NOVEMBER 2014 NEWSLETTER As we begin the month of

Evergreen United Methodist Church
1120 Evergreen Court, Wahpeton, ND 58075
Office: (701) 642-6202 Pastor Jen’s Cell: (701) 640-6619
Jen Tyler, Pastor ([email protected])
Julie McGovern, Adm. Secretary ([email protected])
Worship Times: Sundays: 10 am
Sunday School: Sundays: 9 am
As we begin the month of November, I am reminded that Thanksgiving is drawing
near, and we will soon be surrounded by outpourings of gratitude as people all over
the country prepare to gather with family or friends for a meal and time of fellowship,
and share what they are thankful for.
One of the traditions at Evergreen I already love, is our intentionality of sharing
reasons we are grateful. As you know, each week during worship we are invited to
share what we are thankful for, and we share that list in our bulletin on the third
Sunday of every month. This practice of living out and sharing our gratitude is so
Praying through that list last week reminded me of one of my favorite traditions for the
month of November. Starting on November 1, I take time to write down at least one
thing I am thankful for each day. This has become widespread via social media over
the past few years, becoming known as the “November Gratitude Challenge,” or “30
days of Gratitude.”
I have taken part in this practice for several years now, and want to invite you to join
me this year. Specifically, I hope you will join me in reflecting on unique reasons to be
grateful. We are all thankful for friends and family and a good meal. Yet I wonder: how
are we thankful in unexpected moments that catch us off guard, or take your breath
For example: why might you be grateful for screaming children, or cold weather, or
lots of traffic? What gifts await you when your plans fall through, your life is too busy,
or your house is a mess? Is there a reason to be grateful when you have to stop and
fill up that gas tank? Or stay an extra hour late at work? Or when you accidentally
burn dinner?
There is a silver lining in every circumstance, and often, those linings are blessings
waiting to be recognized. This November, I hope you will join me in celebrating my
favorite (secular) holiday of Thanksgiving not just for one day, but all month long. As
we do so, may our gratitude shape and refine us, reminding us to give thanks to God,
who gives us all things.
Pastor Jen
4 - Stewart Gripentrog
6 - Kiki Beschorner
7 - George Bassingthwaite
8 - Lana Arutyunov
9 - John & Charlene Gange*
11 - Liana Agayev
12 - Marty & Debbie Boyer*
14 - Cody Metcalf, Laura Dokken
14 - Steve & Donna Krogh*
15 - Kevin & Kathy Hudson*
17 - Trevor Stevens, Meaghan Wolfgram
18 - Hunter Rittenour
19 - Roberta Whitehead
21 - Edith Wawers, Lester Smith
22 - Kelsey Richels
23 - Bev Stone
25 - Craig Clem, Eli Clem, KrisCinda
Erickson, Kaytlyn Johnson
26 - Bonnie Beeson
(*) Denotes Anniversary
If your birthday/anniversary was not
included or is in error-please contact the
church office. Thanks!
Remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour
on Saturday, November 1 - Daylight
Saving Time ends!
An Ecumenical
Thanksgiving Celebration
Sponsored by the
Richland/Wilkin Ministerial
Tuesday, Nov. 25, 7 pm
Breckenridge Lutheran Church
Breckenridge, MN
Message: Father Dale Lagodinski, St. John’s
Ecumenical Bell Choir
Refreshments and Fellowship afterwards
All Loose Donations will be to
support the local Food Pantry.
All Individual Church Envelope Donations will
be directed back to the church of origin.
On All Saints Sunday, November 2nd,
we will be honoring the memory of the loved
ones who have been friends and members of
our church family. We invite you to join our 10
am, service of celebration and remembrance,
as we lift up the lives of those persons who
have entered into eternal glory in the past
New this year - the service will be
broadcast on local cable channel 12
for those unable to attend.
During the month of November, we are collecting granola/cereal
bars (individually wrapped any flavor) for the Back Pack Project ONE THING.
