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1-2015 Acorn - White Oak Baptist Church

White Oak Baptist Church
January 2015 Newsletter
White Oak Baptist ChurchЩ 13943 Buffalo Road Щ Archer Lodge, NC 27527
919-553-7560 Щ Щ [email protected]
Day One
God has made everything suitable for its time,
moreover, God has put a sense of past and future into their minds,
yet they cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the
Ecclesiastes 3:11
Whenever we make an attempt at lasting change, we begin with a
“day one.” For many, the first of January represents a new opportunity
for setting goals and making personal improvements. But with each
new calendar year, resolutions are hastily made and rapidly broken.
(Why are days two and three so difficult?!)
Pastoral Contacts/Schedule
Reverend Todd Higginson
Monday ~ 9:00am to 12:00pm
Tuesday ~ 9:00am to 12:00pm
Wednesday ~ 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Thursday ~ 9:00am to12:00pm
Friday and Saturday ~ Off/On Call
Contact for appointments:
[email protected]
919-553-7560 (Office)
Youth Pastor Brittany Jackson
[email protected]
Tom Eannarino
Sharon Freeman
Jonathan Walker
Ann Wall
Dennis Durham
Mark Jackson
Larry Kristoff
Mike Mulhollem
Mike Sauls
Bereavement Contacts
Mary Lou Barnes
Caregivers Contacts
Mike & Connie Mulhollem 553-7307
Dan & Ann Wall
It is common for people to reexamine their lives this time of year,
even for a brief moment. However, fewer people make any lasting
effort to create real change in their lives for the better. It is unfortunate
that most people seem to dream about New Year transformations…
“I wish I could lose weight.” “I wish I could stop watching so much
television.” “I wish I could get into the habit of exercising.” “I wish I
could quit smoking or drinking.” “I wish I could get out of debt.”
Sadly, there is no “New Year’s Fairy” to come and make your New
Year wishes come true.
There is, however, hope in each new day we receive for us to truly
achieve change in our lives. God is calling us to discipleship, which is
more than just calling oneself a “Christian” or “church-goer.” Those
titles are fine as long as we are striving toward a stronger relationship
with the Creator who has been active in this world since Day One.
Allow 2015 to become the year in which you can use words like
committed, growing, improving, serving, and consistent to describe
your relationship with God! My prayer is that White Oak Baptist
Church can become a place where we all can powerfully love and
serve God and together—cultivating stronger relationships with God,
neighbor, and one another.
Happy New Year!
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Todd
Are you one of the nearly half of Americans who
make New Year’s resolutions each year? If you
plan on making a resolution for 2015, I hope that
you’ll be among the whopping 12% of
resolution-makers who succeed in seeing that
commitment through for the whole year.
Perhaps there is more to making a resolution
than deciding it would be good to lose weight, do
better with finances or control stress. Though
self-improvement is great on its own, it isn’t the
complete story. Paul gave us an example of one of
his resolutions in 1 Corinthians 2:2-5: “For I
resolved to know nothing while I was with you
except Jesus Christ and him crucified. I came to you
in weakness with great fear and trembling. My
message and my preaching were not with wise and
persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the
Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on
human wisdom, but on God’s power.”
Though “knowing nothing except Jesus Christ”
sounds a wee bit crazy, I believe that Paul is trying
to tell us that it is much more
important to grow in our relationship with Christ
than to “better ourselves” in the standards of the
world. We can be the healthiest, richest, most
talented and best person we could ever be, but still
miss the mark by trusting in ourselves and not in
God’s power working through us.
My prayer for you for 2015 is that you grow in
Christ and live in his power in all parts of your life.
In Christ,
Brittany Jackson
Calendar dates:
January 4: Sunday Study 6-7:30 pm
January 9-11: Youth Winter Retreat
January 18: Sunday Study 6-7:30 pm
January 19: Youth Game Night
Thursday, 22nd
Photo sessions for new directory
Friday, 23rd
Photo sessions for new directory
Saturday, 24th
Photo sessions for new directory
10:00am- 5:00pm
It is not too late to sign up for a portrait session on
January 22, 23, or 24th. When these slots are filled,
Lifetouch will add an additional photography day.
Please see a member of the Directory team after
Sunday morning worship services in January or
sign up online at There
is a link on our homepage to the sign-ups. Each
family photographed will receive a free 8x10 and
directory once they are published. Donate a canned
food item on your photography day to receive an
additional $5 off any photo package you wish. The
church directory is a helpful resource—your
participation is important!
