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Time & Leis
and Drink Awa re
od WIN
NER O ds
Bartenders’ Choice
all £8.95
Mango and Chili Brazilian
Built like a mojito but using Salto 39 Cachaça with fresh
mango puree, fresh chillies and mint.
Pomme D’Hemingways
A large measure of Jack Daniels shaken with organic
apple sauce, orange bitters, lime, sugar and apple juice
topped with lemonade.
Blueberry Blunder
Znapps blueberry and blackberry infused vodka, muddled
together with fresh lime wedges and organic blueberries.
Tulip’s Delight
A large measure of Zubrowka lemon grass infused vodka,
fresh strawberries, Belvoir elderflower cordial, lemon juice
and cloudy apple juice.
Basil Smash
Beefeater gin shaken with a fistful of basil, a splash of
Benedictine and a twist of black pepper, served on the
A mix of Chase Marmalade vodka, Benedictine,
Cointreau, Mandarine Napoléon liqueur and cranberry
served in a tall glass and charged with Prosecco.
Cosmopolitan with a Kick
The timeless recipe of crisp cranberries and citrus with the
extra oomph of fresh chilli and Bittermens Hellfire bitters.
Maria's Margarita
Fresh lemon grass and raspberry, shaken with St Germain,
elderflower syrup, fresh lime and Calle 23 Tequila.
London Lychee Mojito
Fresh lychee puree, cucumber, a smidgen of vanilla and a
large helping of Beefeater gin shaken then muddled with
fresh mint. White in colour, cooling and restoring in taste.
Martini De Peche
The foundations of a Cosmo with a modern flip,
Bourgogne peach liquor and fresh peach puree
garnished with a slab of lemon peel dissipating the
Smooth Martini
Using a 100% organic award winning Swedish vodka,
Dolin vermouth washed ice and a grapefruit twist.
Lemon Meringue Pie
A delicious desserty cocktail, simple yet very effective.
Limoncello, Baileys and Citron Absolut vodka, all shaken
together and served straight up.
Lavender Martini
Home made lavender infused vodka washed over iced
and shaken for a humble epoch with again a homemade
lavender infused liquor and a large measure of gin....
served straight up.
Mexican Veg Patch
In this outlandish potation we have fresh celery fennel and
fennel seeds shaken hard with our house tequila, served
on the rocks with a healthy decoration.
Cinnamon Phizz
Beefeater gin, lemon juice, St Germain, Aperol, all thrown
into the mix with a handful of fresh Physalis and a healthy
pinch of Sri Lankan cinnamon, served ice cold and
straight up.
Gin/Vodka Martini
An iconic drink, shaken, stirred or straight out of the shaker.
Tell us your way, we’ll make it.
Choose a premium if you wish for an extra 55p.
Havana Especial Rum, fresh mint and lime muddled with
sugar and crushed ice.
Absolut Citron and Cointreau shaken with a dash of lime
and cranberry juice, flame an orange zest and you have
yourself one of the finest classics ever.
White Lady
Beefeater gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and a dash sugar.
Served straight up with a swirly twirly lemon twist.
Calle 23 tequila, Cointreau, lime and a squeeze of a
agave syrup. Served frozen, straight up or on the rocks?
Equal measures of Beefeater gin, Dolin Rosso vermouth
and Campari stirred for a second and left with an orange
peel to disperse flavour around the glass.
Pina Colada
A large measure of Koko Kanu, pineapple juice and
cream. Blended together to create a creamy cooled
classic full of coconut and Hawaiian freshness.
Havana Especial rum shaken furiously with lime and sugar.
Also served frozen, straight up or on the rocks.
Long Island Iced Tea
Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Cointreau and lemon juice,
shaken hard then topped with Coca Cola.
Not for the faint hearted.
Bloody Mary
A large measure of Absolut vodka to start and the rest is
up to you…
Or leave us to create our own signature version. Crushed
olives, fresh basil, grated celery, fruity brown sauce and all
the trimmings.
Whiskey / Amaretto Sour
Creamy strong and timeless, The Whiskey Sour consists of
bourbon, egg white, lemon juice, sugar and a dash of
bitters, served with a cherry and lemon slice.
Espresso Martini
Gradually becoming a classic, freshly made espresso,
Absolut vodka and kahlua, served in a martini glass fresh
and foamy.
French Martini
A blushing pink cocktail with and exquisite touch of fresh
fruit, a vodka raspberry and pineapple combo to die for.
Old Fashioned
Created in 1806 it is said to be the first cocktail. This beauty
takes around 8 minutes to make, bourbon, bitters, brown
sugar and an orange peel.
The yin to the martini cocktail's yang, the Manhattan is
one of the all-time great classic cocktails, a rich, sweet
blend of whisky, vermouth and bitters that’s generally
stirred into perfection. Let the team know how you like it,
sweet, dry or perfect...
A discretionary 12% service charge will be added to your bill
If you’re not feeling too adventurous then stick to
what you know and grab a bottle for the table of
your favourite spirit and mixers.
