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The Messenger - Richmond Congregational Church

Richmond Congregational Church  March 2015
1801 - 2015
The Richmond Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, is an Open, Welcoming and Affirming Church
Sunday Worship 10:00 AM September-June, 9:00 AM July & August • Sunday School & Nursery care provided
Reflections From the Pastor
Dear Friends in Christ,
SUNDAY, March 8th
at 2:00am.
Don’t forget to set your
clocks AHEAD ONE
Church Office Hours
Regular office hours
for the Administrative
Assistant are:
•Tuesday - Thursday
from 8:30am - 3:00pm.
Please feel free to leave
a message whenever
the office is not open
and we will get back to
you as soon as possible.
Phone at (802) 4342053 or email: [email protected]
Pastor Katelyn’s
Office Hours:
•Monday: Day Off
9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Church Office
9:30-11:00am at
Sweet Simone’s
3:30-5:30 PM
Church Office
Pastor Katelyn is
also available by
appointment. Please call
the church office (802)
434-2053 or email:
[email protected] to
schedule a meeting.
On a very cold Ash Wednesday, our church offered “Ashes to
Go” for the first time in the Richmond Town Center Parking lot
in the morning and later in the day in front of the Richmond
Market. Ashes to Go is part of a nationwide movement. Though
the air was chilly, I was warmed by the several interactions
I had with people. People who stopped to receive ashes
included church members who could not attend the Ash Wednesday Service,
people on their way to or from work, a couple new to the area, parents with a
young child who saw the ad on Front Porch Forum but knew they couldn’t make
it to an evening service, an elderly Catholic woman returning from a doctor’s
appointment, and several others who were curious.
In the morning at the Town Center, one of our Deacons, Ingrid, also joined me. We
waved to the cars and school buses passing on Bridge Street. Next year, I think we
should also have free coffee. Though Ash Wednesday is often a somber occasion
marking the start of Lent, it was incredibly joyful to talk to people, wave to them,
and offer them a ritual blessing and reminder to seek God’s way. If this isn’t
spreading the Good News, I’m not sure what is!
A recent article published in the Hartford Courant, “How Often Do We Go To
Church? In New England, Not That Much,” cites that New England has among the
lowest rates of church attendance in the United States, according to a 2014 Gallup
Poll. Vermont occupies the number one spot on that list with an estimated 17%
of the population attending church regularly, compared to 20% in Maine and New
Hampshire and 22% in Massachusetts. Critics of the survey suggest that even
these numbers are inflated! How do you respond to these numbers? As a pastor,
this just reinforces my belief that people need to know, see and hear why we, in all
of our diversity of opinions and experiences and backgrounds, chose to be a part
of a faith community like RCC.
Making faith relevant is not a new conversation. Jesus’ ministry centered on
reaching and teaching people using parables, stories, and lessons from their
common experiences. I wonder, where do you find places of resonance or
dissonance between your life, the life of our congregation and your relationship
with the Holy? How can we make our faith more visible in the Richmond
community? What could we do to encourage and empower each other in these
efforts? Lent is the ideal time to delve into such questions together.
As we continue through this Lenten season, I pray that God, who fashioned us
each from dust, be made more relevant and real to you.
See you in Church,
Re-Lent 2015 Lent
What Lent is really
all about?
Lent: a 40-day journey to the
grand finale of our faith on Easter
Make every day count with ReLent: 2015 Lent Devotional
written by The Stillspeaking
Writers' Group. The booklet is
comprised of daily devotionals
with Scripture verses and prayers
taking you from Ash Wednesday,
February 18th to Easter Day,
April 5th. Your journey will be
full of twists and turns, highs
and lows—and a brand new
perspective on Lent.
You will find copies on the table
in the Parlor. A suggested $4.00
donation to cover the cost of the
booklet is appreciated, but not
Altar Flower
Thank You Celebration
For Duane LaRose
After 15 years of faithful
service as our church Sexton,
Duane has submitted his letter
of resignation A celebration
to honor his years of service
will be held on Sunday, March
8th following our morning
worship service. All are invited
to gather for this special
This Newsletter is printed on
30% post-consumer stock!
Please recycle.
Don’t forget
to visit us on
Facebook at www. “Like
Us” and we will keep you
Please let Pastor
Katelyn or the church
office know if someone
is ill, hospitalized or in
need of a visit.
The deacons
would like to give
Church members
the opportunity
to honor a special person(s)
in their life by providing a
bouquet of fresh flowers for
the altar for Sunday Services.
These can be bought from a
florist or picked from your
garden. A sign-up sheet has
been placed in the parlor and
the contributor and who they
are honoring or remembering
will be published in the
weekly bulletin.
The Messenger  March 2015 - Page 2
Mark Your Calendar Now For These Events During the Lenten Season!
Lectionary in Lent
Bible Study
Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 AM
Pastor Katelyn’s Office
March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Lent is the perfect time to
engage in spiritual renewal.
Together let’s deepen our
understanding of our sacred
Biblical texts as we discuss the
Lectionary scriptures assigned
for each Sunday in Lent. Come
to one session, or come to all.
Greening Our Faith,
Greening Our Lives Film
March 12, and March 26 from
6:00-8:00 PM in RCC Fellowship
• 6:00 PM Simple Soup Supper
• 6:30-8:00 PM Movie and
• February 26th Movie: The
Wisdom to Survive: Climate
Change, Capitalism and
Climate change is here. Will we
Wednesday Lenten Vesper have the wisdom to survive?
Services at the United
The film features thought
Church of Hinesburg
leaders and activists in the
realms of science, economics
We are invited to join the
and religion discussing how we
United Church of Hinesburg
can evolve and take action in
for traditional Vesper services
the face of climate disruption.
during the season of Lent each
Interviewed: Bill McKibben,
Wednesday at 7:00pm. Each
Joanna Macy, Roger Payne,
service will consist of selected
Herschelle Milford, Quincy
Psalms and hymns, a scripture
reading, a brief reflection, a time Saul, and more.
for prayer, and Communion.
Discussion led by Betsy Hardy,
Each service runs about half
Vermont Interfaith Power and
an hour and will focus on one
of the last encounters of Jesus.
• March 12th Movie: “Going
Services will be held at the
Green” segment from the
United Church of Hinesburg,
movie Renewal
10570 Vermont 116, Hinesburg,
In New Jersey, GreenFaith, an
interfaith coalition helps houses
• March 4, 2015 – “Judas” Rev.
of worship make their buildings
Katelyn Macrae, preaching
more environmentally sound
• March 11, 2015 – “Pilate” Rev. and the members of their
Jared Hamilton, preaching
congregations more spiritually
in tune with becoming better
• March 18, 2015 – “The
stewards of Creation. From
Soldiers” Rev. Katelyn
workshops that invite people
Macrae, preaching
to explore their personal
• March 25, 2015 – “The
impact on the environment, to
Criminals” Rev. Jared
implementing recycling and
Hamilton, preaching
on up to the
installation of
solar panels,
congregations in
New Jersey are
making remarkable strides. As
GreenFaith’s Executive Director
says, “The hardest thing about
taking action is sometimes just
taking the first step.”
Discussion led by Peter Swaine,
former Director of Sourcing,
Seventh Generation
• March 26 - Energy Efficiency,
Renewable Energy &
Greening Your Home
Movie: TBA
Join in a lively discussion about
the benefits and challenges
of living more sustainably in
Vermont, both in our homes
and as a congregation. Have
a solar panel success story to
share? Thinking about heat
pumps, wood pellet stoves, a
home energy audit or starting
a compost pile? Whether your
changes are big or small, it
makes a difference y’all!
Discussion led by Chris Schuft,
RCC member and Betsy Hardy,
Vermont Interfaith Power and
Holy Week and Easter
Worship Schedule
Palm Sunday Service
Sunday, March 29th - 10:00am
with Palms and Palm Sunday
Brunch to follow worship
Lenten Events, continued on page 4
The Messenger  March 2015 - Page 3
Lenten Events, continued from page 3
Maundy Thursday Service
Thursday, April 2nd - 7:00pm
worship service to include a
remembrance of Jesus' last
supper, betrayal, and arrest
Good Friday Ecumenical
Friday, April 3rd - 7:00pm
worship with the Williston
Federated Church, at RCC
Easter Sunrise Service
Sunday, April 5th - 7:00am at
Volunteers’ Green bandstand
followed by a light breakfast
served at RCC
Easter Sunday Service
Sunday, April 5th - 10:00am
with the church choir singing
Peace Vigil
Join us every
Thursday evening
from 5:30-6:00pm.
We have been
holding a vigil for peace on the
front porch or the front lawn of
the church since the beginning
of Lent in 2005.
It is a very informal meeting.
People bring a candle to light
and often something in the way
of readings and prayers. If you
are concerned about the current
state of the world and would like
a place to gain some peace of
mind, maybe you would like to
join us.
All are welcome!
One Great Hour Of
Sharing Offering Will Be
Received On Sunday,
March 15th
The One Great Hour of Sharing
(OGHS) special mission
offering of the United Church
of Christ involves you in
disaster, refugee/immigration,
and development ministries
throughout the world. When a
disaster strikes or people are
displaced or made refugees by
violence or extreme poverty,
you are part of the immediate
response and of the long-term
recovery. Through OGHS you
engage in holistic development
programs including health care,
education, agriculture, food
sustainability, micro-financing
and women’s empowerment.
Because the UCC relates in
mutual partnership to churches
and organizations through
Global Ministries and worldwide
response & recovery networks,
your contributions to One Great
Hour of Sharing put you in the
right place at the right time for
the relief, accompaniment and
recovery of the most vulnerable.
You meet immediate needs
and you address the underlying
causes that create those needs
in the first place.
Thank you for your generous
The RCC Book Discussion Group
The group has chosen
"The Faster I Walk, the
Smaller I Am", a Norwegian
Literature Series by Kjersti
A. Skomsvold and translated
by Kerri A. Pierce for our
next book.
Mathea Martinsen has
never been good at dealing
with other people. After
a lifetime, her only real
accomplishment is her
longevity: everyone she reads
about in the obituaries has
died younger than she is
now. Afraid that her life will
be over before anyone knows
that she lived, Mathea digs
out her old wedding dress,
bakes some sweet cakes,
and heads out into the
world—to make
her mark. She
buries a time
capsule out in the yard. (It
gets dug up to make room
for a flagpole.) She wears her
late husband’s watch and
hopes people will ask her for
the time. (They never do.) Is
it really possible for a woman
to disappear so completely
that the world won’t notice
her passing? The Faster I
Walk, the Smaller I Am is a
macabre twist on the notion
that life “must be lived to the
We will meet on Wednesday.
March 18th at 7pm, place to
be determine. New members
always welcome!
The Messenger  March 2015 - Page 4
Church Night
at Cochran's
Ski Area Friday
March 6th
Richmond Congregational Church 20/20 Team
Mission Statement and Vision
Come and enjoy
skiing under the
lights, great
friends and a
yummy dinner
on Friday night March 6th at
Cochran's Ski Area.
Time: 5pm to 8pm
The RCC Council is looking to
form a team of about six to eight
RCC members/participants/
contributors/supporters of all ages
to develop our Mission Statement.
This will be one or two sentences
that articulate “who we are today.”
Refining our Mission will lead us
to defining our Vision of “what
are we striving for?” Then we
can begin to plan how we move
forward to achieve our Vision.
From Jim Thomas, UCC
Conference Minister:
The RCC 20/20 Team will:
- Be trained by Connie VanEegan
on the Mission, Vision and Plan
- Meet, poll and communicate
with members, participants,
contributors and supporters to
determine RCC’s Mission (What
we are called to do?).
- Create a Mission Statement
that can be articulated by all
- A maximum of two sentences.
Lift ticket Price: $5.00 (if
you do not have a pass) FREE
for Richmond residents with
“Visioning is crucial. It points you
to the mission and ministries you
are called to do. And it makes a
gateway for others to join you.”
- Present Mission Statement to
Council and congregation.
Cost for dinner: $12 adults
and $6 kids. The menu will
be posted
on Front
Porch Forum
closer to the
date or visit
website at: for
more information about this
wonderful local ski area!
Visioning is:
Please contact any member of the
Council with questions regarding
this team or process. Everyone
interested will be considered and
Council will determine the RCC
20/20 Team composition.
Hope to see you all there for
a fun evening!
- Intentional work to find your
congregation’s voice.
- To find the thing (or things) that
a large enough core group of the
congregation feels passionately
about; enough to be willing
to take time and talent and
treasure from their already busy
lives to support.
- It’s living into your future as a
missional church.
- It’s joyfully and expectantly
being about God’s work.
RCC Sunday Driver Schedule for March
Dave Thomas
Ingrid Cichoski
Ray Houston
Martha Alexander
Dave/Jacky Estes
Choir Sings
Ensemble Choir
- Commit to three to six months to
complete this work.
If you are interested in being
involved with this work or know
of someone who may be interested
please contact me directly.
In faith,
Ed Roberts
P: 434-4481, E: [email protected]
Check out Rev. Katelyn's
Pastor's blog at http://
com/. You can also connect
through a link on the church
website at
using the Pastor's Blog and
Sermon link!
The Messenger  March 2015 - Page 5
New Supper
At the Annual
Meeting, I
mentioned that the Vermont
Old Cemetery Association has
booked Fellowship Hall for
Saturday, October 3rd and was
wondering if we had a group of
folks who would be interested
in preparing lunch (for a fee)
for their meeting. They are
expecting about 35 people.
We no longer have a Supper
Committee and thus I am
looking to see if there is
anyone interested in taking
on this task. I know there are
plenty of people willing to help
at such an event, but we need
someone or someone(s) to head
it up.
These events can be great
fundraisers, I also know they
can be a lot of work. And
maybe with an October date,
it is just too far out to commit
Please contact the church
office 434-2053 or email
[email protected], with any
thoughts, ideas, or willingness
to help.
Thank you, Meredith
March 1
Another Chance To Be Active in RCC’s
Vision 20/20
Have you looked around our
church sanctuary or parlor and had
ideas for updating our look? We
want you! As part of our mission to
make our church a more welcoming
place, we are in the ideas-gathering
phase for updating our parlor and
sanctuary. Reasons to change our
look include:
1. Improve energy efficiency to
lower our use of fossil fuels
and save money for future
2. Update the sound and video
system to allow for different
ways to worship.
3. Provide more room for the
choir, and
layout for
the organ and piano.
4. I mprove the inspirational feel
of the alter
5. M
ake the parlor more
welcoming with possible
re-configuration, updated
lighting and more comfortable
If any of this is inspiring for you, or
if you would like to share your own
ideas, please contact me, Robin
Rabideau, 434-4138, or email:
[email protected]
Deadline for APRIL Messenger:
At Annual Meeting there was a lot
of discussion about our needing to
do a better job of communicating,
not only within our congregation
but with the community as well.
As our newsletter goes out to over
220 households as well as posts on
our website, it is an excellent but
under used way to communicate!
me some highlights,
including upcoming
events, we could all keep better
If each Board, Committee and
group took a few minutes to send
Thank you for your help!
Please email any information you
would like included in the APRIL
issue to the church office: [email protected] by MARCH 15th at the
March Schedule for Readers, Ushers and Greeters
Gretchen & Marshall Paulsen
Gretchen & Marshall PaulsenTess Starecheski
March 8
Preston family
Preston familyKathy Kort
March 22
Jo Ellen Swaine
Jo Ellen & Peter Swaine
March 15
March 29
Peterson family
Ray Houston
Peterson family
Ken & Nancy Remsen
Ray & Ann Houston
Sylvia Peet
The Messenger  March 2015 - Page 6
Barb Willis
March 2015
Ted Wyman 3/1
Grace Wolaver 3/5
Emma Parent 3/7
Jill Perras 3/7
Sean Plumer 3/7
Alexandria Perras 3/9
Tess Starecheski 3/9
John Roberts 3/10
•AA - 7 pm
•WORSHIP 10:00am Duane's Celebration
Following Worship
•AA - 7 pm
•Lenten Bible
Study 9-10am
•WORSHIP 10:00am Intergenerational Choir Sings
•Lenten Bible
Study 9-10am
•AA - 7 pm
•WORSHIP 10:00am 11:30-1:00
Coordinating Forum
•12 noon - Valley
Stage set up • 4:006:00pm Concert
•Lenten Bible
Study 9-10am
•6:00-7:30pm Outreach
•AA - 7 pm
Gnagey's last day Special Music •PALM
•AA - 7 pm
Jerry Carpenter 3/15
Ed Roberts 3/19
Katelyn Macrae 3/25
Abigail Burachowski 3/26
Suanya Slayton 3/26
Linda Parent 3/28
Jennifer Supple 3/28
•WORSHIP 10:00am
Choir Rehearsal
•7:00pm Lenten
Vesper Services
at the United
Church of
Choir Rehearsal
•7:00pm Lenten
Vesper Services
at the United
Church of
7:00-8:00pm RCC Book Group
•7:00pm Lenten
Vesper Services
at the United
Church of
•Bible Study
Terrace 3:305:30pm •Peace
Vigil 5:30pm
•7:00pm Music
•Peace Vigil
5:30pm •Lenten
Supper & Film
Series 6-8pm
•5:00-8:00PM RCC NIGHT AT
Choir Rehearsal
•7:00pm Lenten
Vesper Services
at the United
Church of
•Peace Vigil
5:30pm •Lenten
Supper & Film
Series 6-8pm
•Friday Food
Affair at 5
•11:00am-2:00pm Deacons Meeting
and Retreat at
•Peace Vigil
5:30pm •6:308:00pm Memorial
Planning •Soul
Friends 7:008:30pm
•Friday Food
Affair at 5
•Friday Food
Affair at 5
•Friday Food
Affair at 5
•Lenten Bible
Study 9-10am
Please let the church office know your birthdays &
anniversaries. We'd love to add you to the calendar. Call the
church office 434-2053 or email us at: [email protected]
The Messenger  March 2015 - Page 7
U.S. Postage
Richmond, VT
Permit No. 4
1801 - 2015
Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
P.O. Box 302
Richmond, VT 05477
<<firstname>> <<lastname>>
<<city>>, <<state>> <<zip>>
March 2015
We’re on the web!
Visit us at
Address Service Requested
Easter Flower Order Form 2015
Would you like to help fill the Sanctuary with flowers for Easter in honor of or memory of loved ones?
This year you can choose between mini daffodils, field daffodils, hyacinths, or tulips in a 7” pot.
There are about 5 flowering bulbs in each pot at $11.00 per plant.
Please return this order form with your check, made payable to Richmond
Congregational Church no later than March 29th.
Your name:________________________________________________
Name (s) to be remembered:
Name (s) to be honored:
_______________________________________________ ____________________________________
Number of Mini daffodils___________________
Number of Hyacinths______________________
Number of Field daffodils___________________
Number of Tulips_________________________
Check enclosed for: $__________________
Please indicate whether you will be picking up your flowers after the Easter Service__________
or you wish to donate them__________.
File Size
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