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Children’s Hospital Foundation – Benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital
Fall 2012
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11 Healthy choices can
n this issue of Cart Wheels, you will find the Children’s Hospital Foundation 2011 annual
report. As the philanthropic arm of Kosair Children’s Hospital, the foundation is pleased
to be able to play such a large role in ensuring that our community’s children have the
medical care they need when they need it, while keeping kids as close to home as possible.
We will continue to fill this role well into the future as we seek to help more and more
Thanks to your support, we have some of the most talented and dedicated pediatric
specialists and clinical and caregiving teams in the country ready to care for your child.
You, too, are a critical part of this team — together with your support we provided care to
more than 140,000 children in 2011. We have many accomplishments and milestones to
celebrate and be thankful for, but we have even more to strive for in the future.
During the past year, we were ranked among America’s Best Children’s Hospitals by
U.S. News & World Report for the fourth consecutive year, and we began the first
phase of transforming Norton Suburban Hospital into Norton Women’s Hospital and
Kosair Children’s Hospital – St. Matthews, a medical campus that will be dedicated to
the special needs of women and children through all ages and stages of life.
Moving ahead, we look forward to providing funding for growth on our downtown
Louisville campus, including the areas of oncology, neonatal intensive care and outpatient
services; and Kosair Children’s Hospital – St. Matthews, which will begin serving pediatric
surgical patients in January 2013. We also will continue funding initiatives that support
programs, equipment, research, advocacy and education.
None of this is possible without your ongoing support of our mission. On behalf of
everyone at Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kosair Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro,
we thank you for being a part of our team.
be fun
12 News and Notes
14 Upcoming Events
15 Children’s Hospital
Foundation 2011
Annual Report
Dean Lavenson Photo
On the cover:
Landan and Braydan Flowers
of Taylorsville, Ky.
See page 8
Thomas D. Kmetz
Division President
Women’s and Children’s Services
President, Kosair Children’s Hospital
Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., CFRE
Executive Director
Children’s Hospital Foundation
William Ehrig
Children’s Hospital Foundation
Board of Trustees
What you
need to know
keep your
Artistic expressions can open up communication with children
Dean Lavenson Photo
ach year, suicide claims three times more lives than
homicide in the United States. It is arguably the most
preventable and one of the most devastating occurrences a
family can experience, and it is happening in younger children.
In youth ages 10 to 14, it is the third leading cause of death in
the United States.
According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
survey of 16,000 adolescents, one in five admitted to having
thought about suicide. One in six actually had thought through
a plan to end his or her life. These alarming statistics are
deserving of attention from both parents and professionals,
who should know the warning signs as well as some tools to
address them.
“It’s not always easy for parents to distinguish between
normal teenage angst, �hormones’ and clinical depression,
particularly if a child has a hard time expressing feelings to
others,” said Bryan D. Carter, Ph.D., pediatric psychologist
and director of the Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Service at
Kosair Children’s Hospital. “If you are concerned about your
child, the most important thing you can do is listen carefully
and openly, ask questions and avoid overreacting or being
Dr. Carter, who is a professor of child and adolescent
psychiatry at the University of Louisville School of Medicine,
also advises parents to be direct. Ask if your child has thought
about suicide or a suicide plan. If the child expresses that
it would be better if he or she were not alive, that others
would be better off without him or her around, or the child
wants to end his or her life, always take it seriously. Have
your child evaluated by a qualified child/adolescent mental
health specialist.
Kosair Children’s Hospital has an inpatient short-term care
psychiatric unit dedicated to the mental health of children
and adolescents ages 2 to 18. While in the unit, children are
observed and evaluated in a therapeutic setting.
Expressive art therapy is one effective tool employed by
psychiatry unit staff in communicating with, evaluating
and treating children with depression and other emotional
or behavioral disorders. Patients are given an array of art
mediums and the freedom to express their thoughts and
feelings in any form they wish. Some of the most popular
mediums include paint, magazines, pencils and even ceramic
masks. Patients are given time to create almost every day as
part of their therapy and evaluation while in the unit. They
take their works home when they leave.
“The art gives me questions to ask, but it doesn’t give
me answers,” said Judi Magder, pediatric art therapist at
Kosair Children’s Hospital. Rather than trying to interpret
art, Magder has the child interpret it for her. She asks
questions about the piece and lets the child explain what is
happening, what might happen next and what the characters
in the piece are experiencing.
“We often project our feelings into art we create, but
it is important not to project our feelings onto someone
else’s art,” Magder said. “It is merely a medium to open up
communication — but a very powerful one.”
Suicide is preventable. To speak with a professional,
call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at
(800) 273-TALK (8255).
–Lyndsay Mountz
Warning signs of depression and
suicide risk in children
Decreased performance in school
Social withdrawal
Increased worry and anxiety
Sleep disturbances
Increased impulsiveness or risk-taking behaviors
Irritability and easily frustrated
Increased complaints of aches, pain, fatigue
Triggered by/reactive to “small upsets”
The Melody minimally invasive
Changing the tune for kids needing
The last thing any parent
wants for their child is
to endure open-heart
surgery. But that’s what
Tamara and Henry
Buchanan faced with their
son, Austin — not once,
but three times.
hortly after birth, Austin was diagnosed with a rare,
complex congenital heart defect called tetralogy of
Fallot. Austin’s heart had a hole the size of a quarter and a
severe narrowing of the pulmonary valve that would require
open-heart surgery.
“His murmur was so strong you could feel it,” Tamara said.
“And I remember when he was in the bathtub, his heart would
beat so hard it would cause the water to ripple.”
Surgeons in Mississippi, where Austin was born, planned to
wait to perform open-heart surgery until Austin was 36 pounds
to make it as safe as possible. However, he started having “blue
spells” and ended up undergoing surgery when he was just 19
Cyanotic spells (blue spells) are a common side effect of
tetralogy of Fallot due to low oxygen levels in the blood that
cause the skin to appear blue.
Two more open-heart surgeries followed over the next 10
years to replace his pulmonary valve.
“Artificial heart valves tend to wear out or children
outgrow them and need larger ones,” said Ryan Leahy, M.D.,
pediatric cardiologist and assistant professor of pediatrics at
the University of Louisville School of Medicine. “In the past
this meant that these children would face invasive open-heart
surgeries for the rest of their lives.”
Open-heart surgery requires a large incision in the chest and
cutting through muscles, tissue and sometimes the chest bone
and ribs. The large incision puts the patient at risk for infection
and blood loss among other complications. Recovery usually is
long and painful.
Austin Buchanan of Bowling Green, Ky.
heart valve
heart surgery
In 2003 Austin and his family moved to Bowling Green,
Ky., where luckily he was not very far from Dr. Leahy and the
experts at the Congenital Heart Center at Kosair Children’s
Hospital, who also care for patients at a clinic in Bowling
“The scar tissue from his open-heart surgeries caused Austin
to develop lung disease and suffer a stroke,” Tamara said.
“When we heard about the Melody heart valve, we were so
excited and relieved that he may never need another open-heart
“The Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve, or Melody
valve, is a new alternative to traditional artificial heart valves
for patients with congenital heart disease and failing artificial
pulmonary valves,” Dr. Leahy said. “What’s exciting is it is
inserted using a minimally invasive, catheter-based procedure.”
