Research Report on Men's Health - Changing male attitudes to health to improve prognosis and outcomes

Men’s Health - Changing male attitudes to health
to improve prognosis and outcomes
No of Pages – 61
Publishing Date - March 10, 2015
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Men’s health can refer to conditions that are common to all men and some not so gender-specific
conditions that have different reaction on men. Predominantly, cardiovascular diseases are most
common among men, but nowadays other conditions and the overall wellness of men is gaining
Several factors are associated with men’s health like social, biological, psychological and economic
factors. In addition to this risks related to work and behaviour also make men vulnerable to some
conditions. Lifestyle also plays key role in causing certain conditions that are common to all men and
despite knowing that curbing these habits one may reduce the extent of risks, some men find it tough
to deal with it. Diet, alcohol and smoking has been the major contributor in overall health concerns
related to males. Another observation suggests that due to social taboos and stigmas that men do not
seek doctor’s help or HCPs are subjected to women and not men have led to increasing conditions in
men’s health.
Ignorance is another reason that contributes to increasing health conditions in men. Cancers in men
are mostly caused due to ignored symptoms and late prognosis. Most common among all types of
cancers is prostate cancer. Relatively uncommon are penile and testicular cancers. There have been
advancements in the treatment of prostate cancer with still a certain amount of need unmet for new
potential solutions. But, with early diagnosis, there can be good chances of around 100% that the
affected male to live beyond five years. In cases where cancer spreads largely, requirement for better
and effective therapies arises for castrate-resistant prostate cancer and metastatic cancer. The other
types of cancers in men are usually rare and thus they lack priority when it comes to research and
advanced developments. As compared to female cancers, male cancers receive less attention and thus
there have been less funding done with poor attention given.
It is important that an overall change in attitude and awareness about men’s health is encouraged in
order to address men’s health effectively in future. Over the time it can be said that men can also go
and seek HCP advice and pay more attention to health. In future we can expect that management of
men’s health will observe positive changes with primary care succeeding over overall care ad
specialists will also play important role for specific conditions and diseases.
In addition, more attention is being paid on measures to be taken for men to feel more comfortable in
considering help for their medical conditions and work for efficient management of men’s health.
The men’s healthcare market report offers an analysis on men’s health covering details about the
current market trends and issues that help in driving the treatment decisions. The report also throws
light on how the health of men is evolving with time along with diagnostic and treatment practices
and inventions in line.
The men’s healthcare market overview report covers main diseases and health conditions that
dominate men’s health such as male cancers, cardiovascular diseases and sexual dysfunctions. The
report shall talk about the reasons why certain illnesses are subjected to men as compared to women
in larger numbers and how do they impact the quality of life. The report shall also talk about the
approaches that have been taken to manage them.
The report also encompasses overview on personalised practices that can alter the ways in which
certain conditions are treated. Men’s health treatment market forecast report will offer a vision for
holistic treatment of men’s conditions.
Key Reasons to Purchase
Men’s healthcare analysis report will allow clients to have an understanding about market
opportunities and competitive analysis and forecast on the women’s healthcare industry. Interested
clients will get a view on how therapies are developing for changing conditions and all the key
factors that play together to affect or improve men’s health. They can also gain knowledge on
challenges that are faced when therapies are to be developed for men’s health conditions.
Clients can gain understanding on unmet needs in men’s healthcare area and requirement for future
drug development with opportunities to mark the niche.
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Executive summary
Men’s health: an overview
Male cancers
Prostate cancer
Testicular cancer
Penile cancer
Non-gender specific cancers
Cardiovascular conditions
Coronary heart disease
Peripheral arterial disease
Aortic disease
Urological conditions
Prostate issues
Male sexual dysfunction
Male infertility
Future outlook
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Date of Publishing - March 10, 2015
No of Pages – 61
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The research report discusses important trends and innovations in Men's health in great detail. Major problems affecting Men like male specific cancer , sexual dysfunction and other health problems are included in the report. The report also discusses future scenario and opportunities pertaining to Men's Health.