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ATI Letter of Intention

Go smart. Go creative. A.T.I. is a travel agency with the long tradition and working experience in tourism and travel business in Croatia and abroad. Go A.T.I. Main activities in Croatia are handling of land arrangements for tour ‐
operator, as well as destination management, meetings and events management. Co ordination of business activities connected to meetings/events management and destination management is organized trough specialized office located in Pula. We are specialists in inbound and outbound travelling Central & Eastern Europe and beyond. , Our main activities are wholesaling and handling of package holidays and package tours, as well as the meetings and events management and incentive travel. Highly professional and experienced team is here on your disposal. We use the practice of personal approach with the client, detailed organization of each specific program, we advise, suggest according to wishes and client’s desire. Thanks to modern vehicle fleet (busses, mini vans) and highly professional personnel we are able to offer following services: • Accommodation in Croatia and abroad (Hotels, Residence and Resorts, Private Accommodation, Camping) such as guaranteed contracts with the hotel enterprises, allotment, accommodation on request etc.; • Excursions with the authorized highly skilled tourist guides and entourage; • All means of transfers (local, international, transfers from/to the airports, organized transfers, excursions); • Buses, mini buses or van rentals; • Organized programs for groups and incentives in Croatia and abroad; • Meetings and congresses organization of any kind; • Organized travelling to various congresses, meetings, symposiums, cultural events abroad; • Active holiday and team building program; • Religious travelling and tours; • Bike tours, mountain biking, thematic, road – city bike in Istria; • Organization of scholar excursions for youth, (one day excursions, inspection trips); • For sport groups we organize accommodations, sport facilities such as football courts, halls, etc.; • VIP program on request Certificirana članica udruženja UHPA; IATA; RDA; ID KOD HR – AB 52 ‐ 040 155 102 ; OIB 29635530727 A.T.I. d.o.o. Zadarska 15, HR ‐ 52 100 Pula Tel. +385 (0)52/ 223 400 Fax. +385 (0)52/ 217 644 [email protected]‐ Herewith we would like to propose our assistance which will be based on: • providing sufficient capacity in hotel accommodation according to your needs (hotels, residence, mobile homes, etc. in the whole region, Istria, Dalmatia); • transfer facilities; • handling services during the sojourn of the clients through the guide and representative service; • excursion facilities organized for the clients. If you are interested in cooperation with A.T.I. finding the best conditions, rates and treatment in the market, something that has been confirmed by major European tour‐operators so far, do not hesitate to contact us. Accepting our offer and our cooperation, you will encounter the professionalism and the partnership of our agency. If you could have time and maybe are passing near Croatia, Istria in particular, so we could arrange a meeting where we’ll be able to present our company and a program, activities, rates for the next season 2013 or even 2014. Do not hesitate to advise which day and accurate time in the coming months will be the most suitable to meet us. Awaiting for your reply we remain, Sincerely yours A.T.I. Team Upcoming events (congress department) 2013: EID ISTANBUL 2013 Istanbul Pharma seminar BF Rovinj Pharma seminar BF Poreč Pharma seminar BF Rabac ADIT Sofija 2013 Sofija Pharma seminar BF Zadar Endocrinology & children, seminar Šibenik 5th Croatian Congress on diabetes and 72nd Pula Days of diabetologists HDDNT seminar Pula DNSG 2013 Dubrovnik EASD Barcelona 6st Croatian endocrinology congress Poreč IDF Melbourne Melbourne 05.02.‐09.02.2013. 01.03.‐03.03.2013. 22.03.‐24.03.2013. 29.03.‐31.03.2013. 10.04.‐14.04.2013. 19.04.‐21.04.2013. 10.05.‐12.05.2013. 15.05.‐19.05.2013. 31.05.‐02.06.2013. 27.06.‐30.06.2013. 23.09.‐27.09.2013. 09.10.‐13.10.2013. 01.12.‐08.12.2013. 50 participants 200 participants 200 participants 200 participants 40 participants 250 participants 80 participants 350 participants 80 participants 450 participants 150 participants 300 participants 30 participants References / events (congress department) 2012: GSK Seminar Fužine ADIT Riga EWOPHARMA Opatija ICE/ECE Firenza 5. Hr kongres o debljini Umag 70s Days of diabetologists Rovinj ADA Philadelphia BF Seminar Poreč BF Seminar Šibenik BF Seminar Dubrovnik Europrevent Dublin ESTRO 31 Barcelona AACE Philadelphia Class of permanent improvements Opatija European Regional Meeting ‐ Abbott Dubrovnik CHMC Boston BF Seminar Rovinj Diatransplant Opatija BF Seminar Dubrovnik X. Congress of croatian pediatric society Pula 71st Days of diabetologists Terme Tuhelj References / events (congress department) 2011: ORL Symposium Fužine EUFEPSONLINE Barcelona LTC Seminar Poreč GP Seminar Poreč Prediabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome Madrid 68. Days of diabetologists Vodice Dubrovnik 17th International Congress for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and the Schizophreanias and other Psychoses IEA Edinburgh Edinburgh FEND 2011 Lisabon EASD 2011 Lisabon 5. Croatian endocrinology congress Pula ORTOREHA BF SEMINAR Umag ISPAD Miami IDF Dubai References/ events (congress department) 2010: LTC Seminar Rabac 66. Days of diabetologists Šibenik ADA Orlando ESC Stockholm FEND Stockholm EASD Stockholm 67. Days of diabetologists Sv. Martin Pharmax Seminar Rabac 16.03.‐17.03.2012. 29.03.‐31.03.2012. 23.03.‐24.03.2012. 05.05.‐09.05.2012. 19.04.‐22.04.2012. 24.05.‐27.05.2012. 07.06.‐12.06.2012. 15.06.‐17.06.2012. 15.06.‐17.06.2012. 29.06.‐01.07.2012. 17.06.‐21.06.2012. 09.05.‐13.05.2012. 23.05.‐27.05.2012. 13.09.‐15.09.2012. 24.09.‐26.09.2012. 09.10.‐14.10.2012. 28.10.‐30.10.2012. 11.10.‐14.10.2012. 16.11.‐18.11.2012. 18.10.‐21.10.2012. 22.11.‐24.11.2012. 80 participants 30 participants 120 participants 70 participants 250 participants 350 participants 20 participants 120 participants 80 participants 150 participants 18 participants 10 participants 10 participants 150 participants 15 participants 2 participants 100 participants 200 participants 400 participants 600 participants 250 participants 05.02.‐06.02.2011. 115 participants 22.02.‐25.02.2011. 45 participants 01.04.‐03.04.2011. 230 participants 08.04.‐10.04.2011. 170 participants 06.04.‐09.04.2011. 12.05.‐15.05.2011. 300 participants 31.05.‐04.06.2011. 800 participants 04.06.‐09.06.2011. 08.09.‐11.09.2011. 12.09.‐16.09.2011. 50 participants 28.09.‐02.10.2011. 350 participants 30.09.‐02.10.2011. 110 participants 18.10.‐22.10.2011. 25 participants 02.12.‐09.12.2011. 25 participants 16.04.‐18.04.2010. 27.05.‐30.05.2010. 25.06.‐29.06.2010. 28.08.‐01.09.2010. 18.09.‐21.09.2010. 20.09.‐24.09.2010. 25.11.‐27.11.2010. 22.10.‐24.10.2010. 220 participants 320 participants 30 participants 80 participants 30 participants 60 participants 240 participants 10 participants 
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