began around
then as my dad owned a Vincent Black Shadow. I was daddy’s
girl – his side kick and I went everywhere with dad when he
was home from whatever armed forces base he was posted to.
He often commented over his lifetime that I should have been
born his first son.
As a result, I emulated everything my father did.
I was born in 1960 on the Canadian Armed Forces base in
Churchill Manitoba (Back then it was known as the RCAF –
Royal Canadian Air Force), my father was a ground electrician
who worked on many eyes only projects. Often we would
not see him for two and three and as many as six months
depending on the posting.
My father was what you could term a guys guy, an ex
professional boxer in the George Chuvalo Stables, a
journeyman electrician, journeyman mechanic, a professional
truck driver and an avid horseman, he was what I lovingly
called the Marlborough man.
His passion for all things motorized from air craft to race cars
and motorcycles infected me. I remember at 4 years old being
taken to the Ponoka Stampede and watching a family friend
that we called “Uncle” Ted riding with the precision riding team,
Canadian Dare Devils. I was captivated. At age 9 “Uncle” Ted
drug out the 1945 Harley-Davidson that my father had used
as a young boxer in training. “Uncle” Ted was a genius with
creating things and the old Harley was dad’s medicine bike
for building lung and leg power to help his boxing career – the
motorcycle had no transmission or engine – instead “Uncle”
Ted had installed pedals and a chain. It was the heaviest but
coolest bicycle on the planet.
I was never allowed to ride a motorcycle as a kid. My mother
would let me drive a go cart, ride a horse or a skidoo but she
drew the line on motorcycles. When she and dad were dating
they had to take a very muddy rural road home to my grandma
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 18
and grandpa’s one time and when my mother covered my
dad’s eyes because she was scared and they hit the ditch, well,
you get the picture – her fear was something I was forced to
live with. The 45 Harley was the closest I would get to riding a
motorcycle for a long time.
At the age of 16, I started dating and was introduced to riding
pillion on motorcycles.
Brian Paulson was the first guy my dad trusted enough to let
me go with on a motorcycle. I did not date Brian, he was far
too old for me at 22, but my dad trusted his riding and gave in
to my begging. My mother was not told until years later and
only found out by accident. She was horrified and quite put out!
Today though, when I visit her at the old folk’s home and do so,
on my bike, well, she is pretty proud of me and the comments
from all of the other residents at her home. It’s funny how that
From the very first time I threw my leg over a motorcycle I was
HOOKED. As I began getting to know more and more people
who rode I became a fixture in the motorcycle community,
riding pillion every chance I got – no matter where my gypsy
ways took me. In the early 80’s I followed my passion for all
things motorized by becoming the crew chief of my soon to
be husband’s race car, the Green Mamba Jet Car. I met Doug
Rose at Edmonton International Speedway when I was powder
puff racing my 72 Dodge Dart Swinger.
After Doug and I divorced, my passion for motorcycles was
reignited by Ron LePoidvin. In 1986 he taught me to ride
my own, (his bike, which I later bought from him) after much
bugging and begging. My first real ride was a 1984 FXRS H-D
with a shovelhead engine. I loved riding that bike – I guess
what they say about your first is true! You never – ever forget it!
The road we lived on in Mara Lake, BC was called Rosemond
Lake Road. It had everything a beginner rider needed to
challenge oneself. A 90 degree right angle turn, a 90 degree
left, a set of railway tracks, a bridge, a bit of gravel and a dead
end and lots of lovely river side curves….
I had often wondered what the farm ladies of this community
thought of me riding –well putting, up and down this back road.
I soon found out. Elsie Kaetler, the neighbour closest to me,
invited me to drool over her husband Clarence’s 45 Indian.
Lucy Boothman showed me photos of her and her husband Ed
riding his old military Harley in the 40’s. It seemed every lady I
got to know in the area rode pillion or had ridden pillion. Elsie
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From The Depths of File 13
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
and Clarence along with a number of the local’s road with the
The average age of my friends during this period of my life
was 65 and I learned my sense of old school values from
all of them. They after all were the foundation of the riding
community. All of these ladies applauded my desire to ride
my own and they encouraged me every step of the way. I
remember talking to Elsie and Lucy about how they wished that
they could have ridden their own machines but it was so taboo
back in their time. It wasn’t all that popular in 86 either. I was
one of a very few women learning to ride in that region of BC.