Absolut / Ketel One / Grey Goose
Havana Especial / Flora de Cana 7 year / Goslings
Beefeater / Plymouth / Tanq 10
Jameson / Jonny Walker Black Label / Hedonism /
Jack Daniels / Woodford / Blantons Reserve
Free Mixers excluding Red Bull £2.00 each
Non Alcoholic Cocktails
and Smoothies
all £4.50
Berry Goodness
Strawberries, raspberries and cranberries shaken together
with lemon, sugar and fresh mint leaves.
All The Way Passion
Fresh passion fruit, lime and vanilla charged with a splash
of soda.
Virgin Mojito
Fresh mint, lime juice & sugar with a refreshing touch of
Detox Smoothie
Fresh ginger blended with fresh mint leaves, apple juice,
fresh lemon juice and a touch of honey.
OMG Smoothie
A delicious blend of orange, mango and fresh ginger.
Banana Shake
Fresh bananas blended with banana and vanilla sugar
and a splash of cream.
Strawberry or Raspberry Smoothie
Delicious handful of fresh strawberries or raspberries
blended with English natural yogurt.
Berry Basil
Raspberries and strawberries blended with fresh basil,
lemon juice, sugar and a touch of black pepper.
Orange Flower
A simple yet revitalising blend of orange, raspberry and
Beer Cider and Water
33cl Bottles
Tiger (Singapore) 4.8% abv
Peroni (Italy) 5.1% abv
Corona (Mexico) 4.6% abv
Leffe (Belgium) 6.6% abv
Rekordilig Apple
Rekordilig Strawberry
Montano 5%abv
Perrier 33cl
Evian Still 33cl
A discretionary 12% service charge will be added to your bill
Signature Sharing Cocktails
THE TOP HAT (serves 4 - 6 people)
Crack Grand Daddy
The daddy of all cocktails, a large serving of Smirnoff
vodka, passion fruit puree and vanilla syrup topped with
Prosecco and black raspberry liqueur.
A Giant Long Island Iced Tea
A fusion of 5 white spirits - vodka, gin, rum, Cointreau and
tequila mixed with Coke and fresh lemon juices.
Not for the faint hearted!
WELLY BOOT (serves 4 - 6 people)
Singapore Sling
Gordon’s gin, cherry liqueur, Benedictine and Cointreau
shaken with pineapple juice and freshly squeezed lime
juice, pomegranate syrup and topped with soda.
Mandarin Mule
A truly refreshing blend of Mandarin Napoleon, fresh lime
juice topped up with ginger beer.
ABSOLUT CAFETEIRE (serves 4 people) £29.95
Espresso Martini to Share
Your favorite Espresso Martini served in a cafetiere with the
cutest cups and saucers.
All £5.00
Crack Baby
A ridiculously good shot! Absolut vodka, passion fruit
purée, champagne and a drizzle of raspberry liqueur.
Josh’s “Babies”
Midori, vodka, fresh lime and cloudy apple juice shaken
together with fresh mint with a slice of cucumber.
Baby Mary
Absolut vodka, tomato juice and all the necessary spices
topped with an olive.
A Canadian cinnamon explosion.
Patron XO
Premium coffee tequila served chilled.
Prosecco and Sparkling
Glass Bottle
Val D’Oca Prosecco
Fresh pear and lemon aroma, dry with fine
bubbles. A perfect light prosecco.
Di Maria Prosecco DOC
The house favorite, simply stunning.
Di Maria Raboso Rosé
The house favourite, Rosé prosecco.
By the glass
Glass Bottle
Claude Renoux Brut
£8.95 £45.00
Our house favorite, from a small grower of
champagne in the heart of Champagne –
Perrier Jouët Rosé
There comes a
time in every
woman’s life when
the only thing that
helps is a glass of
Bette Davis
By the bottle
Perrier Jouët Grand Brut
Moët & Chandon Brut
Veuve Clicquot NV
Rosé Champagne
Laurent-Perrier Rosé
Premium Champagne
Dom Perignon
A discretionary 12% service charge will be added to your bill
White Wine
125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle
Teminenti Soave
(Italy 2012)
Subtle lemon and lime flavours
with a soft dry style.
Terra Antiga Vinho Verdi
(Portugal 2013)
Easy drinking wine. An obvious
petillance is teamed with racy,
zingy, fresh flavours of lime;
however there is great
balance between the citrus
and the alcohol.
Inu Sauvignon Blanc
(Chile 2013)
Tropical fruit flavours of
pineapple and passion fruit. A
zippy acidity with a fresh finish.
Colli Argento Pinot Grigio
(Italy 2013)
Fresh grapefruit and lemon on
the nose following through on
the palate - fresh and vibrant.
Auguste Bonhomme
(France 2012)
A lovely, refreshingly crisp
white with all the usual vivacity
that the Loire is famous for.