The catheter-based procedure
is performed in the
Kosair Children’s Hospital
cardiac catheterization lab.
The valve is mounted to
a balloon on a catheter,
inserted through a
vein in the leg, and
then threaded up
to the heart to be put into place. The patient is asleep for the
procedure and wakes up virtually pain-free with just a tiny
incision in the leg.
“Through minimally invasive techniques and avoiding
open-heart surgery, patients have a shorter hospital stay, less
pain and a much quicker overall recovery,” Dr. Leahy said.
“It means kids get back to being kids faster.”
Austin received his Melody valve in March. He spent the
night in the hospital for observation but, according to his mom,
was “raring to go.”
“He came home with no medications — not even pain
medication — just aspirin,” Tamara said. “Since getting the
Melody valve he has more energy and says he feels better.”
Though Austin is mentally limited due to complications of
his heart condition, he works at a local restaurant and, like just
about every other 20-year-old young man, loves playing Xbox.
Austin has checkups with Dr. Leahy a few times a year. Since
heart valves do wear out over a lifetime, it’s possible Austin may
need another valve replacement, but it’s a relief to know it will
be through a tiny incision in his leg instead of a large incision
in his chest.
–Jennifer Reynolds
Singing the praises of the
Melody heart valve
Kosair Children’s Hospital is the only
hospital in Kentucky offering the Melody
valve procedure, which also can be
implanted in adults with heart valve
disorders. Dr. Leahy and his colleague
Edward Kim, M.D., director of the cardiac
catheterization lab at Kosair Children’s
Hospital and assistant professor of
pediatric cardiology at the University
cardiologists in Kentucky performing the
for information on supporting children
Dean Lavenson Photo
of Louisville, are the only two pediatric
like Austin.
rolls into
Benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital
he 2012 Louisville Concours d’Elegance rolls into town Oct. 7 at
Churchill Downs. This year the event benefits Kosair Children’s
Hospital. Louisville Concours is not just a fancy car show. By definition it
is a competition of elegance and refers to a gathering of cars that is judged
on appearance.
“The judges at the Louisville Concours will be looking for authenticity
and quality workmanship in each area of the vehicle,” said John Carlson,
chief judge and a permanent class judge at the prestigious Pebble Beach
Concours. “The judges will use a 100-point deduction system, which is
divided into categories that include body and paint finish, bright work,
engine compartment detail, upholstery, chassis finish and window glass.
Each area will be examined for the correct components as well as the
proper installation and finish.”
This year’s event will feature Cadillac and Porsche Racing, but they are
not the usual cars you’d see on the street. You can expect to see vintage
as well as pre- and post-war Cadillacs. The Porsche realm will include
vehicles that were purpose-built for racing. Other classes will include
European and American classic cars, muscle cars, Corvettes and hot rods.
In all, the event will feature 120 of the rarest, most elegant historic and
collector cars in the country.
For younger event-goers, there will be a special kids and cars area plus
an antique fire truck display.
–Maggie Roetker
Louisville Concours d’Elegance events
“Dawn at the Downs” Champagne Brunch
Saturday, Oct. 6, 8 a.m. Tickets are $75 per person and include a
private viewing of morning workouts of the racehorses at the track, a
champagne brunch at the Kentucky Derby Museum and a private tour of
Churchill Downs.
Concours d’Elegance
Dean Lavenson Photo
Sunday, Oct. 7, in the Churchill Downs infield. Gates open at 11 a.m.;
awards ceremony at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 per person in advance or
$20 at the gate. Group discounts are available. VIP passes are $100 and
include access to a VIP tent with buffet and drinks.
For more information, visit To purchase
group discounts or tickets in advance, call (502) 629-KIDS.
comes to life at Kosair Children’s Hospital
GetWell Town has been a great addition to
our daughter’s inpatient stays at the hospital.
It’s given our family countless opportunities to
April Rietze Photo
s part of its mission of providing care “Just for Kids,”
Kosair Children’s Hospital is always looking for ways to
improve patients’ and families’ experiences while they spend
time in the hospital. A new way the hospital is doing just that is
with the installation of the “GetWell Network.”
Funding provided by the Children’s Hospital Foundation, in
partnership with the Team Shaan Foundation, allowed for all
patient rooms to be connected with this new interactive patient
care system. The GetWell Network incorporates the best in
health education, age-relevant content and entertainment that
patients can access from the television in their room.
The GetWell Network engages patients and families in their
own care by providing easy access to valuable health education
resources that are presented in a fun way. “GetWell Town,” the
network’s easy-to-use platform built specifically for pediatric
facilities, allows staff to order educational materials specific to
each patient’s condition. The system also allows service requests
and communication from patients to be routed to the most
appropriate staff member so that patients’ needs can be met as
quickly as possible.
“GetWell Town helps patients become active participants in
their care,” said Cis Gruebbel, R.N., vice president of pediatric
operations and chief nursing officer at Kosair Children’s
Hospital. “Patients and families are empowered with kidfriendly educational materials and other hospital resources at
their fingertips. This helps our caregivers deliver an even more
personalized experience, and it helps our patients and families
stay engaged with their health needs on a long-term basis.”
What kids especially like about the GetWell Network is the
broad range of entertainment features, such as TV, movies,
Internet service, games and music. Parents have their own
set of tools to learn about their child’s diagnosis, prescribed
medicines, upcoming surgeries and more, ensuring that families
are well prepared to support their child’s individualized needs
and care plan.
“GetWell Town has been a great addition to our daughter’s
inpatient stays at the hospital,” said James Frazier, whose
daughter, Kirsten, is 15. “It’s given our family countless
opportunities to find additional education that we can access
whenever we want. Having the Internet, movies and games
available has been helpful in making our long stays a little
For more information about the GetWell Network at
Kosair Children’s Hospital, visit
find additional education that we can access
whenever we want. Having the Internet, movies
and games available has been helpful in making
our long stays a little easier.”
–James Frazier, father of patient Kirsten Frazier
Shannon Davis, R.N., helps
Robert Keeney of Fort Knox, Ky.,
enjoy GetWell Town from his room.
–Lauren Davis
Every minute became precious to
Michele and Larry Flowers once
they learned that at age 41, Michele
was pregnant and expecting triplets
— identical twins and one fraternal
triplet — all boys. At 19 weeks she
found out that the fraternal triplet had
a congenital heart defect that could be
corrected once he was born. As the Flowers family prepared for
three babies and open-heart surgery shortly after delivery, they
had no idea they were about to face such a difficult journey.
At 25 weeks, Michele went into preterm labor and was
admitted to Norton Hospital and placed on bed rest. While
there, the Flowers family toured the neonatal intensive care unit
at Kosair Children’s Hospital, which is connected by pedway to
Norton Hospital. They wanted to see where their triplets would
go once they were born.
“The staff was great,” Michele said. “They gave us a lot of
helpful information, showed us around the unit and even
showed us an example of the size of our babies at 25 weeks.”
when the Flowers family saw them for the first
time, they were overwhelmed but hopeful as
their boys continued to fight each minute to
“The nurses and staff of the NICU helped
us appreciate and treasure each moment as
we learned what type of struggles and battles
were ahead,” Michele said. “One of my most
prized possessions is a Thanksgiving card that
the nurses made with Landan and Braydan’s
handprints and Caydan’s footprint. It was my first
greeting card from our boys.”