From the Deacons:
At our December meeting, we began by sharing
praises and prayer concerns. So often we forget to
praise God for all the good in our lives and we
only mention our concerns. Mark Jackson led our
devotion time and focused on a big praise in his
life: passing a math class that had been giving him
fits all semester. (He did more than pass, by the
way. He did very well!) Mark shared about
beginning the semester with a poor teacher, who
didn’t teach and yet expected his students to learn.
Facing an exam, Mark was really worried he’d fail
badly. He studied and got tutoring help and then,
as he walked into the classroom, he put the exam
results into God’s hands. A new professor entered
the classroom. She informed the students that she
would be replacing the old professor. She gave the
exam and all the students did poorly. She used the
exam results as a tool to help her know what
material she needed to focus on, allowing the class
the opportunity to learn and succeed. Mark shared
that God’s answer to his turning the test over to
God was more and better than he could have
expected. So often that is true! In Philippians
4: 6-7, Paul writes that we shouldn’t worry about
anything and that through prayer we can gain
peace that is beyond explanation. Praise God!
We spent a good bit of time reviewing the financial
status of our church. Quite honestly, it is a bit
scary. Our church voted to support a budget that
requires $5,152 of weekly giving to the general
fund. The current giving rate is $4,035 per week
leaving us with a short fall of over $1,100 per
week. Obviously, we will have to cut back on our
plans if this trend continues. There are expenses
we cannot change and must pay (like our staff and
electric and gas bills) and there are places where
we can scrimp or cut back (like building and
grounds special projects and our supportive
ministries). If we, as a church, fail to financially
support the budget we passed by vote, then our
mission efforts will suffer as a consequence.
Please prayerfully consider supporting our general
fund. Let’s not have God’s work held hostage by
lack of financial support.
We are making efforts to discern how to best support
the spiritual health of our church. We are concerned
that the poor financial status of White Oak may be
symptomatic of a greater problem. We have decided
to develop a tool measure the “pulse” of the
congregation. We want to know what we (as a
church) are doing well and where we need
improvement. What are we missing and what are we
doing that wastes time? How can our church leaders
do a better job? What are they doing well? Ann
Wall, Mike Sauls, and Jonathan Walker will be
meeting to develop our “pulse-meter” and it will be
presented in the very near future. We will let you
know when to expect the “exam” and we encourage
you to participate. Maximizing participation will
help us do our job as deacons and we want to hear
everyone’s voice.
As we look to the future, the Deacons want to wish
you all a blessed year in 2015. May each of you let
God into your lives in new places. May you feel His
love and grow stronger in your faith. May you
experience the peace Paul promised in Philippians.
Winter Facts
According to the "Guinness Book of World Records," the
biggest snowflake on record occurred in Montana in 1887.
It was eight inches by 15 inches.
The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -128
degrees. The temperature was measured on
Antarctica in 1983.
Every snowflake has six sides. And every snowflake is
It can be as warm as 40 degrees on the ground and still snow.
The all-time world record for the largest snowfall in a
single day was set in the United States on December 4, 1913,
when Georgetown, Colorado received a
staggering 63 inches of snow – more than five feet.
The tallest snowman was built by the people of Bethel,
Maine. The people of Bethel and the surrounding area worked
5 months to plan and build the 113 foot 7 inch tall snowman
which broke the former record held by Yamagata, Japan of 96
feet 7 inches.
Church Secretary
Women on Mission – Karen Holland &
Tabatha Moriarity
We had an amazing time stuffing gift bags and
delivering them to the girls of House of
Hope. We watched them open their gifts and
then sang some carols along with the girls. We
talked about favorite Christmas memories all
the while making new ones with our ladies and
the girls. We also attended House of Hope’s
very first Christmas Open House. We helped
provide refreshments, mingled with the staff,
girls and other supporters, and got a tour of their
facility. This was a great way to enjoy
Christmas with others!
We hope you will join us at our January
meeting. We will meet on January 12 at
7pm. We have lots of planning to do and can
get so much more accomplished with more
people involved. We hope all the girls and
ladies can join us!