Carramembre Verdejo
(Spain 2013)
Powerful and intense nose,
aromas of stone fruits and
fennel notes, typical of Verdejo.
Full mouth-feel with white fruits
and a long, balanced finish.
Anane Chardonnay Reserva
Chile 2012
A full bodied rich Chardonnay.
Plenty of green apple, vanilla
and citrus flavours.
Golden Mile Sauvignon Blanc
£9 £26.80
Marlborough 2013
A classic example of this
sought-after wine – intense
passion fruit, gooseberry and
lime throughout.
By the bottle
Il Poggio Gavi
Italy 2012
Rich citrus fruit flavours, perfectly balanced by crisp
acidity and a rounded mouth feel.
Sancerre La Barbotaine
France 2011
Greengage and gooseberry flavours. A fresh and elegant
style with a long complex finish.
Chablis Domaine Vincent Silvestre
France 2012
Complex apple and mineral flavours. Well balanced, fresh
and dry with a long finish.
Red Wine
125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle
Jean de la Roche Merlot
£6.95 £19.95
£7.80 £10.25
France 2011
With a rich plum and
redcurrant nose, soft tannins,
juicy strawberry and raspberry
Prestige Cote du Rhône
France 2011
A heady mix of plum and
redcurrant aromas with spice
and bramble fruits which
slowly develop on the palate.
Carelli Malbec
Argentina 2013
A plum and cranberry nose
with spice and leafy tones. A
great depth of fruit flavour
which develops on the palate.
Anane Carmenere
Chile 2012
Blackberry and spice on the
rich nose, subtle hints of vanilla
and cassis on the smooth
Castirijo Rioja Crianza
Spain 2011
A fresh plum & raspberry nose
with a typical cigar, cranberry
and vanilla palate with
rounded tannins.
Golden Mile Pinot Noir
New Zealand 2011
Spice and smoke aromas, red
cherry fruit flavours with forest
floor notes and a hint of
By the bottle
Le Chiantigani Sangiovese
Sour cherry with smoky notes on the nose, with a complex
flavour of cherry plums.
Pedroncelli Bushnell Zinfandel
California 2009
Raspberries, sweet black pepper and a spicy black fruit.
Compote palate. Structured, rounded with a full mouth
Castrijo Rioja Reserva
Spain 2008.
Complex flavours of redcurrants, plums, bitter vanilla
and black truffles, with a long cranberry and tobacco
Chateau Croix de Thomas, St Emilion
France 2011
With a classic fruitcake, leather & cherry nose. Silky tannins
and a long finish.
Domaine Albin Jacumin, Châteauneuf-du-Pape
2010 France
Concentrated red fruit and truffle palate with cardamom
and white pepper notes and silky tannins.
A discretionary 12% service charge will be added to your bill
Rosé Wine
125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle
Caze Blanque Syrah Rosé
France 2011
Crisp and dry with redcurrant
and strawberry aromas.
Terra Antiga Vinho Verdi Rose £3.65 £5.60 £7.20 £21.50
A lively, low alcohol (10.5%),
easy drinking wine. An obvious
petillance is teamed with racy,
zingy, fresh flavours of light red
berries; bottled under
screw-cap to hold freshness.
Le Ballerine Pinot Grigio
Italy 2012
Light in colour with elegant
cranberry flavours.
By the bottle
Nestuby Provence Rosé
France, 2012
Classic, strawberry scented - crisp and sophisticated
Provence rosé.
Sancerre Rosé La Barbotaine
France, 2011
Redcurrant and white pepper aromas; cardamom,
nutmeg, truffle and red plum flavours.
Wine is the
healthful and
hygienic of
Louis Pasteur
Party Packages
We have listed a variety of package deals,
however, we can tailor make packages to suit
your needs.
Please ask a member of staff for further details
Friends’ Night Out
A ‘Top Hat’ Sharing Cocktail
A ‘Welly Boot’ Sharing Cocktail
Girls’ Night Out
6 Bottles of House White or Red
Boys’ Night Out
A bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and Mixers
6 Tiger Beers
Party Night Out
6 Bottles of House White or Red,
12 Beers
The Sparkle
3 Bottles Val D’O Prosecco
The Hemingways’ Hamper
2 Bottles of Moët & Chandon Champagne
2 Bottles of House White/Red Wine
A bottle of Smirnoff or Absolut vodka and mixers
The Soirée
2 Bottles of Prosecco
3 Bottles of House White/Red Wine
The Classic
2 Bottles of Claude Renoux Champagne
2 Bottles of House White/Red Wine
The Premium
2 Bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne
2 Bottles of Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot
A discretionary 12% service charge will be added to your bill
Did you know?
You can bring Hemingways to your home?
We can provide a fun and professional catering
service for private house parties, with our
experienced team creating fabulous, fresh-fruit
cocktails and mouth watering food.
Ask a member of staff for more information or a
quote. Whether it’s for a lavish party or a small
gathering of friends, we can arrange the perfect
night for you.
Hemingways at Home
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