While Caydan was in the most critical
condition, the Flowers family appreciated that
the NICU nurses and staff cared for each one of
their triplets with the utmost care.
“They not only cared for our children but also
helped us experience special milestones while we
were in the NICU, like the first time they were
big enough to wear clothes,” Larry said.
From high tech to high touch, the NICU
is a special place for special babies
Michele and Larry left feeling prepared and educated for
what they might face.
“As with any set of multiples, we knew there were going to
be challenges upon their arrival,” said Tamina Singh, M.D.,
neonatologist with Neonatal Associates PSC. “The complication
of one of the babies having a congenital defect added an extra
challenge for our team to prepare for.”
On Nov. 17, at almost 27 weeks, Michele went into preterm
labor again and was rushed in for an emergency cesarean
section. Less than 10 minutes after going into labor, the
Kosair Children’s Hospital NICU team was set up and included
approximately 18 nurses and staff along with three incubators.
“Our team was ready for the triplets when we got the call,”
said Dr. Singh, who also is assistant professor of pediatrics at
the University of Louisville School of Medicine. “It was a team
approach paired with �drills’ and a plan of action that allowed
us to be ready for the triplets by the time Michele arrived for
Identical twins, Landan and Braydan, and fraternal triplet,
Caydan, were born weighing 2 pounds, 1 ounce; 1 pound,
14 ounces; and 1 pound, 8 ounces, respectively. Each one was
rushed to the NICU, placed on a ventilator to help him breathe
and diligently cared for by the staff in the unit. With their eyes
still fused together, ears still developing and feet less than
2 inches long, they had a long road ahead. A few hours later,
At the boys’ 1-month birthday, the staff helped
the family celebrate by capturing a priceless
moment of all three boys in an incubator
“I had no idea how special that photo would
be until Caydan lost his fight and passed away in
my arms just three days later,” Michele said.
Even then Michele and Larry were
overwhelmed by the support they received from
the staff in the NICU during their greatest time
of need.
After 81 days in the NICU, Landan and
Braydan were able to go home. Today, at 21
months old, neither have physical or developmental concerns,
and they have hit every growth milestone on the mark. The
Flowers family continues to remember Caydan every day.
“Landan’s first word was �baby’ as he was looking at a picture
of Caydan,” Michele said. “We would not have been able
to remember and enjoy that moment without all the effort,
support and readiness shown by the staff in the NICU at
Kosair Children’s Hospital each and every minute our family
was there.”
–Lauren Davis
Dean Lavenson Photo
Larry, Michele, Landan and Braydan Flowers visit with Tamina Singh, M.D., Neonatal Associates PSC (foreground).
Piggies for Preemies!
Help Kosair Children’s Hospital continue exceptional care
for premature babies
Piggies for Preemies,
sponsored by BB&T, is an
effort focused on raising
funds to assist with the expansion of the neonatal intensive
care unit at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Contact the Children’s
Hospital Foundation to pick up your “Piggie” and help support
the cause. Fill your Piggie and return it to the Children’s
Hospital Foundation office for a chance to win a $500
For more information, contact the Children’s
Hospital Foundation at (502) 629-8060 or
Dean Lavenson Photo
Sarah Badgett, respiratory
therapist; Bob Morris,
emergency medical technician;
and Trisha Hardy, R.N., are
three of the 27 “Just for Kids”
Transport Team members.
�Just for Kids’ Transport Team
Specialized pediatric care on the road and in the air
hile many kids are awestruck to see sirens and
flashing lights whirring by, when they are the ones
being transported in an emergency vehicle it can be a
frightening experience. The “Just for Kids” Transport Team
at Kosair Children’s Hospital understands and provides
emotional as well as expert medical care for kids and families
on their way to Kosair Children’s Hospital.
One parent knows all too well. Also a physician at Hardin
Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, Ky., Todd Bell, D.O., has
been on both sides of the ambulance door, so to speak.
“In my personal and professional experience, the �Just for
Kids’ Transport Team has been very calming to both patients
and their families,” Dr. Bell said. “They are confident and
reassuring at times when that is exactly what is needed.”
Dr. Bell’s son, Zane, was treated for pneumonia at Hardin
Memorial when he was 19 months old. When it was clear
that Zane’s condition was not improving, he needed to be
transported more than 40 miles to Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Dr. Bell and his wife, Tanya, felt confident in the team’s ability
to care for their son.
The “Just for Kids” Transport Team is a unique group
composed of 27 individuals. There are nine teams of three who
rotate shifts and are on call 24/7. Each team has one respiratory
therapist, one registered nurse and one emergency medical
technician (EMT). They care for some of the most fragile,
critically ill patients who come to the hospital for specialized
care. But even those qualifications aren’t enough. The “Just
for Kids” Transport Team is extremely selective. Each nurse
and respiratory therapist is required to have at least three
years’ experience in the Kosair Children’s Hospital neonatal
intensive care unit or pediatric intensive care unit before being
considered for a position on the team. EMTs are required to
have a minimum of two years’ experience in their profession.
These qualifications, combined with the most advanced medical
equipment, create what is referred to as a mobile intensive
care unit.
Not only does the team use specially equipped ambulances
for ground transportation, they have an airplane and helicopter
for covering longer distances or when time is critical. The air
vehicles also are equipped with sophisticated, sometimes lifesustaining, technology.
Recognizing the importance of the transport team’s unique
service, Speedway recently made a generous gift to the
Children’s Hospital Foundation to purchase a new “Just for
Kids” ambulance. This state-of-the-art vehicle is equipped
with special features that make it more functional and more
comfortable for patients. The vehicle has already accrued more
than 30,000 miles and transported more than 300 patients in
the eight months it has been in service. In addition, Speedway
provided funds to refurbish and modernize two ambulances —
a gift totaling $1.5 million. This amount also includes funding
for the emergency department at Kosair Children’s Hospital –
St. Matthews, opening in 2014.
Would you like to help support the lifesaving efforts of
the “Just for Kids” Transport Team? To learn how, visit
–Lyndsay Mountz
for making
healthy choices fun for kids
Getting kids to eat healthy, nutritious food and be more active
doesn’t have to be “mission impossible.”
“Changing your child’s eating habits and making a game
of kickball outside sound more fun than an online video
game doesn’t have to be an uphill battle,” said Amy Medley,
coordinator and health educator, Children’s Hospital Foundation
Office of Child Advocacy of Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Several tools and resources are available to help. The U.S.
Department of Agriculture recently changed its national model
for healthy eating from a pyramid to a dinner plate, called “My
Plate.” My Plate is an easy and fun way to visualize how much
and what to eat by picturing your meal on a plate.
One-half of the plate should be filled with vegetables
and fruit, because they are full of vitamins and minerals.
One-quarter of the plate should be filled with protein, like
baked chicken, low-fat grilled beef or an egg. The other
one-quarter should be filled with a starch, like yams, sweet
potatoes or a serving of whole wheat bread.
Another way to make healthy food fun for your family is to
prepare meals together. Also, learning fun facts about fruits and
vegetables is a great way of getting kids’ attention. For example,
here are just a few interesting facts about the food you eat:
• Strawberries can make your teeth whiter. They have an
enzyme that helps get rid of stains on your teeth.
• Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite.
• Apples are made of 25 percent air, which is why they
Dean Lavenson Photo
ArtГ©sia Watts of
Louisville, Ky.
“Kicking the couch to the
curb and encouraging your
kids to be more active can be
as easy as �5-2-1-0,’” Medley
said. “These four numbers
help kids remember to eat
5 fruits and vegetables, watch
2 hours or less of TV, get
1 hour of physical activity and
drink 0 sugary drinks.”
For more information
about My Plate or the
5-2-1-0 campaign, visit
Follow the “5-2-1-0
program” every day:
hours or
less TV time
–Michelle Robey
or more
fruits and
hour or
more of
It’s all about me
The Children’s Hospital
sugary soft and
Foundation Office of Child
sports drinks
Advocacy of Kosair Children’s
Hospital recently developed
several new materials designed
to encourage kids to be more
active and make healthier
food choices. A grant from the Children’s Hospital Foundation
through Kohl’s Fun-tastic Fitness Program made it possible
to produce a video featuring local kids and their parents in a
reality show format; an accompanying booklet that provides
nutrition tips, recipes and other helpful resources; and a
brochure titled “My Great Healthy Plate.” The Kohl’s Fun-tastic
Fitness Program is part of the Kohl’s “Just for Kids” C.A.R.E.
(Child Advocacy Regional Education) Program, a partnership
between Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s department
To receive a copy of the videos, booklet or brochure,
call (502) 629-7358. To learn more about
supporting this program and other Kosair Children’s
Hospital prevention and wellness efforts, visit
Adapted from materials developed by Let’s Go!
N ws and Not s
Through a $50,000 grant provided by the
Northwestern Mutual Foundation to the Children’s
Hospital Foundation, the Office of Child Advocacy
of Kosair Children’s Hospital was able to bring a
successful program called “Fun Steps” to elementary
school students in the Evansville Vanderburgh
School Corp. in Indiana. Northwestern Mutual
representatives, along with 65 members of the
Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana’s
Young Professionals Network, visited 13 elementary
schools monthly during the past school year to
mentor students on healthy eating habits and getting
regular physical activity.
Participating students received pedometers at the Northwestern Mutual financial representative Andrew Rice with a classroom of fourth-grade
beginning of the program to track their activity. The students at Stockwell Elementary School he mentored as part of the “Fun Steps” program.
data was downloaded into a classroom computer
program each week. Students also completed a series of five
“Programs like Fun Steps help our community’s children grow up
challenges, often with the young professionals cheering them on,
healthy so they can learn and reach their potential,” said Andrew
encouraging them to walk as many steps as they could and helping
Rice, Northwestern Mutual financial representative. “What’s better
them make small changes toward better health. Throughout the
than that?”
school year, the students were given awards and incentives.
Photo provided by Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual supports teaching healthy habits in
Evansville schools
Hwang’s Martial Arts kicks up
fundraising for Kosair Children’s
“Just for Kids” Critical Care
Center receives Beacon
Award for Excellence
The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
recently honored the “Just for Kids” Critical Care Center at
Kosair Children’s Hospital with a silver-level Beacon Award
for Excellence. The “Just for Kids” Critical Care Center is one
of only three nursing units in Kentucky, and the only
pediatric unit in the state, to receive a Beacon Award for
Photo provided by Hwang’s Martial Arts
Hwang’s Martial Arts continues to support Kosair Children’s
Hospital and has given $200,000 to support the future
Kosair Children’s Hospital – St. Matthews campus, as well as
the neonatal intensive care unit and Addison Jo Blair Cancer
Care Center at the downtown Kosair Children’s Hospital.
“Our mission is the same as Kosair Children’s Hospital in
that we do this for the kids,” said Grandmaster Jung Oh Hwang
of Hwang’s Martial Arts. “They are our future.”
The Hwang family (left to right): Sun S. Hwang; Grandmaster Jung Oh Hwang,
a silver medalist in the 1984 Olympic Games; and Master Mimi Hwang
Photo provided by Capt. Scott Marler
Former patients and families
reunite with caregivers at NICU
Soldiers from Ft. Knox walked to Kosair Children’s Hospital to visit children
and deliver toys.
One step at a time – just for kids!
On May 19, 2012, Norton Suburban Hospital hosted an ice cream
social and reunion for graduates of the Kosair Children’s NICU at
Norton Suburban. Graduates, families, NICU staff and physicians
spent a sunny afternoon on the front lawn of the hospital catching up
and enjoying ice cream, music, games and face painting. Special
thanks to Dippin’ Dots, All About Kids and The Hornet’s Nest Elite
Art Studio for making the day a huge success.
More than 1,200 NICU graduates and their families gathered at the
Louisville Zoo on June 2, 2012, for the sixth annual Kosair Children’s
Hospital NICU and 3N reunion. Graduates and families spent the day
visiting with nurses, physicians and other caregivers who cared for
them during their stay. Attendees enjoyed food, face painting, games
and music. This year’s event boasted the largest attendance to date.
Special thanks to White Castle, PepsiCo, Meijer, Gordon Food Service,
The Hornet’s Nest Elite Art Studio, All About Kids and Incredible
This past spring, soldiers from the Fort Knox Warrior
Transition Battalion walked from their Army post to downtown
Louisville to deliver stuffed animals, toys and games to the kids at
Kosair Children’s Hospital. Children and their families were most
appreciative of the visit, gifts and the effort it took to get there!
The soldiers carried 40-pound rucksacks on their approximately
30-mile, two-day foot march.
On May 4, 2012, celebrity chef and TV personality Guy Fieri made
a special visit to Kosair Children’s Hospital after he hosted the
Marriott Oaks Bourbon Brunch benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Fieri put on a spectacular show at the Louisville Marriott Downtown
while more than 450 guests enjoyed a delicious meal prior to their
Oaks day festivities. In
typical form, after the show
Fieri auctioned off
everything from the
bourbon barrels to the pans
he used on stage to raise
money for Kosair Children’s
Jamie Rhodes Photos
Guy Fieri makes a special visit to
Louisville and Kosair Children’s
The Kosair Children’s Hospital NICU and 3N reunion featured a map
showing the many hometowns of NICU/3N graduates.
Guy Fieri meets Addison Miles
while visiting the hospital.
Upcoming Ev nts
William J. Ehrig
Civic Volunteer
Retired Senior Director, Government Relations
Yum! Brands Inc.
For more information on events listed below, call (502) 629-KIDS or visit
Vice Chairs
Cindi Shrader
Financial Planner, MetLife
Peter Tevebaugh
Director of Finance, Mytex Polymers
Hoyt Almond
Community Bank President, BB&T
Lee Ashton
Vice President and Director
International Human Resources &
Global Talent Acquisition, Brown-Forman Corp.
Now to
Nov. 17
Terrian C. Barnes
Retired Chief Diversity Officer
Yum! Brands Inc.
Ryan Bridgeman
President and Owner, RJE LLC
David Burianek
Director of Medicare Service Operations
Humana Inc.
