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ルイガノ 24インチ キッズ バイク 2016 LOUIS GARNEAU ルイガノ LGS

Women’s Bible Study
Discussion Questions
Luke 1:39-80
1. Consider the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth and what they both might have
been feeling and thinking. How does Elizabeth greet and receive Mary? How does
she know Mary’s “secret”?
2. How do Mary and Elizabeth celebrate their pregnancies through a focus on God
and His great mercy?
3. Mary’s song of praise in verses 46-55 references passages from the Old
Testament, one of which is Psalm 103:17. Read this entire psalm and write down
what you learn about God and what He accomplishes for His people.
4. Zechariah’s prophecy in verses 67-79 is filled with promises. Note what you learn
about each of the following:
a. The coming and purpose of the Messiah
b. John’s purpose as a prophet of the Most High
c. What would be given to God’s people as a result of John’s ministry and
the work of the Messiah?
5. Consider how Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah and John were all called to walk a road
of faith and trust in God in the midst of unexpected circumstances. God blessed
each of them in profound ways as He also put them in challenging situations.
How is God calling you to trust Him in your circumstances and how can Mary’s
song of praise (verses 47-55) or Zacharias’ prophecy (verses 68-79) strengthen
your faith?
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