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2014 November monthly newsletter - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox

Proistamenos: Fr. Douglas Papulis
(636) 527-7843
Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Arbanas
Office (314)361-6924
Fax (314)361-3539
Email: [email protected]
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108-1495
November 2014
Volume 18 - Number 11
Thanks is Expected by God
Every part of creation is expected to thank Almighty God for what He has done, does, and will do, as
proclaimed in the Old Testament processional song:
Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His
presence with exultation. Know that the Lord He is God; He has made us, and not we ourselves;
we are His people, and the sheep of His Pasture. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and His
courts with hymns; give thanks to Him, praise His name. For the Lord is good, His mercy is
forever; and His truth endures to generation and generation.
-Psalm 99 LXX
God expects mankind to acknowledge Him and His good works, and then to offer thanks appropriately for
every blessing. In fact, He takes note and is dismayed when He is not thanked:
“Then as He entered into a certain village, there met Him ten men who were lepers, who stood
afar off. And they lifted up their voices and said, ‘Jesus, master, have mercy on us!’ So when He
saw them, He said to them, ‘Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ And so it was that as they
went, they were cleansed. And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned and with
a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks. And he was a
Samaritan. So Jesus said, ‘Were not ten cleansed? But where are the nine? Were there not any
found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?”
-Luke 17:11-18
On the 4th Thursday of November we will all be gathering together with
our family and hopefully we will remember to do more than eat a meal
and watch football or make a mad dash for the mall. The Thanksgiving
Holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to transform our lives from
those of griping and dissatisfaction to lives of joy and gratitude.
Thanksgiving is a good holiday for us to turn the corner and become
grateful people. God wants nothing more than for us to be people of
thanksgiving and gratitude. Alan Perkins says, “A thankful spirit is one
of the key distinguishing marks of a Christian. It sets us apart from the
world, it makes us different.” Psalm 118:1 says, “give thanks to the
Lord for he is good, his love endures forever.”
-Fr. Aristotle Damaskos
A Prayer of
We, Your unworthy servants, praise
and glorify You, O Lord, for the many
blessings we have received from
You. We bless You, we thank You,
we sing to You, and we rejoice in
Your great mercy.
In humility and love, we praise You:
O Benefactor and Savior, glory to
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
St. Nicholas Servants
2014 Parish Council
Dr. Andrew Galatakos, President
Steve Ott, Vice-President
Demetrios Tsikalas, Treasurer
Michael Ferretti, Secretary
Nicky Antoniou
George Bude
Yemane Habtu
Marilynn Jemas
Alexandra Kavourinos
Mary Ann Mastorakos
Dr. William Mastorakos
Pete Papadopoulos
Saki Salas
Peter Takes
Peter Vaccaro
Roxana Couternais
Peter Lemakis
Janet Papageorge
Mark Vleisides
No climbing experience
Come join the fun!
Fr. Douglas Papulis
Teddy Hart, Chairperson
Michael Ferretti
John Koch
Mary Ann Mastorakos
Steve Ott
Michael Pappas
Michael Tsichlis
Demetrios Tsikalas
Chris Varvares
For more information, please
contact Presvytera Caroline:
[email protected]
Pat Johnson
William Karides
Irene Schildroth
Roxana Couteranis
Lee Hartley
Helen Leara
Christina Lemakis
Tina Paradowski
Elaine Coulson
Michael Kontominas
Michael Tsichlis
Paul Efthim
Pat Johnson
Leo C. Pashos
Mike Kamburis
Robert Meyer
Sam Mezines
Nick Tharenos
John Koch, Chairman
Voula Francis
Sakis Salas
Dan Tarlas
Peter Vaccaro
Barbara Corrigan
Tina Fakonas
Denise Karras
Georgia Ferretti, President
Audit Committee
Stewardship Committee
Cemetery Committee
Election Committee
Library Committee
Physical Facilities
Physical Facilities Family Life Center
Planned Giving
Scholarship Committee
St. Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute
Michael G. Tsichlis, PhD
Church School Co-Director
314-361-6924 x330
Bess Fitzmaurice
Despina Hartley
Rosie Hartley
Dance Troupe –Georgia Johnson
GOYA –Helen Carey
-Mark & Renee Vleisides
JR. GOYA –Mimi Davis
-Debbie Palazzola
HOPE –Presvytera Caroline Arbanas
-Presvytera Caroline Arbanas
Junior Goya
Fall Gathering
1874 Lackland Hill Parkway, 63146
Saturday, November 22
2:30 to 4:30 pm
The book group will meet
Monday, November 3 to
discuss The Light Between
Oceans by R.L. Stedman. In
her widely-acclaimed debut
novel, Stedman describes the
moral dilemma faced by an
Australian lighthouse keeper
and his wife, heartbroken in
their inability to have children,
when a “gift from God” arrives
to bring an end to their
loneliness—possibly at the cost
of breaking the heart of
someone else. We will meet
from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Family
Life Center; everyone is
The 20th Hellenic Culture Camp was held
at the St. Nicholas Family Life Center with great success. In attendance were 60 campers from
2nd to 8th grade and 10 counselors from 9th to 12th grades from St. Nicholas and the Assumption
churches. The directors were Alex Davis and Emily Spanos.
Classes in History, Language, and icon making were presented in a fun and interesting way.
The campers made key chains and jewelry with items from Greece, learned to Greek dance, and
practiced making trigona, bourekakia and koulourakia.
The sports activities included soccer and a water slide.
On Thursday the campers and counselors had their annual Greek lunch catered by Michael’s,
and on Friday the campers sent to the Vetta Sports facility in Manchester, played on the
inflatable equipment and the indoor soccer field and watched a movie about Greece.
It was truly a memorable week to work with so many wonderful children of Greek Heritage who
bonded together, and we want to give a special “thank you” to all the donors, teachers and
volunteers, who helped keep the individual costs per camper to a minimum.
Johanna Spanos,
Hellenic Culture Camp Coordinator
Due to the holidays coming up articles for the December
newsletter is due November 6th and articles for the January
newsletter is due December 6th.
