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BOZIDAR SKOBIC - World Haiku Association

BOZIDAR SKOBIC – Chika Boshko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bozidar Skobic
Naselje Garcha Br: 8/46/2
73240 Visegrad, Bosna i Hercegovina
E-mail: [email protected]
Bozidar Skobic was born on January 8, 1946 in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He
lived in the town of Novi Travnik from its very beginnings in 1950 until 1994 and on Ilidza.
Married, he has two children and three grandchildren. His working years he spent in MMK
“Bratstvo” in Novi Travnik as a metalworker. He was a founder and a leader of Organization
of Evicted Serbs from mid Bosnia in 1994, building permanent settlement for their
accommodations in Visegrad. He retired and lives in Visegrad since 1996.
His published work includes: Collections of poetry for children Novotravnichke uspomene
(Memories from New Travnik) 1980; Korachamo uporedo (Pacing Side by Side) 1983;
Majstor i po (An Excellent Master) 1987; Zvjezdica padalica (The Falling Star) 2005. A
book of poetry for young under the title of Poklon s predumishljanjem ( A Premidiated Gift)
in 1987. A novel for children Rosijada was published in 2011 and a novel about his
childhood Dobra djeca (Good Children) in 2012.
Božidar takes part in many a literature happening in his country. His work has been
published in a number of joint collections and since 1990 his poem Prva knjiga ( My First
Book) is a part of the first grade material in Montenegro Grammar Schools. Many of his
poems had been put to music and performed on festivals for children, on radio and TV in exYugoslavia. The girls choir “Rosa” sang his songs all over ex-Yugoslavia for ten years and
had them recorded on an album in Croatia. His comedy Hepiend (Happy End) was played by
“Eks. Scena” in Novi Travnik during 1971.
For his work he received a honorary diploma from Književni Fond “Sveti Sava” (The
Literature Fond “St. Sava), East Sarajevo. His haiku has been published in haiku magazines
and the internet, he is a member of the World Haiku Association and United Haiku and Tanka
Society. Reading and writing, he concludes: “Reading is a trip over a gold path into unknown.
Writing is shaping of a gold path and leaving a gilded trace!”
cak i tresnjin hlad
sad zajednickim cini
nasa dvorista
even cherry’s shade
makes our yards
common property
tuzan je osmjeh
na licu boje breskve −
pismo u ruci
a sad smile
on the peach colored face −
letter in hand
gumica - jaje
olovka kosta pile
sveska – kokoska!
a rubber costs an egg
a pencil costs a chicken
a notebook - a hen!
nastup sa zborom
pa stoga dobih cistu
kosulju od majke
a choir appearance –
my mother gave me
a clean shirt
stari ogrtac
stare cizme –
Novu godinu zbrinut cekam
an old cloak,
old boots−
New Year well taken care of
svijeca – tikva
imali smo strasilo,
ne i veceru
a candle – pumpkin,
we had a scarecrow
not the dinner
moje je rublje
uredno okaceno–
a svima smjesno
my laundry
hung on the balcony−
heads turn
a mjesecina
svima vidljivim cini
i tajne staze
the moonlight
those secret paths
visible to all
novog proljeca
druzicemo se opet –
kazem Aprilu
when new spring comes
we will be friends again –
I say to April
mali plavi zmaj
nije znao za moje
slabe ocjene
a little blue kite
did not know about
my poor grades
lovci, ribari –
cesto zaborave
gdje su to bili
hunters, fishermen−
often they forget
where they had been
i vuk i ovca
brinu za svoje mlade
jednaku ljubav
the wolf and the sheep
care for the young
with equal love
i nogostupi
imaju svoju pricu
stara vremena
a sidewalk
having its own story−
old times
a svetionik
nad uzburkanim morem –
lice mjeseca
a lighthouse
on rough seas –
face of the moon
kao dokazi
prolaznosti covjeka−
njegovo djelo
as evidence
of a man’s transience−
his deeds
zdjela za secer
a zabrinuta lica
piju gorak caj
a bowl of sugar
and the worried faces drinking bitter tea
Internet spaja ljude na odstojanju – ne i komsije
Internet connects distant people but not the neighbors
aprilske kise
ne mogu da isperu
miris cvijeca
april rains
cannot was off sweet smell
of spring flowers
postar dolazi
kroz mecavu−
tvoje pismo
puno topline
a postman arrives
through the snow storm−
your letter
full of warmth.
kuvano vino
drustvo i kafana −
bura nam
mulled wine
friends and an inn−
the bora is
a good excuse
cak i tresnjin hlad: Honourable Mention, 2014 Haiku Invitational, Vancouver, Canada
tuzan je osmjeh: The Asahi Shimbun
gumica – jaje / nastup sa zborom: Ludbreg Joint Haiku Collection, 2014
stari ogrtac: Diogen pro cultura magazine, New Year greeting 2014
svijeca – tikva: Commended, Pumpkin Festival Ivanic Grad, Croatia 2014
moje rublje: cattails, September 2014
a mjesecina:
novog proljeca:
mali plavi zmaj: Third Prize, Diogen pro cultura magazine haiku contest, 2014
lovci, ribari: 6-th Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest, 2014
i vuk i ovca: European Quaterly Kukai #7, Autumn 2014 Edition
i nogostupi: World Haiku Association, the 123th Haiga Contest (09/2014)
a svetionik: brass bell: a haiku journal, October 2014
kao dokazi: World Haiku Association, the 124th Haiga Contest (10/2014)
zdjela za secer: brass bell, a haiku journal, November 2014
Internet: brass bell: a haiku journal, September 2014
aprilske kise:
postar dolazi: Third Prize, Diogen pro cultura haiku contest, 2014
kuvano vino: Third Prize, Diogen pro cultura senryu contest, 2014
Translated and edited by D.V.Rozic
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