Ron and I split up in 1992 and for the next few years I was
relegated to swiping rides with husbands of my friends and with
the odd date. You see I had to sell the FXRS, didn’t matter I
loved it, I had a daughter who needed a roof over her head and
to eat etc…so the bike went but not the passion.
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 19
*Parked Motorcycle Syndrome
I met my husband Mark in 2000.
He had a beautiful Road King and over the next three years he
and I shared many hours in the saddle. He used to laugh at me
because the minute he said the B word, I had boots, braces,
jacket and helmet on before he could say boo! His favourite
comment “Finally, a woman I don’t have to wait for!”
Help Is On The Way...
Belt Drive Betty’s
5th Annual Online
Mark, my “hubby”
In 2002, a home I had sold, but was carrying a second
mortgage on, was finally paid for in full by the new owner and
I was now in a situation that I could once again afford my own
bike. I bought a Sporty – for me a big mistake as I would soon
find out.
I was in a car accident in 1996 which took away my career – I
was a florist for over 25 years – it also put me into ankle braces
for life. As a result of the crash that ensued when a 17 foot
canoe came off a guy’s trailer in front of the car I was driving,
I was left with 4 compressed discs in my neck, a trapped ulnar
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Registrations begin in December,
so start digging through those
photos and looking through those
digital camera memory chips...
(But, please, don’t let the dog &
cat see those XXX shots you took
at that last poker run!)
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
From The Depths of File 13
nerve in my left elbow and some bad discs in my low back not
to mention knees that are not happy terribly often and feet that
are NEVER happy.
I bought the Sporty because I was thinking that if the new
hardware I was wearing forced me to, I could always trike it.
I found out I could ride with Active X Ankle Braces and began
riding long distances – I found that my neck would swell and I
would loose the feeling in my left hand causing cornering to be
dangerous. The vibration from the 2003 anniversary Sporty was
not doing my broken body too many favours.
I was told by the lady evaluating me for my insurance company
to find something I was passionate about and to begin writing
as working from home was going to be my only professional
future. Working in conventional office settings or at any physical
trade was not to be. One day, hubby and I were having a
hot dog and fries at a local diner when a friend asked if we
were going to the swap meet. Well, after we got over the
disappointment of not being able to leave on short notice, I saw
a coffee news paper called News in a Minute and decided that
was what our northern Alberta and BC Communities needed –
an information source. After much research I discovered there
was no weekly newsletter or newspaper to help riders connect
and find out about events.
I sold the Sporty and bought a Suzuki Volusia 800 – I LOVED
that bike. By this time I had taken a Safety Council Training
course and had begun the weekly newspaper for the riding
community called the Busted Knuckle Chronicles. I was riding
all over the place and loving every second of it. I had found my
calling. Writing and riding – promoting my community – I WAS
IN HEAVEN. I soon outgrew the Suzuki and began test riding
everything in the country to find my next bike. I rode a Victory
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 20
King Pin for 9,000 Kilometres and while I loved the feel of the
machine, Victory did not yet make hard bags or tour packs and
since I was now writing what was rapidly became a national
weekly newspaper while I was on the road at the various
events, and needed to pack electronics like a lap top with me well, I had to pass on the bike.
I finally found the bike that made my butt happy, a 2007 Street
Glide which is what I ride today. From the first minute I parked
my butt on her, I was in love. Over the last 4 seasons of riding
my glide, I have put on a respectable 80,000+ Kilometres and
attended many an event. In early 2010, Roger Goldammer sent
me an Airtime Breather Kit for my bike and I was thrilled with
how this new air breather allowed my handicapped feet a better
stance on the floorboards and to hug the tank better with my
No more did my right ankle have to rest on its side with the
brace digging into it!
Mark and I rode across Canada last year taking in 8 provinces
out of 10 – sadly we did not get to the two ride able territories.
This year. In July/August – I rode across Canada by myself in
my 2011 Share the Road Motorcycle Awareness Conga – From
Grande Prairie AB I rode to Beaver Creek Yukon Territory to
go and meet an inspiring lady rider “Buckshot Betty” Carmen
Hinsen ( her place is close to the Alaska - Yukon Border, I then
headed to Salmon Arm BC for the Sturgis Northв„ў event and
then head across the country to Cape Breton Nova Scotia and
the Thunder in the Highlands – Cape Breton Bike Fest. It was
an incredible experience, one I hope to repeat many times over
exploring other regions in Canada.