Email: [email protected]
Thank You
Jennifer English, Editor
St. Nicholas
Book Group
Upper Limits Climbing Gym
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
Andrew E Galakatos MD
PHONE: 314.922.4457
[email protected]
As discussed in the September Bulletin about a call for nominees in
the 23 November election, the ELECTION COMMITTEE has worked
vigorously to solicit worthy candidates before the application deadline
of 24 October. However a member of this Committee expressed
concern if candidates were truly aware of the duties & responsibilities
of the office being pursued. In the future, an attempt will be made to
inform applicants beforehand about the specific Board or Standing
Committee position being sought. None the less, it is an honor to
serve the Church in these elected and in voluntary positions.
Όπως αναφέρθηκε στο Δελτίο Σεπτέμβριος σχετικά με πρόσκληση
υποβολής υποψηφιοτήτων στην εκλογές της 23ης Νοεμβρίου, η
εφορευτική επιτροπή έχει εργαστεί σθεναρά να ζητήσει άξιοι υποψήφιοι
πριν από τη λήξη της προθεσμίας εφαρμογής της 24ης Οκτωβρίου.
Ωστόσο, ένα μέλος της επιτροπής εξέφρασαν την ανησυχία αν οι
υποψήφιοι ήταν πραγματικά γνωρίζουν τα καθήκοντα και τις
αρμοδιότητες του γραφείου που επιδιώκονται. Στο μέλλον, η
προσπάθεια θα πρέπει να γίνει για να ενημερώνουν τους αιτούντες εκ
των προτέρων για το συγκεκριμένο Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο ή τη θέση της
μόνιμης επιτροπής που ζητούνται. Κανένας λιγότερο, είναι τιμή μου να
υπηρετήσει την Εκκλησία σε αυτά εκλέγονται και σε εθελοντικές θέσεις.
Major plaster work was needed in our primary Church building and
estimate bids ran as high as $14,000. Church Board Member
GEORGE BUDE took it upon himself to contact the primary contractor
that the Facility’s Committee had selected and was able to renegotiate
a reduction of repair cost down to $11,000. In addition, Mr. Bude
personally initiated a fund raising effort for this work and raised
$15,000, the balance of which will now be used for the necessary
artistic paintwork by RIP KASTARIS over the repair in the Church
Sanctuary. We wish to not only thank Mr. Bude but also the following
parishioners who donated to this fund raiser.
The following contributed $1,000:
Andrew Efthim
Steve Chalmers
Paul & Helen Leara
George & Pat Leontsinis
Demos & Mary Argyros
Dean & Michelle Millonas
Katherine Rutter
Steve & Diana Ott
Janet Papageorge
Elizabeth Krekorian Riethmann
Peter & Kim Spanos
Dr William & Fotina Shisko
Gus & Angela Demos
George Bude
The following contributed $500:
Anna Siromas
John & Mary Anne Koch
Σημαντικές εργασίες γύψο ήταν απαραίτητες για την πρωτοβάθμια
Εκκλησία κτιρίου και εκτίμηση προσφορές μας έτρεξε τόσο υψηλό όπως
$ 14.000. Εκκλησία Μέλος Δ.Σ. ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ BUDE πήρε την ευθύνη να
επικοινωνήσετε με το κύριο ανάδοχο που είχε επιλεγεί επιτροπή της
Διευκόλυνσης και ήταν σε θέση να επαναδιαπραγματευθούν τη μείωση
του κόστους επισκευής κάτω σε $ 11.000. Επιπλέον, ο Bude ξεκίνησε
προσωπικά μια προσπάθεια συλλογής χρημάτων για το έργο αυτό και
εγείρει $ 15.000, το υπόλοιπο των οποίων θα πρέπει τώρα να
χρησιμοποιηθεί για την αναγκαία καλλιτεχνική βαφή από RIP
KASTARIS για την επισκευή της εκκλησίας Ιερό. Θέλουμε όχι μόνο να
ευχαριστήσω τον κ Bude, αλλά επίσης τα ακόλουθα ενορίτες που
δώρισε σε αυτόν τον έρανο (... εισηγμένη στο αγγλικό τμήμα).
Τα γεύματα ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ Παρασκευή (γεύματα σερβίρονται 11-2 μ.μ. κάθε
Παρασκευή) προχωρούν πολύ καλά κάτω από το κύριο ηγεσία του Πα
Doug και τη διαχείριση των 5 Επιτροπών ως περιστροφική ομάδες.
Όποιος επιθυμεί να συμμετάσχει με οποιονδήποτε τρόπο ή θέλουν
συγκεκριμένες λεπτομέρειες σχετικά με τις Γεύματα, παρακαλούμε
επικοινωνήστε με οποιοδήποτε μέλος του Διοικητικού Συμβουλίου ή
καλέστε το Γραφείο Εκκλησίας @ (314) 361-6924.
The FESTIVAL FRIDAY LUNCHEONS (meals served from 11 to 2
PM every Friday) are proceeding very well under the primary
leadership of Fr Doug and the management of 5 Committees as
rotational teams. Anyone who wishes to participate in any way or
want specific details about the Luncheons, please contact any
member of the Board or call the Church Office @ (314) 361-6924.
Κυριακή Greeters ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ:
ROXANA COUTERANIS έχει ευγενικά συμφώνησε να αναλάβει την
ευθύνη της ανάθεσης της Κυριακής Εκκλησία Greeters. Επιπλέον,
μπορεί να έχετε παρατηρήσει ότι το STAND ΕΠΙΣΚΕΠΤΩΝ greeter έχει
μεταφερθεί στην περιοχή της εισόδου γυάλινη πόρτα ακριβώς μπροστά
από το Γραφείο Εκκλησίας, που θα στελεχώνεται κυρίως από
«έμπειρος» (παλαιότερα) ενορίτες. Καταβάλλεται κάθε δυνατή
προσπάθεια για να αναγνωρίσουν και να αγκαλιάσουν τους
ανθρώπους που μπορεί να είναι πιθανά νέα μέλη ή απλά "one-time"
επισκέπτες στην Εκκλησία μας. Ιερείς μας λαμβάνουν τα ονόματα και τις
σημειώσεις τους από τις Greeters και στη συνέχεια να ανακοινώσει την
παρουσία του επισκέπτη πριν από κηρύγματα τους. Επομένως, σας
παρακαλώ να βοηθήσει κάνουν αυτοί οι άνθρωποι να αισθάνονται
καλοδεχούμενοι από αυτούς που τους πλησιάζουν και να μιλάμε με τους
κατά τη διάρκεια της ώρας καφέ.