Totes are located in the Fellowship Hall for your donations.
Let’s fill those totes
In October we collected 304 pudding cups!
No one has ever become
poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank
The Worship Committee would like to invite you and
your family to come and decorate our church for the
Advent & Christmas season on Sunday, November
23rd. We will begin following the worship service
(lunch will be provided).
Our Annual Charge Conference
meeting will be Sunday, Nov. 16
following the 10 am, Worship
Service. We will begin with a
potluck meal followed by the
meeting. All members and
friends of Evergreen UMC are
encouraged to attend this yearly
Interested in becoming a member or learning more
about Evergreen UMC? Plan to join us for our new
members class! We will meet at 6pm on Tuesday
evenings beginning November 11. Contact Pastor Jen
for more information.
EUMC Children’s Ministry
November is now upon us and we are busy practicing for our Christmas program, which will be
on December 14th during the 10AM worship service. Our attendance has been down and we
are missing those of you who have not been here to spend Sunday morning with us. We will
continue to meet in the back of the fellowship hall until the Chapel is repaired. We meet every
Sunday from 9-9:50 AM, join us for music, fellowship and lots of fun!
Important Dates:
No Sunday school: November 30
Christmas Program: December 14
No Sunday school: December 21, 28, January 4
EUMC Youth News
The Wahpeton/Breckenridge United Methodist Youth Group meets every Wednesday
evening from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. We have a lot of fun and interesting activities planned for our
youth that we hope will help them grow in their faith, encourage them to build relationships, and
enhance their spirituality. Everyone is welcome to bring a friend!
November - December 2014 Schedule
11/02/2014 -- meet after church to discuss November 11th meal at ComDel.
11/05/2014 – Day of Hope, Blikre Activity Center, NDSCS – 7:00 PM
11/11/2014 – Fundraising meal at ComDel to be served from 11-1.
11/12/2014 – Meet at Evergreen
11/19/2014 – Meet at Breckenridge – Thanksgiving Trivia
11/26/2014 – No Youth Group
12/03/2014 – Meet at Evergreen
12/10/2014 – Meet at Evergreen
12/17/2014 – Meet at Evergreen – Christmas Party
12/24/2014 – No Youth Group
12/31/2014 – No Youth Group
If you have any concerns or questions, please text me
or call me at 701-640-0328, or email me at
[email protected]
Last Saturday ( October 25) was the annual Bazaar at Evergreen United
Methodist Church and what a great day it was!! We could not ask for a much
better day and the communities’ support was great. There were many
enthusiastic shoppers and luncheon guests. God seemed to be ever present in the
greetings and smiles all around. It was good to see all the familiar faces who
“would never miss” our Bazaar.
We had many nice craft and sewing projects. It was so good to see all the shelves
filled with all those delicious homemade baked items in Grandmas Pantry. The
luncheon guests were looking forward to the delicious lunch and the
mouthwatering pies.
So far we have taken in about $5,000 before expenses. These monies will be a
blessing for several local Mission Projects such as the Christmas Kids Project,
camps scholarships, and other local as well as global ministry projects.
The next UMW meeting will be Nov 13th at 7:00pm. Denise Eastin will have the
lesson on “Human Trafficking” There will also be installation of officers for the
coming year. Hostesses will be Hope Circle.
World Thank Offering will be taken in the individual circle meetings during the
month of November.
The Program Books for the new year are being prepared and should be ready
Nov. 11 Joy Circle meets at 7:00pm
Nov. 18 Hope Circle meets at 9:30am and Sunshine Circle at 1:30 pm
God--forgive me when I continually ask for things and forget to Praise You for
them. Your generosity is more than I deserve. Amen
Thought for the day: Recall it as often as you wish. A happy memory never
wears out. Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving.