90% of the miles I put on, are on my own. In fact a few men in
Sturgis, South Dakota had a hard time believing I had ridden
there on my own, but after a week of seeing me all over the
place, but alone, they finally were made believers. I enjoy the
solitude of riding alone. When I do ride with someone else it
tends to be with my husband Mark. He is my best friend and
a very good rider. Every now and then I get him to put the
pillion pad on his Road King because I love the intimate, silent
communication between rider and passenger, but riding my
own is empowering.
In 2012, I will be riding in the Yukon, NWT, BC and Alberta
predominantly as my baby girl is getting married, I was warned
that I had best be attending the wedding in Mexico, so this
year’s Conga will concentrate on the west.
For 2013, I have committed to going to Florida and
Newfoundland – not sure how that is going to come about but it
will! I feel it.
Because of the newspaper and having been an event host for
custom motorcycle shows, I have had the pleasure of working
with some of the best motorcycle media people in the world,
people like TBear from the Horse/Backstreet Chopper, Peter
Jonsson of MCM Magazine, Dmitry from RU Riders, a Russia
Magazine, Glenn Roberts of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine
along with some of the best bike builders in the world, Chica,
Roger Goldammer, Eddie Trotta, Matt Hotch, Rick Fairless….
no matter that they are celebrities – they are all, each and
everyone one of them riders and down to earth people that I
have come to admire.
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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles
From The Depths of File 13
44th Edition • Vol. 9 • Page 21
I am a die hard rider and since 2003 have put over 160,000
With the kids of the Bike Klub and their “Bobber”, named Betty
When I was hosting custom bike shows I met the kids from the
Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub in Moncton NB
– at the time they were building bicycles. I invited them out and
sponsored some tickets etc – and they attended the Canadian
Championship of Custom Bike Building in Wembley AB.
After giving them a small push to begin building motorcycles
(introducing them to custom builders and parts manufacturers)
– they decided to name their first bike “Betty” after me. This
bobber won the Donny Peterson High School Chopper
Challenge for these kids. What an honour it was to finally get to
meet “Betty” this past summer.
I have had the pleasure of meeting powerful and empowering
female riders. There are so many inspiring, strong and
wonderful women who ride now a days, that I wished I could
mention them all, but women like Jayne Buys from Rosedale
AB and Mary Laird from Toad Rock Motorcycle Campground
in Balfour BC – Jayne and Mary were a trail blazers for women
riders here in western Canada as was Danni Stockley from
Toronto – Danni, Mary and Jayne were riding long before it
was socially acceptable and are my heroines! Amanda Lynne
Hare, also from Ontario is another woman that I have drawn
inspiration from – her background of illness and triumph is
amazing as are the women - the indomitable Brenda Fox and
Flo Fuhr. The latter two women inspire me for very similar
and yet different reasons, Brenda because of her stunt riding,
writing and the fact that she is a Breast Cancer Survivor - how
she has turned a lemon in to lemon meringue pie by helping
other Breast Cancer survivors is utterly phenomenal and Flo,
well I admire her because of her desire to support Breast
Cancer Victims via her and Donna Palladino’s Conga for Breast
Cancer Research. Flo went from being a newbie to a skilled
rider in one season by taking the Jerry “Motorman” Palladino
Training – Ride like a Pro and riding across the USA on her way
home with her new bike.
One day I intend to take a course like Jerry’s – I think that
keeping one’s skills sharp is very important and learning is a life
long endeavour!
Motorcycles and the people who ride them have been a part of
my life, all of my life and the motorcycle community is filled with
eclectic and intriguing people, which is why I am still an active
member in the community; these people excite and inspire me.
With Pastor Rob Dale of The Bikers Church
Kilometres (About 100,000 miles), hosted three major bike
shows and edit a weekly newspaper 48 times a year.
I have a busy and full life!
I will ride no matter what Mother Nature throws at me until what
she throws at me makes it unsafe to continue. I love the smells,
the visual panorama that my motorcycle (sans the “A” pillar of a
car) provides me. I love the people, the sense of adventure and
exploration and most of all I love the feeling of empowerment.
I may be “handicapped” but that has never stopped me from
pursuing my passion. Motorcycles are a life long love affair
that I have had and the affair has finally been realized in its
truest and most total of form. I can’t imagine being without
motorcycles and motorcyclists in my life, when that day comes,
it will be the day they spread my ashes in the wind so that they
can catch up to my soul.
Belt Drive Betty
AKA Renee Charbonneau, Editor
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles