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December 2014 - Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church

December 2014
A monthly publication of Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church
For to us a child is born, to us
a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be
called Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God, Everlasting
Father, Prince of
Isaiah 9:6
Advent Comes to Adult Ed
ADVENT REDUX: re-dux: brought back; revived
Join us for four Sundays of discovering the dimensions of hope through a variety
of lenses.
November 30: Hope through forgiveness and grief in the studies of educational
psychologists Robert Enright and Mary Hansen, and theologians Nicholas
Wolterstorff and Glenn Davidson
December 7: Hope through the music of the soul, by exploring the theological,
historical, and pastoral implications of the Scriptures that make up
Handel's Messiah.
December 14: Hope through the eye of scientist John Polkinghorne, in his book
Living With Hope:A Scientist Looks at Advent, Christmas & Epiphany. His work is
summarized, In these refreshingly unconventional meditations, scientist John
Polkinghorne connects the perspectives of science and religion in honest and
thoughtful reflections for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany.
Giving new meaning to the penitence of Advent and the hope
of the Christian faith, he considers God's ultimate purposes
along with scientific knowledge of the fate of the universe.
December 21: Hope through art and architecture and a DVD
tour to Paris to visit the Gothic cathedral Ste. Chappelle. Its
magnificence resides primarily in its 6,458 square feet of
stained glass windows, surrounded by delicate painted
stonework. The windows are in deep reds and blues, and
illustrate 1,130 figures from the Bible.
Hope restored, awakened, revealed, reborn……the subject of
our time together on Advent Sundays at 10:45, taught by
Rev. Shirley Funk.
Your Building and Grounds Committee has been
hard at work this year. Here is Catherine Michel's
report from the church service on Sunday
November 9th.
I have been a member of Rolling Bay Presbyterian
Church for over 30 years, through many different
situations - in my life and in the life of our
congregation. I care greatly about this place and I
am very happy to be a part of what feels to me like
its awakening from hibernation. I feel a great sense
of optimism and confidence among our
Congregation members.
From a Building and Grounds perspective, we have
the responsibility of caring for a facility of
approximately 42,000 sq. ft. - about the size of 18
average BI homes - on 5 1/2 acres, including
90,000 sq. ft. of parking lot. We care for this huge
infrastructure with one custodian, and a group of
dedicated volunteers including the Tuesday morning
men's group, the B&G committee, and members of
the congregation, as well as growing list of local
contractors - see the list on the hall bulletin board.
In our church, maintenance and capital improvements
require ongoing funding as well as volunteered time. The
B&G committee realizes how important it is to leverage our
money and make it go a long way. In the past year we have;
through both creative problem solving and about 60 hours of
volunteered time each week by church members and friends.
Also, some local contractors have given of their time. For
example, the contractor who was hired to remove two
diseased trees came back the following day with a shipping
container sized truck and loaded it full of yard waste from
our property. When asked how much we owed him for that
service he said, "Well, God doesn't invoice me so I won't
invoice you". One of many timely blessings! And there have
been many this year......
What I really want you to know is that while some
improvements and repairs are seen, there are also many
things that are unseen.
Examples in the SEEN category are:
• new carpet in all of the most-used areas of our facility
• a newly furnished small group meeting room - the
Centennial Room
• new window treatment, art, and fireplace insert in
the Fireside Room
• freshly sealed and striped parking lots
• a garden patio in progress
• sanctuary light fixture
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Poinsettia Sale Starts November 30th
Each Christmas season RBPC offers a poinsettia sale to help beautify the
sanctuary and raise funds to support our Souper Suppers ministry. Please
stop by the deacon's table in the Narthex before of after service
November 30th, December 7th or 14th and order your flowers in memory
or honor of someone you love. The cost is $15/plant and you may take
home following Christmas service or donate for delivery to folks who
could use a little extra cheer! For more information, please contact Gregg
Adkins at 206-780-2161.
But it's that UNSEEN category which contains a lot of the
unglamorous but essential ongoing maintenance of our facilities:
• a pull down stair to access the furnaces above the Narthex
• a new storm drain system beneath the back yard
• trees and shrubs pruned
• grounds weeded
• three huge underground hornets' nests - gone
• window with broken seals - replaced
• tuned up lawnmowers, repaired furniture, organized
storage spaces,
• fixed doors, moved cabinets, painted walls, cleared
Things look like they have always been that way but only because
of UNSEEN efforts
Looking ahead to 2015 - Some things included in the B&G
proposed budget:
• better directional signage
• improved handrails and ADA access to our building
• roof repairs
• painting of at least the South side of our buildings
• applying for a PSE grant to improve our lighting efficiency
I feel a growing enthusiasm and energy among our Congregation.
Thank you all for the support you give our church. I think we are
on a roll - interesting and amazing things are happening - let's
keep up the good work! God has indeed blessed us!
Therefore the Lord himself will
give you a sign: The virgin will be
with child and will give birth to a
son, and will call him Immanuel.
Isaiah 7:14
The Giving Tree
Please join us in the spirit of Christmas by donating a gift to those in need, distribution of these gifts will be under the auspices of Helpline
Food : Gifts of food (or money for food) support the food bank.
1) Donating money for food is an even greater assit to the helpline Food Bank, for each dollar received, Helpline can buy $3.00 worth of
2) Canned or packaged food items can be deposited in a box near the Giving Tree.
Presents: Gifts for children support the Helpline Holiday Shop
1) Take a tag from the tree with a gift idea written on the back, purchase the gift.
2) Return it unwrapped with a tag attached.
3) Place gift in the basket under the table.
If you have any questions, call Deacons Joyce Lauritsen (phone 206-780-2520), cell(206-412-2429) or Judy Sircoloumb (Phone 206-7801429).
Youth Group
Don’t Forget:
*Sign for the Rolling Bay Youth Group Facebook;
Jim sends out weekly devotionals, inspired by
Dear Youth and Parents, Okay, Important Stuff happening!!!!
HOUSE Youth Group 6th-12th Grade: 5:00 – 7:30; COME AND ONE AND
ALL. 8527 Hansen Rd. BI. Cell Jimbo 206 920-0032
2. Our Annual Youth Retreat is January 23-25: Island Lake
-Ropes Course -Amazing food-Motocross Bike Course-Paint Ball!
Jim Wellman, Youth Director
If you have questions or want to help out contact: -Cost: $130, but scholarships are available, talk to Jimbo; [email protected]; 206 920 0032!!! Call or TEXT me!
Jim Wellman, youth director by email, [email protected], or by cell, 206 920-0032, -Friends are EXPECTED SO INVITE THEM, GREAT BONDING TIME – PUT
or Christine Brevick, Youth Volunteer Coordinator, THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR DON’T MISS IT!!!!!
[email protected], and at church, 842-3098.
3. We have replaced our old furniture (which we found to be quite dirty
when we moved it to put in the new carpet!!!!!) This is due to the
generosity of one of our church members!!!! Thank you very much!!!!! COME
4. YOUTH WORKCAMP 2015!!! Cle Elum, Wa. June 26th- July 1st, 2015,
Junior & Senior HighAges 12+. The total payment per youth is ONLY $300
total this year; please give Jimbo or Christine a registration check made
out to Rolling Bay Youth Mission to secure your spot! Scholarships are
available, see Jimbo! BTW, WE WILL ONLY TRAVEL BY VANS THIS TIME!!!!
We will be doing home repair this year but for a shorter time span, giving
kids who have trouble getting away a better chance to go. The last two
days of the trip we will to Lake Chelan to play, swim, ski, maybe a houseboat and maybe a little white water rafting!
We will be serving at the foot of Snoqualmie Pass, and bounded by national forest, Cle Elum is a cool escape for many in the summertime. Gentle breezes sing through pine-scented forests. Clear mountain streams
teem with trout. And picturesque totem poles punctuate the landscape.
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Youth Schedule
Just a few miles from the school, the nearby town
of Roslyn is where the TV series “Northern Exposure” was once filmed. It’s all there— The Brick and
But the situation is vastly different in the winter.
Harsh mountain winds drive heavy Northwest
snows against inadequate housing stock. The timber, mining, and tourism industries lag behind the
economic recovery—and many families struggle to
make ends meet.
You might meet someone like Amber. Her son Joseph’s father disappeared soon after he was born.
She is struggling to raise Joseph alone, while holding down a low-paying job and attending classes at
the local community college. After the mortgage,
food, and medical care for Joseph, there is nothing
left for home maintenance. Paint peels. There are
broken floorboards on her front porch.
-11.30 Sunday Night Youth Group 7th-12th Grade: 6:00-7:30
Youth Group Reunion: Former Youth, Georgia and others are
coming, come, celebrate, and share!!
-12.5-6 Help with Bethlehem Experience 6:00-8:30pm! Sign up and
have a blast!!!
-12.7: Sunday: Bremerton Foodline: 11:30am to 3:30pm. Meet at
church at 11:30 am! We will bring our Xmas gifts!1600 12th St,
Bremerton, WA 98337.
WELLMAN’S HOUSE Youth Group 6th-12th Grade: 5:00 – 7:30pm.
COME AND ONE AND ALL. 8527 Hansen Rd. BI.
Cell Jimbo 206 920-0032
-12.21 NO Sunday Night Youth Group 7th-12th Grade
-12.28 NO Sunday Night Youth Group 7th-12th Grade
-1.4: NO Sunday Night Youth Group 7th -12th Grade
You can be a breath of fresh air in this beautiful
mountain town this summer. Come to Cle Elum and
change lives.
-1.11: Sunday: Youth Group (7th – 12th grade) 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Guest
Program Leader: Christine Rolfes will speak, she is our Washington
State Senator for the 23rd Legislative District.
God bless each one of you!!!
-1.18: Sunday: Youth Group (7th – 12th grade) 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
Finals Preparation Sunday: Good food, good study and good
Bethlehem Experience
Welcoming Our New Members
It is time to rejoice and enjoy our Christmas gift to our
community! On Friday, Dec. 5 and Saturday, Dec. 6
from 6-8:30 p.m. our
church will once again
present Bethlehem
Experience, a drivethrough 1st century
village. Visitors from all
over the area will come to
our church grounds and
experience the very first
Please welcome our new members into the RBPC family!
It is not too late to sign up
and join the fun! There are
still volunteer needs in many areas. Just contact the
Bethlehem Experience team at
[email protected] and we will
help find a spot that is right for you. There is also a signup link on the Bethlehem Experience page of the church
web site. Please dress warmly for the event and
remember that a light dinner will be provided.
In the final days before the event, please help spread
the word to family, friends and neighbors. Use the
business cards that were distributed and, if you are on
social media, post the information (or even a photo of
yourself at Bethlehem Experience from last year) and
invite friends to come see what it is all about. For many
people, the personal touch is key to putting an event on
their calendar. And, remember, this is a drive-through
event, so visitors can enjoy it from the comfort of their
vehicle at their convenience.
Doug & Linda Christian, 1816 Eagle harbor Lane NE, Bainbridge island, WA
98110, come t Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church via Letter of Transfer from
University City United Church in San Diego, CA, where they were members for
over 30 years while raising their family and working. Doug and Linda moved to
BI full-time after they retired in 2008, having spent several prior years splitting
their time north and south. They keep busy volunteering with their Home
Owner’s Association and with Island Volunteer Caregivers. They have sung int
eh RBPC choir since January 2014. They are enjoying exploring the PNW, and
they travel to visit their two grown children and their families in CA several
times a year.
Peter & Susan Corning, Vineyard Lane, Bainbridge, come to us by Letter of
Transfer from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California. They moved from
California to San Juan Island, where they owned an organic market farm for ten
years. Two years ago, they moved to Bainbridge to be closer to their children
and grandchildren, all of whom live in Seattle. Peter is a former college
professor and now directs a research institute. Susan is a retired management
consultant. Their special interests include hiking, gardening, and a variety of
community service endeavors.