ROXANA COUTERANIS has kindly agreed to take charge in the
assignment of Sunday Church Greeters. In addition, you may have
noticed that the VISITOR GREETER STAND has been relocated to
the glass door entrance area just in front of the Church Office that will
be primarily staffed by “seasoned” (older) parishioners. Every effort is
made to recognize and embrace people who may be potential new
members or just “one-time” visitors to our Church. Our Priests receive
their names & notes from the GREETERS and then announce the
visitor’s presence before their Sermons. So please help make these
people feel welcomed by approaching them and talking with them
during Coffee hour.
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
Planning Your Legacy: TERMINOLOGY - PART 2
By Voula S. Francis, CFP®
This is a continuation of last month’s article, which began
listing some terminology, in simpler language, that is often
heard with regards to legacy planning. This is in hopes to
dispel the myth that legacy planning has to be more
complicated or intimidating than it really has to be. Below
are the remaining terms in simple language:
 Bequest. A gift of personal property under the terms of a
Will. A bequest can be of specific assets or the
"residue" (what is left after specific gifts have been made)
of an estate.
 Beneficiary. Any person or entity (like a charity) that
receives assets or profits from an estate, a trust, retirement
account, or insurance policy.
 Durable Power of Attorney. Your authorization for
someone to act as your Attorney-in-Fact to handle your
financial matters when you cannot. You can grant very
broad or limited powers to the Attorney-in-Fact.
 Living Will. Sometimes called a "Durable Power of
Attorney for Health Care" or "Health Care Power of
Attorney" or “Advance Medical Directive.” You name a
Health Care Agent and indicate what kind of medical care
you want when you cannot make those decisions for
yourself. This document also authorizes your doctors to
disclose your confidential medical information to your
Health Care Agent.
 Revocable Trust (or Living Trust). A trust created by
you for your benefit during your lifetime with distribution
to beneficiaries taking place according to the terms of the
trust after your death. A Revocable Trust is often used to
keep an Estate's affairs more private and to reduce or
eliminate probate expenses.
For most people, the greatest financial gift we are able to
give is what we leave behind when we fall asleep in the
Lord. Please consider remembering your Church through
planned giving.
Αυτό είναι μια συνέχεια του άρθρου περασμένο μήνα, η οποία
ξεκίνησε λίστα κάποια ορολογία, σε απλή γλώσσα, που
ακούγεται συχνά σε σχέση με την κληρονομιά του σχεδιασμού.
Αυτή είναι η ελπίδα για να διαλύσει τον μύθο ότι η κληρονομιά
του σχεδιασμού θα πρέπει να είναι πιο περίπλοκη ή εκφοβισμό
από ό, τι πραγματικά είναι. Παρακάτω είναι οι υπόλοιποι όροι σε
απλή γλώσσα:
• Κληροδότημα. Ένα δώρο της προσωπικής περιουσίας
σύμφωνα με τους όρους της διαθήκης. Ένα κληροδότημα μπορεί
να είναι συγκεκριμένων περιουσιακών στοιχείων ή την
«κατάλοιπο» (ό, τι έχει απομείνει μετά την ειδική δώρα έχουν
γίνει) ενός κτήματος.
• Δικαιούχος. Κάθε φυσικό ή νομικό πρόσωπο (όπως μια
φιλανθρωπική οργάνωση) που δέχεται τα περιουσιακά στοιχεία
ή τα κέρδη από ένα κτήμα, μια εμπιστοσύνη, λογαριασμό
συνταξιοδότησης, ή ασφαλιστήριο συμβόλαιο.
• Ανθεκτική Πληρεξούσιο. Άδεια για κάποιον να ενεργεί ως
Εισαγγελέας-in-Fact σας να χειριστεί οικονομικά θέματα σας,
όταν δεν μπορείτε. Μπορείτε να χορηγήσει πολύ ευρεία ή
περιορισμένη εξουσία στην Εισαγγελέα-in-Fact.
• Living Will. Μερικές φορές ονομάζεται «ανθεκτική δύναμη
του πληρεξούσιου για τη Φροντίδα Υγείας" ή "Power Health για
Φροντίδα Εισαγγελέα» ή «Advance Medical οδηγία." Θα
αναφέρουμε Agent Υγείας και δείχνουν τι είδους ιατρική
περίθαλψη που θέλετε, όταν δεν μπορείτε να κάνετε αυτές τις
αποφάσεις για τον εαυτό σας . Το έγγραφο αυτό εξουσιοδοτεί
επίσης τους γιατρούς σας να αποκαλύπτει εμπιστευτικές ιατρικές
πληροφορίες σας με τον συνεργάτη σας Health Care.
• Revocable Trust (ή Living Trust). Μια εμπιστοσύνη που
δημιουργήθηκε από σας προς όφελός σας κατά τη διάρκεια της
ζωής σας με τη διανομή στους δικαιούχους που λαμβάνουν χώρα
σύμφωνα με τους όρους της εμπιστοσύνης μετά το θάνατό σας.
Μια ανακλητή εμπιστοσύνη είναι συχνά χρησιμοποιείται για να
κρατήσει τις υποθέσεις μιας Κτήματος πιο ιδιωτική και να
μειώσουν ή να εξαλείψουν τα έξοδα διαθήκης
Για τους περισσότερους ανθρώπους, το μεγαλύτερο οικονομικό
δώρο είμαστε σε θέση να δώσουμε είναι αυτό που αφήνουμε
πίσω μας όταν είμαστε κοιμισμένοι στον Κύριο πτώση.
Παρακαλούμε να εξετάσει την θυμόμαστε Εκκλησία σας μέσω
των προγραμματισμένων δόσιμο.
GOYA Float Trip
River.. The weather was
beautiful, the kids practically
had the river to themselves,
and the cabins at Meramec
State Park were really nice. A
great time was had by all!
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
Philoptochos Corner
November 2014
The Elevation of the Cross & Stavrou Luncheon –
September 14
This year Stavrou fell on a Sunday and was well
attended with over 100. This is one of the Great Feasts
of the Holy Church and is also a strict fast day as we
recall the events of Great Friday when our Lord went to
the Cross for our salvation. We thank Mary Argyros,
Katia Shasserre, FoFo Shisko and Cleo Kekeris for
underwriting this beautiful luncheon and preparing the
meal. We also thank LaDonna Gordon for her help, Aliki
Bibas and Antigoni Dafnides for the delicious bread. A
special thank you to Mrs. Dubis and Maria Kamburis for
the home made Lenten cake. All proceeds benefit Holy
Cross Seminary.
Sunday, November 16 & 23
Grecian Kitchen Harvest Bake Sale Luncheons
The Ladies of Philoptochos will be hosting their Annual
Grecian Kitchen Harvest Bake Sale Luncheon. We
need “home-made” items: breads, cakes, pies, etc. for
the Harvest Bake Sale. If you are interested in baking
an item please contact Georgia Ferretti 636 675-0329 or
[email protected] For advance orders
please contact Dianne Zotos at 636 530-6988.
Calendar of Events:
11/02 – Philoptochos Sunday, presentation of Woman
of the Year, Kick off Holiday Ministries/Pass Tray for
Families in Need
11/18 – General Meeting to approve the budget
12/05 – St. Nicholas Vesper’s Reception
12/06 – St. Nicholas Brunch Reception
12/07 – Children’s Holiday Breakfast/St. Nicholas Day
12/13 – Philoptochos Holiday Luncheon
Hunger for Greece and Cyprus special coffee hour –
October 5
Thank you to Helen Carey and Chrysoula Tomaras for
putting together this special coffee. This was hosted by
Philoptochos and sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Spanos. A special thank you to Leon and Johanna for
wanting to bring awareness to this very worthy cause.
Over $700 was collected.
Congratulations Marilynn Jemas!
Philoptochos Sunday
November 2
Presentation of Woman of the Year, Pass the tray for the
Needy, and kick-off our holiday ministries, Seats and
Feet to benefit The Little Bit Foundation
She has been reappointed to the National Philoptochos
Board. Not only is she on the National Board, but she is
also on the Metropolis Philoptochos Board.
Congratulations again, Marilynn!
Grecian Kitchen Holiday Open House
Saturday, November 8
Family Life Center 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Please bring your family and friends for lunch and place
your home-made “Grecian Specialties” order for the
holidays. Once again we will have several boutiques for
your holiday shopping! Our Prayer Shawl Ministry will
display their beautiful baby clothing, blankets and shawls
for your holiday gifts. Our Philoptochos Booth will
feature: Hellenic Cuisine Cookbook, “OPA” Salad
Dressing, Jr. Philoptochos Merchandise and our
children’s book “I’m So Little, How Can I Help?” We
have many vendors that are coming back again this year
plus a few first timers – Silpada, Paper Dolls, Cleo’s
jewelry, Presently Personalized Gifts, Angelina
Accoutrements, and Sweet Boutique. Anyone wanting
to place advance orders for Grecian Kitchen items
please contact Dianne Zotos at 636-530-6988.
Sunday Greeters
Roxana Couternais is Chairperson for the Sunday
Greeters. She is looking for volunteers for greeting
parishioners and visitors to our church. If you would like
to volunteer, please contact Roxana at 314-752-0252
The Best Trunk or Treat Ever
Thank you Stephanie Glioumas and your lovely committee
for, (quoting my Grandsons’) “THE BEST TRUNK OR
TREAT EVER.” Everything from the bonfire to the spooky
witches, skeletons, goblins, and spider web decorations…
the marvelous homemade chili and desserts...the hot cocoa
and Carmel corn on every table...the crafts and glow sticks
that turned every boy and girl into swashbucklers all added
up to the “The Best Trunk or Treat Ever.” thank you from all
the little ghosts, goblins, ghouls, their parents, yia-yias’ and
papous’. “Na herese ta heria sou,”
ET (Eftihia Tompras)
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
On the Bible:
“There is nothing that can take the place of
a faithful friend, and there is no way to
measure his worth.”
-Wisdom of Sirach 6:15
November 2014
Christmas Lent
November 15th – December 24th
The Church has set aside four fasts during the year: two forty day
fasts, one before the Nativity of Christ and other before the
Resurrection of Christ; and two shorter fasts, one before the feast of
the Apostles Peter and Paul and the other before the Dormition of
the Mother of God (a fast 14 days before the feast). The fasts are
periods of spiritual preparation, and we understand that the fast is
not just about food and drink but rather us from fulfilling the
righteousness of god and his Kingdom.
The fasts of the Church are times for us to focus on the basics of
Christian life, to ponder the commandments and do them and live
lives that are consistent with what the Church is praying. On
December 25th the Church celebrates the Nativity of Christ and a
forty-day fast is given to us that begins on November 15. This fast is
a gift given to us that we might enter the feast with clear minds and
clean hearts, with a correct understanding of what it is that are
actually celebrating and prayer that is bold and focused. We will not
celebrate the feast with maximal joy if our behavior and our prayer
are conflicted. The fast reminds us that those who truly live a
Christian life have made the Kingdom of God their number one
We make the following recommendations:
1. Spend less time on TV, computer and other electronic
entertainments. There should be more quiet time, or if the family
does not have much time for interaction there should be a time
for talking about things that really matter, more time working
together as a family on projects that build up the family morale.
This could be activity that is pf practical and spiritual value to the
family. The reading aloud of spiritual books and the lives of saints
and the Sacred Scriptures is a good and very traditional practice.
There should be prayer together as a family at least once a day.
2. Keep the fasts of the Church as closely as possible. If we cannot
curb our appetites even in these small ways, how could we ever
stand up to the time of trial, whether it is a time of martyrdom or
simply the natural process of death and passing from this life to
the next.
3. Organize the family activities around the Liturgical calendar of
the Church and not vice versa.
4. Practice mutual forgiveness before Confession and Holy
Communion. Ask forgiveness any time that there is strife among
family members.
5. Practice works of mercy. Although we should not wait for a
fasting season to do good, the fasting seasons remind us that we
cannot expect mercy from God if we show no mercy.
6. Come to the services of the Church, and above all be present on
Sundays and the Great Feasts.
It is never easy to be an Orthodox Christian but the best time to
put our faith into action is today. We pray that the upcoming holy
days find us at least as active in our spiritual preparation as we are
in our preparation of gifts, meals and festivities. May god give you
good health and that “Peace which passes all understanding.”
-excerpted from The Talaton magazine
S 1 Cor 12:27-31;13:1-8
Mt 10:1,5-8
Gal 2:16-20
M Col 2:13-20
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St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
Intercessor and Defender
Since his glorification in August 1970, the
Venerable Elder Herman of Alaska has
become known and revered around the
globe. He is celebrated in Russia, in
Greece, on the Holy Mountain, and across
the U.S. In hymns he is praised as a
traditional ascetic whose pious and
prayerful life transformed him from a solitary
wilderness hermit into a prophetic
wonderworker. Father Herman testified to
his own conversation with angels. The
Aleuts of the region recall the miraculous
deliverances he prophesied in an encounter
with a tidal wave on one occasion and a
forest fire on another.
But the Elder Herman was to initially
honored for his sanctity. To be sure, after
his repose in 1837, miracles multiplied at
his grave, and the elder became famous
posthumously as a miracle-worker. But the
Aleuts were visiting his burial site much
earlier, not because they expected
healings, but because they loved their
This love derived from his devotion to
them, a devotion that put him into conflict
with the civil authorities of his time. Arriving
at Kodiak in September 1794, Elder
Herman discovered that conditions in the
Kodiak colony were nothing like what he
had been led to expect. There was no
church. There was no rectory. There was
no food, no church supplies, and only a few
rotten and ruined service books. Not only
did Herman and the other monks have to
move into the common laborers’ barracks,
but they had to witness the laborers’
immoral and even disgraceful treatment of
the local women and girls. They also
witnessed the abuse to which the Natives
were subjected by cruel foremen. They saw
Aleuts being forced out to sea to hunt sea
otters, not in order to trade their catch for
goods or cash, but to avoid being beaten,
murdered, or robbed.
The conflict between the chief manager,
Alexander Baranov, and the monks
intensified over the next several years, until
the monks’ leader jumped aboard a ship
and returned to Russia to report to the
governing authorities in person.
Archimandrite Ioasaph’s complaints and
appeals were well received in Siberia, and
he was consecrated Bishop of Kodiak, with
authority to put the Alaskan house in order,
even to arrest Baranov if necessary.
Tragically, the ship bringing the first
Orthodox bishop appointed to the New
World sank on its voyage back, and
Baranov’s regime lasted another twenty
Left to their own resources, other monks
returned home or died. Before long, the
Elder Herman was left alone. After surviving
The Man Who Won’t Fit in a Bag
three attempts to assassinate him, he
moved to quieter and safer ground, four
miles from Kodiak to Spruce Island, which
he named New Valaam. From there he
continued to report on the injustices and
abuses the company leaders continued to
inflict upon his people.
When at last, in 1818, Baranov was
retired and returned to Russia, his
successor came directly to Spruce Island to
interview Father Herman. Courageously the
elder wrote, “Our people cry not tears but
blood!” and begged, “Help us to know what
consolation is!” The new governor asked
how the Native people had fared during the
past 24 years. Father Herman explained
that the population of Kodiak had been
much reduced by disease, by cruelty, and
by the forced removal of many hunters from
their homes and families. Could the elder
substantiate these claims? Were there
records of births, deaths, marriages, or
burials? No, the humble monastic replied.
The clergy were never provided with
sufficient writing materials to keep such
records. Only Father Herman’s regular
appeals on behalf of the Kodiak Aleut
people provide the recovered of Baranov’s
oppressive policies. The company turned a
handsome profit every year of Baranov’s
rule, but the Native people paid the real
Two centuries later, this tragic chapter in
the history of Alaska would be completely
undocumented and unknown were it not for
the bold and heroic stance assumed by St.
Herman. Only one brief mention of this
aspect of his Christian witness appears in
the liturgical texts. He is called “intercessor
and defender of the oppressed.” When the
hymn to the newly glorified monastic was
translated into other Native Alaskan
languages, however, it was this troparion
that became the popular favorite. The
Aleuts knew that the Elder Herman was
their “Ap’a” long before the rest of the world
noticed, not because of his silence or
prayer life, not because of his fasting and
ascetic labors, but because of his courage
in defending them, even at great personal
risk. They know that he continues to pray
for them now and forever in the Kingdom of
God, where he now converses and
worships the Lord with the angels.
May God grant us, who venerate the holy
memory of the Venerable Herman of
Alaska, the courage also to speak out as he
did, whenever and wherever a helpless and
oppressed people require a courageous
By Fr. Michael Oleksa
From Up Here …. In Alaska
On November 21st we celebrate the feast of the
Entry of the Most-Holy Theotokos into the Temple.
The coming of Jesus Christ into the world is so
important that everything surrounding it, including the
vent this feast commemorates, is also important.
For years before Jesus’ birth, His Mother was
prepared for her role. While she was still very young,
her parents and neighbors took her to the Temple,
singing holy songs and carrying candles. She walked
up the steps of the Temple and was met by the high
priest. She entered the Holy of Holies with him as a
sign of her special destiny. Normally nobody entered
that place except the high priest, once a year. Then
Mary grew up and matured spiritually among holy
people, until God was ready to send His Son to us
and to have her give Him birth.
We celebrate and revere the people and events
surrounding the Incarnation because we believe it
alone tells the truth about God. Only Christians teach
that God’s Divine Son came among us to offer us life
through His death and resurrection. That is why we
can’t go along with those who say that every religion
is basically the same, and leads to God.
Among those who say this is Rick Steves, the wellknown travel writer and TV personality. Though
Steves is a committed and community-serving
Lutheran, he apparently shares the idea that all
religions are equal and the same.
He describes with admiration of a man he met in a
remote Turkish village. The man had an embroidered
bag hanging in a place of honor on a wall of his small
house. The bag, he told Steves, contained a copy of
the Qu’ran as well as a Bible and a copy of the
Talmud. Though a devout Muslim himself, the man felt
that he honored all three faiths by keeping their holy
Scriptures together in one bag.
This man is an example, Steves writes, of the way
we should all be. How appropriate, how good a
symbol of unity it would be if we could all have bags
with the various holy Scriptures in them.
But this day’s feast reminds us that Christians
cannot settle for such a tidy solution to the problem of
spiritual disunity among human beings. We are not
“people of the Book” because we worship a God who
did infinitely more than give us a sacred Scripture. He
was born from the long-prepared Mary as a Man, and
when grown He Burst the walls of hades asunder. If
hades could not contain Him, certainly a bag can’t do
Our own Scriptures tell us that Jesus Christ came
to save everyone, not just those who call themselves
His followers. We must love and respect those of
other faiths, and need to work at finding common
ground with them. But we also have to show them the
Man who died on the cross them – the Man who just
won’t fit in that bag.
-taken from:
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
2014 Sunday School News
Hello fellow parishioners. Sorry for this long letter but I didn’t write
one last month. As our newsletters are written a month before they are
printed, it is the beginning of October that I’m writing and Sunday
School has been in session for only a few weeks. I’m happy to report
that we’re off to a great start! Prior to our first day, a great deal of
behind the scenes effort was put forth to ensure a smooth opening. Codirector Despina Hartley and I spent a great deal of time preparing
rosters and lists from registration forms (and continue to update as we
have still not received all student registrations); planning; organizing,
assembling; strategizing; filing; updating; and so on. The Sunday
School was thoroughly cleaned and organized and ready for our
teachers to set up their classrooms and prepare their lessons. Our
teachers also enjoyed a working lunch (prepared by my sweet mother,
Voula Natsis) while participating in a teacher’s meeting and training
session. Our Sunday School halls were then cheerfully decorated by a
devoted crew of volunteers which included Claire Martin, Candice
Hoffman, Julia Wickes, and Kimberly Anno who created a welcoming
atmosphere for our returning students.
Our first day filled classrooms and halls with children and parents
buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. All were welcomed and the
younger children quickly set forth on beautiful cross crafts which they
lovingly carried in the Elevation of the Cross procession in church. They
returned to class to complete their crafts and learn about the
significance of this most sacred feast day.
Our second week brought parents and teachers together for an
informative curriculum day. Parents met teachers and learned about
what students will be doing and learning this year. They also were able
to volunteer in class and bring snacks. Afterwards, our parish enjoyed a
tasty Ice Cream Social sponsored by Tutti Fruitti located on Laclede
and Euclid. The owners of this establishment are Orthodox Christians
and wanted to help our parish. Let’s thank them by patronizing their
business. A special thanks to Dorothea Karakas, Pamela Brennan, and
Mr. Lemakis for their help in putting together a lovely celebration.
Looking ahead, we have much to look forward to. November brings
Advent, Thanksgiving and our November Canned Food Drive while
December brings St. Nicholas Day and our Christmas Pageant. So I
wanted to let you know about a few things going on and how you will be
able to help.
Our November Canned Food Drive will require a couple of
volunteers to assist with keeping counts of items in each class each
week, collection of items and assembly of items for pick up by the
beneficiary charities. Be sure to send students with non-perishable
canned or boxed food items each week.
This year our pageant will have a few noticeable changes. In the
past, all students up to and including first grade were angels. Beyond
that, only a few students participated as narrators and cast members
leaving out the rest. This year, we are adding the following:
• Pre-K and Kindergarten will be angels
• 1st Graders will be barn animals other than sheep
• 2nd Graders will be sheep/lambs
• 3rd Graders will be town’s people
• 4th, 5th & 6th Graders will be the main expanded cast which will
include Mary & Joseph, Donkey, Inn Keepers, Gabriel and Angels (who
appear to shepherds), Emperor and entourage
• 6th, 7th & 8th Grades will be our narrators and choir members.
No one will be forced to participate and anyone wishing to sing in the
choir instead may do so. Although we will have costumes for all of the
main cast and young angels, all other costumes will be the
responsibility of parents. They can be ordered through
or any other costume company or home made. They can be as simple
or elaborate as you wish. addition, Christina Hartley-a talented
woodworking artisan- has kindly volunteered to create the stable and
manger scenes and her brother Jonathan Hartley will be in charge of
lighting and sound. Our pageant will take place on Sunday, December
21st in church (after Divine Liturgy) and our rehearsal will take place
Sunday, December 14th after church is dismissed. So be prepared to
stay an extra hour on those days. Diana Ott may also schedule
additional rehearsal times for the choir. We’ll need several parents to
help with the pageant and be available on the 14th and the 21st.
I’m also happy to inform you about a special exhibit in honor of our
beloved patron Saint that will be displayed in our Sunday School from
December 6th through the 21st. This remarkable exhibit will include a
series of 17 panels explaining the life and meaning of St. Nicholas and
his influence throughout the world as well as the origin of Santa Clause.
Accompanying this exhibit will be some activities that will be
incorporated in our Sunday School curriculum for children up to 5th
grade. The highlight of this exhibit will take place on Saturday,
December 6th following Divine Liturgy where families will have the
opportunity to visit the exhibit and classrooms where special activities
will be set up as well as a brief video about this exhibit. There will also
be light refreshments. We will also invite families from neighboring
Orthodox parishes to participate. In addition, there will be a special St.
Nicholas Boutique where you may purchase beautiful icon ornaments
and other Advent and Nativity inspired gifts, crafts and home baked
goods. Proceeds from this boutique will benefit our Sunday School and
in the spirit of St. Nicholas, a portion will go to the local Orthodox Focus
Food Pantry. Donations for this special event are welcome but not
required. The boutique will also be up on December 7th and possibly
14th. We kindly ask that families RSVP for this event by contacting me
at [email protected] We want to thank Philoptochos for their
generous financial donation towards the cost of this enriching exhibit
which is coming from the St. Nicholas Center in Michigan. We will need
10 volunteers for this event on Saturday, December 6th to help as hosts
and activity coordinators in the classrooms as well as helpers with our
boutique. We also need donations of baked goods and Nativity/Advent
inspired crafts and handiwork to sell.
We also need volunteers to help with St. Nicholas Day goodie bags that
are placed in children’s shoes during Sunday school on December 7th.
The volunteers will assemble these bags Sunday, November 23rd. In
the past, we’ve had generous donations towards the cost of these
goodie bags. If you are able to contribute towards the cost of the
chocolate gold coins or other items, please let me know.
Keep in mind, we will not have Sunday School Thanksgiving
weekend (November 30th).
Finally, we want to thank Gus Catsavis and Stephani McPherron for
helping clean out a storeroom and move items to the Family Life Center.
We now have room to store Sunday School supplies.
We also wish to thank Angie Sevastianos and her family for generously
donating the beautiful cross notecards and coordinating ink pens for our
teachers. We appreciate her thoughtfulness.
Despina and I wish you a most blessed Advent season and a Happy
Your Co-Directors
Bess Fitzmaurice
Despina Hartley
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
September 10th thru October 10th
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Angels’ Arms
Parish Life
“All you who have been baptized in Christ”
Daughter of Nicholas & Kristen Degerinis
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Son of Nicholas & Kristen Degerinis
Godparent: Gregory Degerinis
Son of Andrew Anthon & Maria Vainalis
Godparent: Vasiliki Vainalis
November 2nd
40 Day Theodore Chronopoulos
1 Year Nicholas Yiatras
Memorial Service for the Departed Brothers
of the Hellenic American Progressive League
November 9th
40 Day Kyriaki Patakas
5 Year Penelope Ferretti
Son of R. Andrew & Sophia Hinely
Godparent: Christina Ginos
“Crown them with Honor and Glory”
Kalie Heitgerd and Deric Kalamitsiotis
Lauren O’Brien and Robert Muckler
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
4967 Forest Park Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
St. Nicholas Philoptochos Society
Grecian Kitchen/Harvest Bake Sale
Treat your Family & Friends to
Home-made Grecian Specialties
for the Holidays!
To Place Your Order…
Mail the completed order form below with check payable to: St. Nicholas Philoptochos
c/o Dianne Zotos, 1238 Hillcrest Field Dr, Chesterfield, MO 63005 or call 636.530.6988
Pick-up Dates…
Saturday, November 8, 2014
10:30 am – 3:00 pm
Grecian Kitchen Holiday Open House
St. Nicholas Family Life Center
12550 South Forty Dr
Town & Country, MO 63141
Sunday, November 16 and 23, 2014
After Divine Liturgy
St. Nicholas Church
4967 Forest Park Ave
St. Louis, MO 63108
Galaktoboureko ……..$20 (Half Pan)
Spanakopita………..…….….........$20 (half pan)
Custard Filled Pastry (ready to bake)
Savory spinach & cheese Pie (ready to bake)
Koulouria………….…………..$7 per dozen
Tiropita…………………………………$20 (half pan)
Braided Butter Cookies
Savory Cheese Pie (ready to bake)
Paximathia……………..…… $10 per dozen
Pastitsio…………………………….…$45 (Half Pan)
Baklava…………………….. $25 (half pan)
“OPA” Salad dressing………………..$4 Classic
Chocolate Dipped Greek Biscotti
ground beef, pasta, & bechamel Casserole
(ready to bake)
Greek Favorite (Ready to Bake)
“Hellenic Cuisine” cookbook…..…..…$25
Vasilopita Bread**……………………..$20
Traditional New Year’s Day Bread with hidden “good luck” coin
**Orders must be placed by 11/23 for pick up on 12/21 after Divine Liturgy at Church
Mail completed form & check payable to: St. Nicholas Philoptochos
c/o Dianne Zotos, 1238 Hillcrest Field Dr, Chesterfield, MO 63005
To ensure holiday delivery, please
order by: November 1, 2014
City state zip
(half pan)
Koulouria (dozen)
Paximathia (dozen)
Baklava (half pan)
Spanakopita (half pan)
Tiropita (half pan)
Pastitsio (half pan)
OPA Salad Dressing
Vasilopita Bread
Please circle one of the following pick-up dates: 11/8 11/16 11/23
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
St. Nicholas Philoptochos Society
Invites you to join us for our...
Grecian Kitchen
Holiday Open House
Saturday, November 8, 2014
10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
St. Nicholas Family Life Center
Lunch, Greek Pastries, & Boutique Shopping
Open to the Public!
Grecian Kitchen
Harvest Bake Sale Luncheon
Sunday, November 23, 2014
After Divine Liturgy
St. Nicholas Church Auditorium
Lunch, Greek Pastries, Home-Made Baked Goods, & Specialty Items
Please come and place your orders for
home-made “Grecian Specialties” for the holidays
For advanced orders, please contact
Dianne Zotos 636.530.6988
Proceeds will help fund the work of local & national charities
supported by St. Nicholas Philoptochos
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
Helping Others Help Themselves
The Metropolitan St. Louis
Committee for IOCC
Annual Fundraiser Banquet
Sunday, November 9, 2014
Vespers 5pm – Dinner 6pm
Metropolitan Nikitas,
St. Thomas the Apostle
Romanian Orthodox Church
6501 Nottingham Ave
St. Louis, MO 63109
Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox
Born in Tampa, Florida, Metropolitan
Nikitas holds a Master of Divinity, with
honors, from Holy Cross School of
Theology. After pursuing graduate
studies at the University of Thessaloniki,
Greece, he later became the
Chancellor of the Greek Orthodox
Diocese of Chicago. In 1994, he was
appointed Director of Development for
Charities. After serving as Pastor of St.
consecrated a Hierarch and named
Metropolitan of Hong Kong and South
East Asia. This exciting event took place
in the Patriarchal Cathedral of St.
George the Martyr, Phanar, Istanbul.
Currently he is the Director of the
Patriarch Athenagoras Institute in
Berkeley, California. His Eminence is
fluent in English, Greek, Russian, and
has a working knowledge of Latin,
Church Slovonic, and Spanish.
Please mail your check payable to
IOCC to:
Mrs. Teddy Hart
1715 Featherwood Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146
International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)
is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization eligible to
receive tax-deductible contributions
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
Please join us for a special
holiday movie premier of…
With special guest Robert Krantz – writer, producer, & actor of the award winning
“Do You Wanna Dance?” and the new “Christmas with the Karountzoses”
Thursday, November 20th
Doors Open: 6pm
Movie Premier: 7pm
St. Nicholas Family Life Center
12550 South Forty Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141
$30 per person
Includes movie theater style food & drinks
For advanced reservations, please contact:
Carol Kamburis
[email protected] or 314.803.245
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Monthly Bulletin
November 2014
Adopt a Child This Christmas
The St. Nicholas Prison Ministry would like to ask
parishioners to adopt 50 children this year for the holiday
season. You will be given the children’s wish lists, and
asked to make their holiday a little happier by purchasing a
child’s requested item. In consideration of everyone’s
budget, we are asking that the total purchase price should
not exceed $25.
All items must be new and unwrapped.
For more information on the Christmas adoption program,
please contact Clark Porter (314) 518-6747
Adopt a Child This Christmas
9:30am-Divine Liturgy
Greeter: Sue Katsoulis
Market Day
4:30pm Greek Conversation
Night @ FLC
9:30am-Divine Liturgy
Greeter: Kathryn Forsting
Parish Elections
Harvest Bake Sale
4:30pm Greek Conversation
Night @ FLC
9:30am-Divine Liturgy
Greeter: Paul & Tina Efthim
Grecian Kitchen Bake Sale &
4:30pm Greek Conversation
Night @ FLC
9:30am-Divine Liturgy
Greeter: Cindy & Lee
4:30pm Greek Conversation
Night @ FLC
5pm IOCC Liturgy & Banquet
@ St. Thomas
9:30am-Divine Liturgy
Greeter: Leo & Dessie
Woman of the Year
4:30pm Family Night @ FLC
7pm St. Nicholas Book
Group FLC
10am Divine Liturgy @
Family Life Center
11a Fifty-Something
Luncheon @ FLC
Katherine the Great 25
6:30pm Conversation
Greek Night @ FLC
10am Women’s Faith
6:30pm Intermediate &
Conversational Greek
Class @ FLC
10am Mom’s & Tots @
7am Men’s Fellowship
Family Life Center
6pm Grief Support
10am Mom’s & Tots @
9-12 Family Life Center
7am Men’s Fellowship
Family Life Center
10am Divine Liturgy @
Ahepa Apt
10am Mom’s & Tots @
9-12 Family Life Center
9-12 Family Life Center
7am Men’s Fellowship
Family Life Center
10am Mom’s & Tots @
7am Men’s Fellowship
Family Life Center
No Festival
Friday Luncheon
11am-2pm Festival Friday
Luncheon @ Church
10am Divine Liturgy @
Church – Entrance of the
Entrance of the Theotokos
11am-2pm Festival Friday
Luncheon @ Church
11am-2pm Festival Friday
Luncheon @ Church
2:30pm Jr. Goya Rock
Nativity Lent Begins
9:30 am Divine Liturgy @
Church – Synaxis of the
10:30am-3pm Grecian
Kitchen Open House @
Family Life Center
Synaxis of the Archangels
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
4967 Forest Park Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108
Please visit us at
Philoptochos Philanthropy
Chicken and Dumplins
Lima Beans
Cranberry Sauce
Instant Pudding
Powdered Milk (optional)
Dishpan Detergent (optional)
Chopped Ham
Crushed Pineapple
Cornbread Mix
Powdered Milk (optional)
Toothbrush (optional)
A very special Thank You to Mary Mezines,
our Food Bag Chairperson
We were Blessed to hear the new and very beautiful spiritual music presented by the Metropolis Choir on Sunday, October 12 as they thrilled us with their beautiful voices singing the Liturgy to the Congregation.
What a lovely way to start our month of Philanthropy..
We continue to look for gently used children's books and toys -- also clothing from infant to 7
years. We are very grateful to those parishioners who continue to fill the FOOD BAGS. Thank
you -- they are needed and are appreciated by our Food Kitchens and by people who come to
the church asking for help.
We need men's clothing, shoes and boots and women's clothing all sizes and gently used
boots & shoes.
We have a request for a washer & dryer (electric), an apartment size refrigerator, and a twin
bed.. We will pick up any items too large to bring to church. Please contact Johanna or
Jeanne and we will arrange to pick them up.. Thank you for thinking of us and the many people who need our help.
May we take a moment to thank the St. Nicholas parishioners for always supporting our
Philoptochos events. This is how we are able to help those in need and we are very grateful.
. Please call Johanna Spanos (314) 966-5176 or Jeanne Tompras (314) 994-7667 if
you have questions.
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