Jackie Cain
President, TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital
Jose Neil Donis
Publisher, Al DГ­a en AmГ©rica
Jonathan E. Dubins
Pilot, UPS
Bruce Dudley
Partner, Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs LLP
Robert D. Evans
Project Manager, Actus Lend Lease
Keith Johnson
President and CEO, First Federal Savings Bank
Karen L. Keith
Attorney, McMasters Keith Inc.
Jim Lacy
CFO and Counsel, ZirMed Inc.
Dana Bynum Mayton
Vice President, Government Relations
University of Louisville
Wayne Mortenson, DMD
President and Owner, Mortenson Family Dental
Nicole Moseley, APRN
Nurse Practitioner, Neonatal Associates PSC
Purchase a chance to win a 2013
Sam Swope BMW plus $10,000
and a house in Norton Commons
valued at approximately $300,000.
Tickets are $100 each. Only
8,000 will be sold. Buy tickets at
or by calling (502) 629-KIDS.
Sponsored by Norton Commons, Sam
Swope BMW, Burdorf’s Furnishings &
Flooring, Main Line Broadcasting and
American Girl Fashion Show
kickoff event, 6 to 7:30 p.m.,
Barnes & Noble at The Summit. Fun
American Girl activities; meet author
of the 2012 American Girl of the Year
book, “McKenna”; win door prizes;
and find out Today’s Girl winners.
Bike to Beat Cancer, benefiting
Amy Garlove, M.D.
Pediatrician, Kosair Children’s Medical Associates –
Connie Hayes-Badon
Assistant Treasurer, Yum! Brands Inc.
Win a house. Help a child.
Paul Oberst
Civic Volunteer
Norton Cancer Institute. Choose to
ride 35, 65 or 100 miles, starting and
ending at Kosair Children’s Medical
Center – Brownsboro. Sign up at Designate
funds you raise to support cancer care
at Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Louisville Concours d’Elegance,
11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Churchill Downs
infield. A showcase of rare historic
and collector automobiles, featuring
Cadillac and Porsche Racing. See
page 6 for details.
Tonii Rizzo
Senior Vice President, Abel Construction
American Girl Fashion ShowВ®,
G. Hunt Rounsavall Jr.
Attorney, Rounsavall Title Group
Eddie Smith
Regional Vice President of Restaurant Operations
White Castle
13 and 14
Debbie Waiz
Civic Volunteer
Marita Willis
Vice President of Community Development
PNC Bank
Pamela Wilson
President, Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
Richard S. Wolf, M.D.
Retired Medical Director, Kosair Children’s Hospital
9 to 11
Thomas Kmetz
President, Kosair Children’s Hospital
The Rev. Ronald C. Oliver, Ph.D., BCC
Vice President, Mission and Outreach
Norton Healthcare
Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., CFRE
Executive Director
Children’s Hospital Foundation
The Seelbach Hilton. Hosted by the
Children’s Hospital Foundation to
benefit Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Tickets on sale now.
Festival of Trees & Lights,
presented by Republic Bank, at
Louisville Slugger Field.
Kosair Children’s Hospital
Radiothon, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Hosted
15 and 16
by Main Line Broadcasting stations
B96.5, 99.7 WDJX, 102.3 The Max,
Magic 101.3 and 105.1 FM Talk through
the Children’s Miracle Network. C h i l d r e n ’ s
H o s p i t a l
F o u n d a t i o n
2 0 1 1
Children’s Hospital Foundation
2011 financial information
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
Creating a legacy
�Just for Kids’
Ways to give
There are numerous ways you can support the vital, lifesaving work provided
by the caregivers at Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kosair Children’s Medical
Center – Brownsboro, such as through gifts of cash, appreciated stock or
naming the Children’s Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or trust.
A look back at 2011
• Children’s Hospital Foundation awards a
grant of $348,070 to fully fund the Office
of Child Advocacy of Kosair Children’s
Net assets
Temporarily restricted*
Permanently restricted*
Total net assets
• Children’s Hospital Foundation provides
funding for pediatric pastoral care
programs for psychiatry, bereavement,
oncology and medical/surgical units.
Contributions other than bequests
• A new outpatient center for lactation
Total revenue
services opens at Kosair Children’s
Medical Center – Brownsboro. It offers
lactation counseling and assistance to
Hospital programs/services
Foundation expenses:
breastfeeding mothers and nutritional
services for their babies. The center is
part of a citywide initiative to promote
– Personnel and benefits
– Supplies and postage
– Occupancy
– Fees, special services, other
Total operating expenses
• The Evans family of Simpsonville, Ky.,
commits $1 million to the Children’s
Hospital Foundation to create the
Hanna Catherine Evans Bone Marrow
and Stem Cell Transplant Program at
Change in net assets
Net investment activity
Total increase/(decrease) in net assets
Other philanthropic support paid directly to
Kosair Children’s Hospital
Total philanthropic support for
Kosair Children’s Hospital
Kosair Children’s Hospital in memory of
their daughter Hanna.
• Annual University of Louisville Dance
Marathon, sponsored by Chili’s Grill and
Bar, raises more than $74,000.
• Rockin’ for Kids annual kids’ concert raises
funds to support the Kosair Children’s
music therapy program.
*Temporarily restricted net assets are limited by donors to a specific time period or purpose. Permanently restricted
net assets have been restricted by donors to be maintained by the foundation in perpetuity.
• More than 5,000 kindergarten students
and 1,200 parents and teachers attend
For more information about supporting Kosair Children’s Hospital
or volunteering, contact the Children’s Hospital Foundation at
(502) 629-8060 or [email protected], or visit
Children and Hospitals Week, an event
hosted by the Children’s Hospital
Foundation Office of Child Advocacy of
Kosair Children’s Hospital to help lessen
children’s fears about hospitals.
C h i l d r e n ’ s
H o s p i t a l
MARCH (continued)
• Kosair Children’s Hospital is designated
a Medal of Honor hospital by the U.S.
Department of Health and Human
Services for organ donation support
and a bronze medal hospital for kidney
transplant success.
• Running for Kids team completes the
Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon/
miniMarathon and raises funds for
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
• Thomas D. Kmetz, president of
Kosair Children’s Hospital and Pediatric
Services, is named one of 12 board
members for a new organization,
the Children’s Hospital Association,
created by the merger of three national
children’s hospital organizations: the
Child Health Corporation of America,
National Association of Children’s
Hospitals and Related Institutions and
the National Association of Children’s
• Annual Children’s Hospital Foundation
• Kosair Children’s Hospital ranks among
the top children’s hospitals nationwide
in cancer, cardiology and heart surgery,
gastroenterology, neonatology,
neurology and neurosurgery,
orthopaedics, pulmonology and urology
in U.S. News & World Report’s 2011-12
Best Children’s Hospitals listing.
• Eleven families give more than $3.45
million in irrevocable planned gifts to
the Children’s Hospital Foundation and
Norton Healthcare Foundation; these
families are inducted into the Wade
Mountz Heritage Society.
• More than 3,000 people attend the
Kosair Children’s Hospital NICU and 3N
2 0 1 1
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
Children’s Hospital Foundation 2011 donors
*Denotes Norton Healthcare employee
**Denotes 10-year consecutive donor, 2002 to 2011
For a list of memorial and tribute donations,
Red Wagon Hall of Fame,
$1 million and above lifetime giving
Established in August 2005, the Red Wagon Hall of
Fame honors donors who have given a gift of $1 million
or more to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Donors
are recognized with a special red wagon panel on the
Children’s Hospital Foundation Wall of Light and Life in
the lobby of Kosair Children’s Hospital. The following
donors are members of the Red Wagon Hall of Fame
thanks to their generous lifetime giving.
2011 inductees
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Blair/Addison Jo Blair Foundation
Children’s Miracle Network
Rob & Jennifer Evans & Family/Hanna’s Day of Hope
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Nunn/Ellie Cat’s Crew
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Other members
Leo & Edris B. Atkins Estate
Robert E. Brennan Trust U.W.
Crescent Hill Woman’s Club
Bernadine Deis Estate
Elizabeth Turner Campbell Foundation
Festival of Trees & Lights
Lewis & Margaret Herndon Trust Fund
Highland & Associates
Frances R. Jeffress Trust Fund
Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Mills & Family
Claiborne Pirtle Trust Fund U.A.
Republic Bank & Trust Co.
Irvin S. Rider Jr. Estate
The Robert W. Rounsavall Jr. Family Foundation Inc.
Jeanne V. Spicker Estate
Charlotte Silver Thompson & Margaret L. &
Howard Thompson Estates
TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital
WHAS Crusade for Children Inc.
Wade Mountz Heritage Society
Golf Outing raises $321,858.
Reunion at the Louisville Zoo.
F o u n d a t i o n
Established in 2008, the Wade Mountz Heritage Society
recognizes individuals who have made irrevocable
planned gifts of $100,000 or more to support the
mission and vision of Kosair Children’s Hospital through
the Children’s Hospital Foundation and/or the adultservice hospitals and service lines of Norton Healthcare
through the Norton Healthcare Foundation. The following
donors are members of the Wade Mountz Heritage
Mr. Max Baumgardner
Ms. Dorothy Beaulieu
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Blair
Mr. & Mrs. Russell F. Cox
Dr. Elizabeth P. Cressman
Mr. Jonathan E. Dubins
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ehrig
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Eighmey Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Evans
Mrs. Glenda L. Ford
Mrs. Shelley & Mr. Keith J. Gast
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gruebbel
Mr. & Mrs. R.K. Guillaume
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Harryman
Mrs. Mary Hass & Mr. Ray Hass
Mr. & Mrs. Albin B. Hayes Jr.
Mrs. Charlotte Hemann
Dr. & Mrs. Steven T. Hester
Mr. & Mrs. Robin Ipsan & Mr. Ian Ipsan
Ms. Debbie Irwin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Kmetz
Ms. Mary Lynn Meyer & Family
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Mills III & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Mountz
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Mullins
Mr. & Mrs. Gouverneur H. Nixon
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Nunn
Mr. & Mrs. George O’Rourke
Mr. & Mrs. G. Hunt Rounsavall
Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Schmiedeler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shrader
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Smart Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Stewart
Mr. Samuel G. Swope
Mrs. Charlotte S. and Mr. L.E. “Sonny” Tharp
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Wardell
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wolf
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Wright
Col. Clancy B. York†Circle of Innovation,
$500,000 - $999,999
Children’s Miracle Network
Elizabeth Turner Campbell Foundation
Mrs. Glenda L. Ford
Speedway LLC
Circle of Progress,
$250,000 - $499,999
Mrs. Dorothy Beaulieu
Davis Burrus Estate
Mary Catherine Childers Trust
Festival of Trees & Lights**
Charlotte Silver Thompson Estate
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
WHAS Crusade for Children Inc.
Mary Lafon Circle,
$100,000 - $249,999
Drs. Suresh & Sudha Alankar
Apprio Haiti Relief Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Allan M. Bond III
Bourbon & BowtiesTM: A Taste of Corbett’s 2011
Robert E. Brennan Trust**
Commission for Children With Special Health Care Needs
FedEx Ground Package System
Ms. Sandra Anne Frazier
Dr. & Mrs. Steven T. Hester*
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Kmetz*
Kohl’s Cares for Kids
Eleanor Jeannette Lawson Estate
Lucille S. Mattingly Estate
Evans McWilliams Estate
Claiborne Pirtle Trust**
Republic Bank & Trust Co.
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Smart Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Watkins* **
Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wolf**
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Wright* **
Circle of Life/Champions for Kids,
$50,000 - $99,999
American Girl Fashion Show 2011
Butterflies for Maddie
Chili’s Grill & Bar
Circle K Midwest
Commonwealth Bank & Trust
Costco Wholesale Co.
Lewis & Margaret Herndon Trust**
Frances R. Jeffress Trust**
Louisville Metro Government**
Marriott Oaks Bourbon Brunch
The McMahan Family
Schmidt-Messmer Charitable Trust**
Mr. & Mrs. W. Kent Taylor
The Robert W. Rounsavall Jr. Family Foundation Inc.
University of Louisville Dance Marathon 2011
White Castle
Ann McElroy Woodruff Estate
President’s Circle,
$25,000 - $49,999
Circle of Light,
$5,000 - $9,999
AT&T Kentucky
Carol B. McFerran Memorial Fund**
Community Health Charities of Kentucky
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Greathouse Shryock Traditional Elementary
Mr. & Mrs. J. David Grissom
Dr. & Mrs. Diller B. Groff
Hwang’s Martial Arts
Lockton Companies LLC
Mary Butler Longest Foundation
Ms. Mary Catherine Louden**
Love’s Travel Stops
Newman’s Own Inc.
Qdoba Mexican Grill
River Road Asset Management
Team Shaan Foundation
Texas Roadhouse
TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital**
Jewell S. White Estate
Active Network
AI International
Mr. Hoyt Almond
Ameresco Inc.
AmerisourceBergen Corp.
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Arensman
Bank of America
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Barzun**
Mr. Andrew & Dr. Maria M. Beck
Bee Line Courier Service Inc.
Blue & Co.
H. F. Boehl Trust**
Charlotte Bullock Trust**
Cardinal Uniforms Inc.
CB Richard Ellis/Louisville LLC
Mildred Clark Estate
Comstock Brothers Electric Co.
The Courier-Journal
Elonda Crafton Estate
DaRob Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan M. Denham
Dixie Properties
Duke Realty Services
Mr. & Mrs. William John Ehrig
Alfred L. Elliott Sr. Estate
Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Kentucky**
Epstein, Becker & Green P.C.
Michael Gough* **
Cis Gruebbel*
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath &
Lyman PSC
Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc.
Dr. Steve Heilman*
HMS Host International Airport
Hussung Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Insight Midwest Holdings LLC
Interlock Industries Inc.
IQL Corp.
O. H. Irvine Trust**
Jefferson Community & Technical College
Kentucky Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association
Kids Konnect
Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
Kosair Children’s Hospital Medical Staff
Lamkin Wealth Management
Louisville Marriott Downtown
The Maplewood Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Maxwell
Mrs. Esther B. McNerney
Medline Industries Inc.
Medtronic Inc.
Meijer Inc.
Messer Construction Co.
Microsoft Corp.
Middleton & Reutlinger
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mills
Margaret Mitchell Estate
Mortenson Family Dental
Mr. & Mrs. Orson Oliver
Corneille Overstreet Trust**
Owen Funeral Homes Inc.**
Mrs. J. Ann Owen
Phillips, Parker, Orberson & Arnett PLC
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Pollard
Pro Med Rehab
Dr. Maria R. Puno
Ms. Angela D. Rieger
River City Radio Controllers
Riverside Parking Inc.
Mr. Clarence W. Robie
Rockin’ for Kids 2011
Dr. John D. Rumisek
Securitas Security Services USA Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Shircliff
Mr. & Mrs. Chad F. Smith
Stengel-Hill Architecture Inc.
Tandem Public Relations
Hannah Taylor Memorial Fund
Team Braveheart
Albert O. Thomas Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Torp
Circle of Care,
$10,000 - $24,999
Anonymous (2)
Abel Construction Co. Inc.**
Alltech Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Erle H. Austin III**
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Blakemore* **
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan E. Blankenship Jr.
Bluegrass Family Health
Boice Enterprises
Opal Godfrey Brennan**
Brown-Forman Corp.**
Children’s Hospital Foundation Golf Outing
Citi Cards
Corbett Construction Co. Inc.**
Tim & Patty Coury
Dairy Queen Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Diebold
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Dortch
Ms. Virginia S. Frazier
FTI Consulting Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gahm Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Guillaume
Mr. Kevin J. Hable
Thomas H. Holman Trust
Horizon Asset Management
Horton Fruit Co.
Humana Foundation
Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
Miss Hazel Jacob
Kentucky Wireless Association
Josephine Kruse Estate
The Laurel Foundation
Louisville Baseball Club Inc.
Marriott International
Meghan’s Mountain Charitable Foundation
Morrison Management Specialists**
Mr. Thomas D. Mueller
Mr. Daniel C. Murphy
Neonatal Associates PSC
Mr. & Mrs. Norman V. Noltemeyer**
L. Evelyn Norris Estate
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Omnicare Foundation
Patrick Calhoun Jr. Charitable Trust**
Pediatric Cardiology Associates PSC
Sam & Bonnie Rechter Family Charitable Trust
Rite Aid Corp.
Sherman Rostetter Trust
Sam Swope BMW
Scared & Cornfused Inc.
Beatrice Shaffer Estate
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.
Tres Chic of Shelbyville
Trilogy Health Services LLC
United Graphics of Louisville
United Parcel Service Foundation Inc.
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
Mr. Chad R. Watts
Wings for Kids 2011
Yum! Brands Inc.**
Kathryn H. Trumbull Trust**
Tyler Mob LLC
United Fund Drive of Calvert City
University Pediatrics Foundation Inc.**
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Velander
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Velander
Juanita R. Wade Estate
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory West
Whittenburg Construction Co.
The Wilbert Foundation
Mr. Brian Wood
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs LLP**
ZirMed Inc.
Circle of Miracles,
$2,500 - $4,999
MAY (continued)
• Students and faculty at Greathouse
Shryock Traditional Elementary School
raise $40,000 for Kosair Children’s
Hospital during the school’s second
“Kids for Kids” fundraising initiative.
• Fourteen local chefs help raise $224,743
3M General Officer
Ace Hardware Corp.
Air Methods Corp.
William C. Almstedt Foundation
The American Bottling Co.
Mr. Thad Barnes
Bellarmine University
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Burianek
Carlon Roofing
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Casale
Mr. Jay Charnes
Ms. Kim R. Charney
Flora B. Cherry Trust Fund**
CoventryCares of Kentucky
Mr. & Mrs. Russell F. Cox* **
Credit Unions for Kids
Karl Danielson*
Robert B. Diehl Fund
Drake’s Restaurant
Mr. Jonathan E. Dubins
The Estopinal Group LLC
Eye Research & Education
Foundation Inc.
Family Allergy & Asthma
Faulkner Real Estate Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Feller
The Galt House & Suites
Mr. Lee Garlove & Dr. Amy Garlove
GE United Way Campaign
Genentech Inc.
Mr. Mark R. Gillming
Mr. Neil Grunberg
H & H Design-Build
Henderson Services LLC
Michael A. Hendricks*
Heritage Christian Academy
I.N. Bloom Elementary School
IHOP Restaurants
Charlotte Ipsan*
Mr. Eric L. Ison
Eileen Jackson Estate
Jim Beam Brands Co.
Karlsberger Cos.
Kentucky Hospital Association**
Kindred Foundation Inc.
Klosterman Baking Co.
Koch Filter Corp.
Laughlin Millea Hillman Architecture
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Levinsky
Liter’s Inc.
Carl A. Lochner Jr. Estate
Logan’s Healthcare Linen Service
Ms. Donna Logsdon
Lord & Taylor
Lynnville Community Church
Malco Theatres Inc.
McMasters Keith Inc.
Ms. Lynnie Meyer & Family*
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Miller
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Mountjoy, Chilton & Medley LLP
National Safe Kids Campaign**
The Oliver Group
Pediatric & Perinatal Pathology Associates PSC
Pediatric Anesthesia Association PSC
Pediatric Medical Education
in honor of Laurel E. “Lala” Dortch at the
second annual Bourbon & BowtiesTM:
A Taste of Corbett’s.
Kohl’s Cares provides a grant of $197,976
to the Children’s Hospital Foundation to
continue obesity prevention education
as part of the Kohl’s “Just for Kids”
C.A.R.E. (Child Advocacy Regional
Education) Program at Kosair Children’s
WHAS Crusade for Children provides
three grants totaling $680,805 to
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Foundation funds the continuation of
Safety City, a child safety education
program at Bates Elementary School
for second- and third-grade children in
Greater Louisville.
The Bike to Beat Cancer raises $282,000
for Norton Cancer Institute, including
pediatric cancer initiatives at
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
More than 300 pediatric cancer
survivors and their families gather for
a Carnival of Life hosted by physicians
and staff from Pediatric Hematology/
Oncology Specialists PSC, the
Kosair Children’s Hospital Cancer Care
and Renal Center, and the Association
of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Nurses. The event was sponsored by
the Children’s Hospital Foundation,
Ronald McDonald House Charities, Texas
Roadhouse and California Pizza Kitchen.
C h i l d r e n ’ s
H o s p i t a l
• Fifth annual American Girl Fashion Show
raises more than $65,000 to support the
NICU. The event was sponsored by Qdoba
Mexican Grill.
• Approximately 500 area elementary
students participate in “Safe Kids Walk
This Way,” a program led by the Children’s
Hospital Foundation Office of Child
Advocacy of Kosair Children’s Hospital
and designed to point out dangerous
traffic areas and teach children safe
pedestrian habits.
• Two Kosair Children’s Hospital volunteers,
Barbara Bernard and Nick Hebert, are
recognized with WLKY Bell Awards for
their outstanding service.
• Wes and Kelly Blair of Elizabethtown, Ky.,
make a $3 million gift in memory of their
daughter, Addison Jo, to the pediatric
oncology program at Kosair Children’s
Hospital, renaming it the Addison Jo Blair
Cancer Care Center.
• The Children’s Hospital Foundation earns
a top award from Children’s Miracle
Network Hospitals for having the highest
percentage increase in funds given
to Kosair Children’s Hospital in 2010.
Donations were up 37 percent, the largest
increase among similarly sized markets.
• Annual Festival of Trees & Lights, Snow
Ball and Kosair Children’s Hospital Home
and BMW Raffle raise $617,226 to support
the trauma program and other needs at
the hospital.
• Third “Just for Kids” Radiothon on
Main Line Broadcasting stations raises
approximately $266,000, airing on 99.7
DJX, B96.5, Magic 101.3, 102.3 The Max and
105.1 FM Talk.
• Wal-Mart commits $1 million in support of
the trauma program.
F o u n d a t i o n
Phi Mu Sorority
Pine Tree Mechanical
PNC Financial Services Group
Pointer Management Co.
Ponder & Co.
Ready Electric Co. Inc.
RecoverCare LLC
Dr. Paige Hertweck
Mr. G. Hunt Rounsavall Jr.
S & J Lighting Lense Supply Inc.
Dr. Christopher E. Smith
Kristin Spalding Memorial Fund
SpringHill & Fairfield Suites by Marriott
Steel Technologies Inc.
Stock Yards Bank & Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Swope
Elizabeth C. Thomas Fund
U.S. Foods
UBS Americas PAC Charity Match Program
UBS Financial Services Inc.
United Mail Sorting Inc.
University Cardiothoracic Surgical
Associates PSC
University Pediatric Surgery
Associates PSC**
Valley Creek Baptist Church
W. W. Grainger Inc.
Mary Ann & Rick Watkins* **
Whayne Supply Co.**
Mrs. Cheri C. White
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Williams* **
Tracy Williams*
Wilson W. Willis Estate
Dr. Kenneth Wilson*
Circle of Hope,
$1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (3)
The Actus Community Fund
Advanced Electrical Systems Inc.
Akins Co. Inc.
Dana Allen*
AmStar Inc.
Mr. Jack Antle
Arco Aluminum Inc.
Atrium Centers LLC
Matthew Ayers*
B. Braun Interventional Systems Inc.
Mrs. Jeanne Baize
Tina Emerson Ballard* **
Baron Capital Foundation
Beach Mold & Tool Inc.
Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer
Foundation Inc.
The Bellamy at Louisville
Rich Benner*
Biagi, Chance, Cummins, London &
Titzer Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Blair
Tony Bohn*
David Boome*
Mrs. Mollie R. Boyle
BP Foundation Inc.
Bradley, Arant, Boult, Cummings LLP
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bryant
Ms. Miriam A. Burich
Norma Bustin*
Mr. Brian Butler
Mr. Patrick Cairoli
Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center PSC
Cardinal Health Foundation Inc.
CaridianBCT Inc.
CCH/a Wolters Kluwer Business
Chico’s FAS Inc.
Citizens Union Bank
Mr. & Mrs. R. Philip Clements
Mrs. Mary K. Clift
Compliant Healthcare Technologies
CO-OP Financial Service
Mary Michael Corbett*
Mrs. Lois U. Davis
DKH Inc. – Chicken King
Dorma-Carolina Door Controls
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce K. Dudley
Ms. Laura Dunbar
Mr. James A. Ellis
Ginger Figg* **
2 0 1 1
A n n u a l
David Figge*
Mr. Eric Fraley
Franklin Templeton Institutional LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Agostino Gabriele
Mr. Edward Bennett & Ms. Carolyn Gatz
General Electric Employees Community Fund
The General Electric Foundation
Golden Corral Corp.
W. L. Gore & Associates
Grant Line Elementary School
Mr. Bob Gunnell
Mrs. Ann S. Gustafson
Basil & Harriet Hall**
Mr. & Mrs. Steve W. Hancock
John Harryman*
Mr. Prentice A. Harvey**
Mrs. Barbara W. Hendricks
George Hersch* **
Bryan Hildreth
Rhonda Hoffman*
Mr. Gene W. Hovendon
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• The annual Festival of Trees & Lights
is named a Top 10 Winter/Holiday
Festival and Event by the Kentucky
Travel Industry Association for the
second year in a row.
2011 WRAP-UP
• Specialists at Kosair Children’s Hospital
and Kosair Children’s Medical Center
– Brownsboro care for more than
140,000 children from throughout
Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
• Kentucky Regional Poison Control
Center of Kosair Children’s Hospital
advises nearly 72,000 concerned
families from all 120 counties in
Kentucky on how to correctly handle
poison exposures.
• Kosair Children’s Hospital child
passenger safety technicians check
more than 500 car seats and booster
seats statewide.
• Kosair Children’s Hospital and Safe
Kids Louisville and Jefferson County
conduct bike safety “rodeos” for
20,000 third- through fifth-graders
throughout Kentucky.
• Kosair Children’s Hospital “Just for
Kids” Transport Team transports more
than 1,600 sick babies and injured
children from across the region to
Kosair Children’s Hospital; the children
are transported via four mobile
intensive care ambulance units, a
helicopter and an airplane.
• Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
raises $89,043 for the hospital,
The Children’s Hospital Foundation is the philanthropic entity of Kosair Children’s Hospital. To make a gift, return
the envelope enclosed in this issue of Cart Wheels or visit You also may call the
Children’s Hospital Foundation at (502) 629-8060.
Efforts have been made to include all 2011 gifts of $500 and above. If a name was overlooked or printed incorrectly,
please accept our apologies. You are encouraged to contact the Children’s Hospital Foundation at 234 E. Gray St.,
Suite 450, Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 629-8060 or [email protected]
primarily through gift shop proceeds.
• TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital
raises $139,276 for the hospital
through various initiatives, including
gift shop sales at Norton Audubon and
Norton Suburban hospitals.
Providing care
that’s “Just for Kids”
Kosair Children’s Hospital is Kentucky’s
only full-service, free-standing pediatric
Cart Wheels
Norton Healthcare
P.O. Box 35070
Louisville, KY 40232-5070
care facility dedicated exclusively to
caring for children and is an advocate
for the health, safety and well-being of
all children. The 263-bed hospital, which
also serves as the primary pediatric
teaching facility for the University of
Louisville School of Medicine Department
of Pediatrics, maintains an unwavering
dedication to the children of this
community and the region. To learn
more about the programs and services
offered through Kosair Children’s Hospital,
The Children’s Hospital Foundation is
the philanthropic arm of Kosair Children’s
Hospital with a mission to raise awareness
and funds to support lifesaving equipment,
research, clinical care, education,
advocacy and state-of-the-art facilities.
For more information about charitable
contributions that help children, call
(502) 629-8060 or (800) 444-2523 or visit
To learn more about volunteer
opportunities at Kosair Children’s Hospital,
call (502) 629-6122.
Fall 2012
A quarterly publication of Kosair Children’s
Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Foundation
Contact us at:
Kosair Children’s Hospital information line
(502) 629-KIDS • (855) KCH-KIDS
Children’s Hospital Foundation
(502) 629-8060 • (800) 444-2523
Managing editors -Michelle Robey and
Maggie Skibba Roetker
Medical adviser - Stephen Wright, M.D.
Creative director - David Miller
Designer - Mary Lou Fitzer
Copy editors - Jen Reynolds, Luisa Satterly
This is Dr. Lucinda Thurman Wright, pediatric cardiologist, sharing a special
moment with one of her patients, Mattox. Their relationship will continue
longВ into the future because Dr. Wright not only provides a commitment to
care, but also a commitment to her patients that lasts a lifetime. It’s what makes
Kosair Children’s Hospital such a special place for specialty pediatric care.
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