Ted & Iris Eimon, 9911 NE Knight Road, Bainbridge Island, were both born and
raised in Japan as missionary kids, attended college in the U.S., then worked in
Hawaii and Miami before moving back to Japan for work. They lived in
California for 20+ years before moving to Bainbridge in 2012. They have three
sons in college: Two in California and one in Boston.
Gwen Gray, 23486 Heathrow Pl NW, Poulsbo, WA comes to us by Letter of
Transfer from Mountain View Presbyterian Church, Scottsdale, AZ. Gwen is
married to her high school sweetheart Don, both from Canada, and they have
two sons, Scott and Brent as we as two daughter-in-law, Kasey and Eleanor. To
round out the family they are grandparents to Dylan, Avery and Reese. Gwen’s
spare time is spent with her family, trying her hand at watercolor painting and
being an active member of the Girl Scouts.
Gary & Jackie Harrington, P.O. Box 10555, Bainbridge Island, moved to
Winslow in 2012 to be near family (3 grandchildren) after retiring from jobs in
Monterey County California. Gary worked in soils testing and Jackie was a
resource specialist for the Monterey County Visually-Impaired Program. They
have 2 daughters; Alisa of Salina, California and Amy of Bainbridge island, living
for a few years in Honolulu, Hawaii. Granddaughter Madison attends college in
Tacoma, Washington and grandchildren Annika and Quinn live in Honolulu,
Hawaii. The dog, Amber, runs the household. Besides walking the dog, Jackie
likes culinary arts, sewing, and visiting with family and friends, and Gary likes
sports and gardening. They previously attended Presbyterian churches in
Monterey County, California.
Stewardship Notes
Session Highlights
Our annual pledge drive is in full swing now, and we
thank all of you who have already made your pledges
to help sustain the church financially in 2015! But
Christian stewardship also demands that we
contribute our time an talents as best we are able, and
there is no better time of year to observe those
contributions than the Christmas season. So we also
thank all of you, literally HUNDREDS among our
Congregation, who are generously providing your skills
and effort to our Advent and Christmas programs
including services and music, to our annual Bethlehem
Experience celebration, to the missions that will aid
the people of our own community and nearby areas,
and to all of the "routine" requirements of keeping our
facilities and ministries on track. The Stewardship
Committee thanks you, and wishes you God's blessings
and Merry Christmas!
Highlighted below are items of interest coming out of
the October and November Session meetings.
Session voted in nine new members to Rolling Bay
membership. Members were presented to the
congregation on November 16.
Community and Spiritual Formation Committee
reported that $653 was raised at the Crop Walk.
Also reported that the Interfaith Council Annual
Thanksgiving worship service will be hosted by
Rolling Bay on Tuesday, November 25.
Missions Committee stated the fundraising goal
for the Merida Mission Trip was met. Six or more
will be traveling to Mexico, but 12 to 14 is an ideal
number to participate in this trip.
The Finance Committee stated that though
donations are down a little, underspending by
committees has allowed us to keep on track for
staying within budget.
The Congregational Life Committee introduced a
new ministry for members of our congregation
undergoing a significant life change. A candle,
along with 30 days of Scripture readings, will be
presented to the affected individual or family to
affirm our church’s support during their trying
The finance committee would like to thank all of you for keeping your pledges up to date. Below
is our current income and expenses through October along with the anticipated amounts at this
point in the year followed by the annual budgeted amount.
Actual Income
Anticipated Income
$411, 196
2014 Pledged Income
Actual Expenses
Estimated Expenses
$402, 460
2014 Budgeted Expenses
Thank you again for continuing your pledges and giving to Rolling Bay. May
God bless you as the New Year comes upon us.
Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church
PO Box 131
Rolling Bay, WA 98061
Christmas Eve
7:00 & 10:00 pm
Traditional Christmas Music
Non-Profit Organization
Bainbridge Island, WA
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