Bev Stone: Communications
Harris Bailey will be going to Haiti with the Solar Oven Project November 13-24,
Prayers for the team
Money for Solar Ovens (write checks to
Evergreen UMC)
Donate for children’s hospital the
Underwear/socks for children
Medicine - especially:
Children’s Tylenol
Children's ibuprofen
Children’s Benadryl tablets
Triple antibiotic ointment
Silvadene ointment (burns)
Hydrocortisone cream
1/2” rolls of adhesive tape
Gauze pads (2x2” or 4x4”)
Eye drops
All items need to be brought to Evergreen by Sunday, November 9th.
Monetary donations are also welcome - Fern Bailey is willing to shop for you if
you prefer.
Trustees Update:
Update on chapel:
After some extra work to get bids approved by our
insurance company, we are finally making progress on the
repairs in the Zion Chapel following the August 4 fire.
Temporary heat has been set up in the building to prevent
pipes from freezing as colder weather sets in, and as soon as
we are given the final approval from the insurance company,
other repairs will be underway. We are hoping that work can
begin this month.
A few repairs are also underway in our main building,
including replacing the heat pump compressor that heats the
offices and entryway of Evergreen UMC. This is the last of the
heat pumps that needed to be replaced over the past several
years, and is going to cost $6751.60. If you would like to
contribute to this unexpected expense, please make checks
payable to Evergreen UMC with “heat pump” in the memo
Thank you to everyone who
worked and contributed in any
way to our Fall Bazaar. Your
prayers, time, groceries,
crafts, donations and baked
goods make it a huge
success. We made just over
LIBRARY-November 2014
The following books have been purchased and donated by UMW. These are some of the new
Reading Course books for 2015. They can be read by anyone. Perhaps you would like to pick
one up on Sunday morning, or if you are here during the week, Julie can help you. They are on
the north wall in the library.
UP- a mother and daughter’s peakbaggin adventure.
A GIRL CALLED PROBLEM-Thirteen-year-old Shida whose name means “problem” in Swahili
has a lot of problems in her life.
SUM IT UP –Pat is a remarkable, leader, lady and coach. (“one of the best of all time”)
TOUGH COOKIES-“How well do we trust out leader?” A National survey says nearly two-thirds
of Americans think there is a leadership crisis in our country.
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO DINNER? –“This can be a great help and comfort to parents who
are looking to make their family mealtimes more satisfying, more regular, more meaningful,
more tasty.”
BULLY.COM -Jun Li is a brilliant student, more comfortable around computers than people.
The principal accuses him of a cyber bullying incident. To prove his innocence, Jun has seven
days to track down the true culprit.
RETURN TO SENDER –Mari feels torn between her Mexican roots and her new life in
BEHIND THE KITCHEN DOOR “This book will leave readers angry at the injustices detailed
within, queasy about eating out, and much better tippers.”
HELP THANKS WOW –Three simple prayers to get you through tough times and everyday
PRAYING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE-is a guide to productive prayer.
THE CALL; Living Sacramentally,Walking Justly.- This study is a “how to manual” for people
interested in growing spiritually and engagement in mission.
YOU RAISE ME UP - is a story on endurance, survival, tenacity, perseverance and a people
choosing death rather than giving up their Christianity.
THE TRUE COST OF LOW PRICES- Low prices that benefit first-world consumers often put
the poor at even greater risk.
Annetta Nies, Librarian
Non-Profit Organization
US Postage Paid
Permit No. 89
Wahpeton, ND 58075
Join us for our
November sermon
series on
“Surprising Gifts!”
November 2
“Surprising Saints”
November 9
“A Surprising Difference”
November 16
“Surprising Transformation”
November 23 Stewardship Sunday
“Surprising Gratitude”
Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is
like wrapping a present and not giving it.
~ William A. Ward
Sometime we complain that God put thorns
on roses. Yet others will rather say that
God is good to have placed roses among
the thorns. In both cases we shall however
be thankful for the roses. ~ Kurt Avish
If the only prayer you said in your whole life
was, “thank you,” that would suffice.
~Meister Eckhart
God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds
today. Have you used one to say “thank
you?” ~ William A. Ward