Women on a Mission and the ASP
Mission leaders will be sponsoring a
church yard sale to support the
church mission fund. The sale will be
on April 18, 2015. Even though the sale
is a few months away we are starting to collect items to
sell. We are looking for clothes, shoes, baby & kids
items, household items, books, furniture, home dГ©cor,
etc. Please make sure that items are in saleable
condition, make sure items aren't broken or missing
pieces and check clothes for stains. If you have items
that you would like to donate please contact Tabatha
Moriarity at [email protected] or 919-9012279 or Rebecca Tanner at [email protected]
or 919-366-6318 to arrange pick-up or drop-off of
items. You can also contact Tabatha or Rebecca if you
or your group wishes to help with the yard sale.
Thank you,
Tabatha Moriarity
Applause!! Applause!! Wonderful job Children of the Son and
Youth Handbell Choir on your performances December 14!
Ms. Carmella and I are so proud of you! You have been
working so hard and it showed. You received numerous
compliments so pat yourselves on the back. :)
If you have enjoyed watching these choirs perform and are
interested in joining you don't have to wait until September of
2015. You can join us NOW!! We will resume practices on
Sunday, January 11, 2015. We will be working on new music
when we resume so you haven't missed a thing. Children of
the Son is for Kindergarten through 5th grade and they meet
on Sunday nights from 6:30-7:30 p.m.. Youth Choir, aka
Ignition, and Youth Handbell Choir is for 6th grade through
12th grade and they meet from 7:30-8:30 p.m.. Typically,
Ignition will meet for about 4 weeks then perform and then
Youth Handbell Choir will meet for about 4 weeks then
perform. If you only want to be in Ignition or in Youth
Handbell Choir, we can accommodate you.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tricia
Aman at [email protected], Carmella Williams at
[email protected] or Ryan Tillerson at
[email protected]
Come and make a joyful noise with us!!!!
Stay Connected!
Caregivers Ministry Team
by Mike & Connie Mulhollem and
Dan & Ann Wall
White Oak offers an email mailing list open
to all members and visitors. This list allows
for quick communication of church
information and prayer requests. If you
would like to join or update your current
information, please send an email to:
[email protected]
The Archer Lodge Community Center was filled
with colorful Christmas stockings awaiting the
delivery to our shut-ins and facility residents to whom
we minister as we joyfully made preparations for our
December meeting. Our lunch, which was coordinated
by Mike and Connie Mulhollem, consisted of ham,
potato salad, butterbeans, baked apples, a dinner roll
and a homemade dessert with sixty plates taken to our
special people.
Twenty members attended our lunch/meeting with
Benny Richardson leading our devotion. Just as the
shepherds were the first to hear the message, each of
us need a savior. Let us be reminded of the good news
of great joy for all people. His prayer was preceded by
a Moment of Silence in memory of Shirley Mozingo,
Bill Jones and Mildred O'Neal Mozingo.
We thanked Joe and Phyllis Creech for making our
annual Christmas Party a success. We had thirty
members and guests to gather at McCall's earlier in
the month for a fine meal and enjoyable time.
As we look to a new year, please remember our
shut-ins and residents in special care facilities. Your
cards, calls and PRAYERS are most welcome. We
meet on the second Tuesday of every month. We
would love for you to join us. MERRY CHRISTMAS
to you and yours and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Adult Winter ASP Mission Trip:
March 2015
If you are interested in being part of God's
mission to help make homes warmer,
safer, and drier in Appalachia, prayerfully
consider being part of our winter mission
team. We will depart for Johnson City, TN
on Sunday, March 1st after the worship
service and head back after
breakfast on Thursday, March 5th. The
cost will be about $195 per person, but this
will be reduced with proceeds from
fundraisers and missions funding. If you
are interested, please speak with Pastor
Those Scheduled To Serve For
January 2015
Nursery Schedule
January 4
Andy & Karen Holland
Ryan & Jenna Payton
Ashley Higginson
January 11
Don & Carroll Pate
Merrick & Pam Loveland
Carmella Williams
January 18
Mike & Connie Mulhollem
Jimmy & Rose Toole
Brooke Casper
January 25
John & Tabatha Moriarity
Joel & Christy Pace
Jane Jackson
February 1
Bonnie & Jenny Howard
Matt & Andrea Koczanski
Heather Moseley
Children’s Sermon Leaders
January 4
Mike Sauls
January 11
Sandy Glover
January 18
Sharon Freeman
January 25
Jan Smith
February 1
Sandy Pate
Your commitment and willingness is a gift to our
children, the parents and White Oak Baptist Church
as we work together to make a difference .
Thank you for your service.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Happy Birthday
“From birth I have relied on you;
you brought me forth from my mother’s womb.
I will ever praise you.” Psalm 71:6
1-2 Sharon Freeman
1-12 Tim Drye
1-23 Hannah Weaver
1-4 Grace Farmer
1-12 Carolyn Pace
1-23 Tricia Aman
1-6 Peyton Richardson
1-15 Jenna Payton
1-23 Cortney Driver
1-7 Suzanne Walker
1-19 Jimmy Toole
1-25 John Moriarity
1-10 Matt Mulhollem
1-19 Bill Nolley
1-28 Katie Chalk
1-10 Deanna Pate
1-21 Musa Camara
1-29 Lynda Holland
1-10 Hope Hatcher
1-22 Jenny Howard
1-30 Blair Barnes
Happy Anniversary
“Therefore what God has joined together,
let not man separate.” Mark 10:9
1-6 Clyde & Mary Maybee
1-16 Ron & Donna Lassiter
1-25 Ricky & Jennifer Barrow
Thursday 1st
Church office closed
Friday 2nd
Church office is open
Saturday 3rd
Sunday 4th
9:00am Fellowship Coffee House
9:45am Sunday School
11:00am Worship Service
6:30pm Children’s Choir
7:30pm Youth Choir
Monday 5th
2:00pm WND Reservations Due
Tuesday 6th
10:00am Worship Planning
6:30pm Cub Scouts
7:30pm Church Council meet
8:00pm Finance Committee meet
Wednesday 7th
2:00pm Bulletin Info Due
6:00pm Wednesday Night Dinner
7:00pm Bible Study & Prayer Time
RA’s & GA’s meet
Youth Group meet
Children's Mission Group
8:00pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday 8th
7:30pm Deacon’s Meeting
Friday 9th - Sunday 11th
Youth Ski Trip
Sunday 11th
8:00am Brotherhood Breakfast
9:00am Fellowship Coffee House
9:45am Sunday School
11:00am Worship Service
6:30-7:30pm Children’s Choir Practice
7:30-8:30pm Youth Choir Practice
Monday 12th
2:00pm WND Reservations Due
7:00pm WOM Meet
Tuesday 13th
10:00am Worship Planning
11:00am Caregives
6:30pm Cub Scouts
Wednesday 14th
2:00pm Bulletin Info Due
6:00pm Wednesday Night Dinner
7:00pm Bible Study & Prayer Time
Celebration Ringers
RA’s & GA’s meet
Youth Group meet
Children's Mission Group
8:00pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday 15th
2:00pm “Acorn” Articles are Due
Friday 16th
Saturday 17th
Sunday 18th
8:00am Brotherhood Breakfast
9:00am Fellowship Coffee House
9:45am Sunday School
11:00am Worship Service
6:30pm Children’s Choir
7:30pm Youth Choir
Monday 19th
2:00pm WND Reservations due
Tuesday 20th
10:00am Worship Planning
6:30pm Cub Scouts
Wednesday 21st
2:00pm Bulletin Info Due
6:00pm Wednesday Night Dinner
7:00pm Bible Study & Prayer Time
Celebration Ringers
RA’s & GA’s meet
Youth Group meet
Children's Mission Group
8:00pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday, 22nd
Photo sessions for new directory
Friday, 23rd
Photo sessions for new directory
Saturday, 24th
Photo sessions for new directory
10:00am- 5:00pm
Sunday 25th
Brotherhood Sunday
9:00am Fellowship Coffee House
9:45am Sunday School
11:00am Worship Service
6:30pm Children’s Choir
7:30pm Youth Choir
Monday 26th
2:00pm WND Reservations Due
7-8:00pm ALCC Meeting
Tuesday 27th
10:00am Worship Planning
6:30pm Cub Scouts
Wednesday 28th
2:00pm Bulletin Info Due
6:00pm Wednesday Night Dinner
7:00pm Bible Study & Prayer
Celebration Ringers
RA’s & GA’s meet
Youth Group meet
Children's Mission Group
8:00pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday, 29th
Friday, 30th
6:00pm- Evening Deacon Retreat at
Saturday, 31st
8:00am - Morning Deacon Retreat
at church
13943 Buffalo Road Clayton, NC 27527
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